Luxury Vacation in Adria View Villas Complex near Trogir

Luxury Vacation in Adria View Villas Complex near Trogir

This week we will continue with our series of blogs about travel bloggers. After Villa Spotlight, they visited two wonderful villas that are situated close to each other (one in front of the other): Adria View Villas Complex near Trogir. Thus, they can be booked together as well (for up to 16 guests).

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Location of the villas

Villas are 15 minutes from the Split airport. Thus they are easily reachable from everywhere. Furthermore, if you plan to arrive by plane we can offer you a private transfer service. If you are interested please contact our VIP Concierge Service.

About Adria View Villas Complex


The interior of both villas is modern and decorated in warm colors.

Interior Adria View Villas Complex

Interior decorated in warm colors 

Each villa is perfect for 8 guests because they have 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.

Adria View Villas Complex Trogir

One of the bedrooms in the Adria View Villas Complex

Both villas include a fully equipped kitchen as well.

Adria View Villas Complex Trogir Kitchen

Kitchen in one of the villas


The outside area includes two pools that can be heated as well.

Adria View Villas Complex Pool

Pool with the sea view

Furthermore, you will find outdoor dining areas and lounge areas from where you can admire the sea view while you eat or simply relax with a drink.

Adria View Villas Complex Trogir Lounge Area

Enjoying the lounge area

Beach nearby

After they settled, our travel bloggers went to the beach which is approximately 200 meters from the villas. 

Beach Medena Trogir

Pebble beach near the Villas

One of the best beaches nearby is called Medena. It is a pebble beach with lots of amenities. There you will find everything for a relaxing day at the beach: lounge bars, beach lounger rentals, and shade. 

Trogir Activities

One of the activities we recommend you try while having a vacation in these two villas is a Jet Ski Safari Trogir.

Jet Ski Safari Trogir

It is definitively an adrenaline activity including speed, sea, and sun.

Driving Jet Ski Safari Trogir

Driving Jet Ski Safari Trogir

Additional benefits are professional instructors and the fact that fuel and safety equipment are included. Groups are small and you will drive in formation.

Jet ski safari Trogir Small groups

Small group on tour

The starting point for this activity is in Trogir center in the ACI Marina and you should arrive 20 minutes before the tour. As the activity is pretty popular, it is wise to book in advance at their website Jet Ski Safari.

Strarting point Jet Ski Safari Trogir

Starting point

The duration of the tour is 2 hours and you will have 80 minutes of driving a jet ski and 35 minutes swimming.

As you start you will pass Trogir sights, Ciovo island, and luxury yachts.

Jet ski safari Trogir Luxury Yachts

Jet Ski Safari next to the luxury yacht in Trogir

The first stop is at the lighthouse Celica where you will be able to take photos and swim for 10 minutes. You can take your camera or phone with you because jetskis have a dry compartment.

Swimming stop Jet ski safari Trogir

Swim or photo stop

Your tour destination is Blue Lagoon on Drvenik Veli Island where you will have free time to swim, snorkel, and enjoy. All in all, on your trip you will experience speed, wave jumping, wind, and turquoise sea. Once you finish you will have salt on your skin, wind in your hair, and your heart will pound from adrenaline. Check the full experience of our travel bloggers in the video:

Trogir Sightseeing

Since Adria View Villas Complex is close to Trogir our travel bloggers visited the town and went sightseeing.

Trogir Old Town

Trogir Old Town is protected as a UNESCO Heritage. Therefore, most of the sights are situated there. The Old town is situated behind these gates in the photo below.

Trogir Sightseeing

Trogir Sightseeing

As in other Mediterranean cities, the streets of the Old town are narrow and winding. You might even think you are lost but no worries soon you will get to the main square where the Cathedral is situated.

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Cathedral is famous for its Romanesque Portal of the Master Radovan. Our travel blogger took a photo there as well.

Trogir Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

People also get married in the Cathedral. Our travel bloggers found a couple who just "tied the knot".

Married couple Cathedral of St. Lawrence Trogir

Married couple in front of the Cathedral

Cipico Palace

On the other side of the main square is the Palace Cipico which is famous for its architecture and decorated Gotic windows. Just check the photo and see.

Cipicco Palace Trogir

Cipico Palace's Windows

The main square is always full of people and there are cafes there where you can sit and relax during your sightseeing.

From there, our travel bloggers went to the other side of the Old town which is actually a peninsula connected by bridges to the mainland and Ciovo island.

Trogir promenade

At the Trogir promenade, our travel bloggers took photos of the luxury yachts anchored there. Luxury Yachts Trogir

Luxury Yachts in Trogir

You will find various other interesting things at the Trogir promenade like cafes, restaurants, and souvenir stalls. Paula even found a parrot and took a photo with it.

Trogir Sightseeing Parrot

Our travel blogger with a parrot

Kamerlengo Fortress

Afterward, they visited Kamerlengo fortress which is also one of the major Trogir sights.

It was built by the Venetians. Inside it is empty but if you climb to the top you will see the amazing panorama of the Trogir promenade, the surrounding area, and Ciovo island.

Kamerlengo Fortress View

View from Kamerlengo Fortress

Behind the fortress, there are trampolines and other entertainment for the kids.

Finally, we have already written about Trogir sightseeing. Feel free to check our previous blog if you are interested to find out more about this lovely historic town:  The Top 7 things to do on Vacation in Trogir.

Day trips from Trogir

As Trogir is on the mainland and very well connected to other top destinations in Dalmatia, there are plenty of choices for day trips from Trogir such as a day trip to Split, a quad tour to Dalmatian Hinterland, a boat trip to one or more neighboring islands or jet ski like our travel bloggers did. 

Feel free to check our other blog Day trips from Trogir if you are interested in more information about day tours from Trogir.

Day tour from Trogir

Quad tour to Dalmatian Hinterland

We hope you liked our blog about a luxury vacation in Adria View Villas Complex near Trogir. Next, we take you to Ciovo island where we have many nice villas and a lot of activities for your luxury vacation.

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