How to travel to Croatia after the Coronavirus | Blog Updated on 01.06.2020.
How to travel to Croatia after the Coronavirus

How to travel to Croatia after the Coronavirus

As the virus numbers continue to drop in Croatia, we start to think about the vacation. In this blog post, we will give you our cancellation policy which is up to date with this pandemic. We will also explain how to travel to Croatia after the Coronavirus and our recommendations for safe travel.

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News about travel to Croatia - Blog updated on 01.06.2020.

We already mentioned that travel regulations change quickly. This is why we promised we will give you an update on our How to travel to Croatia after the Coronavirus blog often. Here are the new regulations we collected from last week:

  • At the moment we have 71 active cases which still makes Croatia one of the best countries in Europe regarding the Covid-19 epidemiological situation.
  • From last week we have officially opened our borders to tourists from the following countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, and Slovakia. Citizens from these countries will not have to prove the reason why they enter Croatia.
  • Regarding the UK, experts say that everything will be back to normal by August if not sooner.
  • The US also decided to re-open several long-distance flights towards Europe.
  • The same goes for the Danish tourists who now have direct flights from Copenhagen to Croatia by Croatian Airlines (from 1.6.2020).
  • Furthermore, from this week we have the fast-line application Enter Croatia in function. This form will make your entrance to Croatia easier.

We hope we have been helpful and that this information will help you plan your next trip to Croatia. See you soon!

Is it safe to travel to Croatia? – Latest Coronavirus update 25.5.2020.

As the epidemiological situation changes quickly and we receive many questions from our guests we have decided to give you an update to the blog post below:

  • At the moment tourists from the following countries can travel to Croatia with more relaxed measures: Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republik, and Slovakia.
  • In June the same will be valid for tourists from Germany and Poland and other countries from the EU with a similar epidemiological situation. UK is still regarded as the country of the EU.
  • Regarding tourists from non-EU countries, the borders are still closed till the 15th of June. We will update this blog when we have any new information as we receive it.
  • When you cross you the border you should show a voucher from the tourist agency with the location of your stay and the dates. Furthermore, you will be given a leaflet with instructions on how to behave in the country.
  • At the moment tourist application for a faster crossing of the border is in progress. This fast-line application will be over by the end of May.
  • Regarding flights, at the moment Croatian Airlines has flights to Frankfurt and Amsterdam.
  • Eurowings will start with flights to Croatia from 2.6. Lufthansa and Volotea will also resume flights to Croatia in June. Other airlines are also updating their flight schedule on a daily basis.
  • From our latest post, our nightclubs are open again as well as most of the tourist attractions, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Cruising, yachting, and charter are also back in Croatia.
  • Weddings in Croatia are also an option again (100 people indoors, 300 outdoors). VIP Holiday Booker has many romantic villas for weddings, thus if you were thinking about getting married in Croatia, feel free to see our recommendations: Villas in Croatia for events and Top 10 location for a Perfect Wedding in Croatia.
  • Croatian epidemiological situation is among the best in the Mediterranean countries – at the moment we have 118 COVID-19 active cases.
  • Finally, our villas are safe as they have upgraded their health and sanitation measures. We hope we managed to help you with the latest information about travel to Croatia. You can find the rest of the useful info in the original blog post below.

We are all aware that travel will change after this pandemic. Physical distancing will still be necessary. Luckily, we have villas that are perfect for these times as they are situated on large properties with huge gardens and far from neighbors.

Luxury Villa Grand View Split

Luxury Villa Grand View Split with surroundings

Wish to book with us but worried about the pandemic? No need to worry, if you book now you will and get a full refund later if unable to travel due to COVID-19. This is valid for all reservations from now till further notice.

Book now and cancel for free

New cancellation policy is valid if the government of your country does not advise to travel or borders are closed and flights canceled up to 30 days before your vacation. In this case, you will get a full refund. Other reasons are not covered. Furthermore, if cancelation happens later, we cannot guarantee you a refund. In this case, please take travel insurance. We recommend Allianz. Alternatively, you have two more options: to move your vacation later in 2020 or postpone it to next year.

Most of our villas participate in this offer. Nevertheless, there are some that don't so make sure to contact us before you book in any case!

How will flights and the border crossing look like after the Coronavirus?

Croatia will soon (from 11th of May) reintroduce domestic flights so we will know more about how to fly after Coronavirus. Regarding the borders, we are still waiting for the protocol. As soon as it is introduced we will inform you about it through our Social Media profiles and pages. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to stay updated about traveling to Croatia after the Coronavirus.

What about tourist activities in Croatia after the pandemic?

National Park Krka WaterfallsNational Park Krka Waterfalls

Surely you will not spend your vacation in your villa. Outdoor activities are preferable so we recommend a visit to one or more of the National and Nature Parks in Croatia as most of them will already be open in May.

What sights will you be able to see this summer?

Cathedral of Saint James in Sibenik

Cathedral of Saint James, UNESCO site in Sibenik from

As we already mentioned all Nature and National Parks will be open with a limited number of visitors. That is actually great as there will be no crowds. Same goes for the indoor sights as well. In Croatia, museums are open from this week with all the necessary epidemiologic measures (masks and gloves are also a recommendation). For many sights, you can buy tickets online so there will be no queues and no need to wait in front if you are unable to enter that day.

What about cafes, restaurants, and transport?

On the May 11th cafes and restaurants will start working again in Croatia, but only those with terraces. There you will be able to enjoy the fresh air together with your meals and drinks.

Taxis are already functional and public transport is also returning this week. In case you need a private transfer, which we recommend in these times, you will be happy to hear that our VIP concierge department organizes private taxi transfers for all our guests.

Finally what about the beaches?

Sipkova beach on Solta Island

Sipkova beach on Solta island

Croatia is lucky to have a large coast and many islands. So we are sure you will find a spot for you where you can enjoy your vacation in Croatia after corona at least 2 meters from the other guests.

We hope we managed to help you with our recommendations for travel in time of corona. Follow them, stay safe, and travel. In our next blog, we will present our Villas in Croatia with privacy in different destinations so stay tuned!

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