Luxury Vacation in Kastela near Split

Luxury Vacation in Kastela near Split

After Villa Tota, our travel bloggers visited another villa in Kastela which is near Split and that is Luxury Villa Spotlight. In this blog, we will write about their activities there.

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First, you can experience similar activities our travel bloggers did during their stay in Villa Tota because both villas are in Kastela. If you are interested feel free to check our previous blog: Luxury City Break in Kastela near Trogir. Furthermore, there are new activities that are related to their stay in Luxury Villa Spotlight, such as a Day Boat Trip from Split and a visit to Vucica Winery in Kastela. Finally, they went out and experienced nightlife in Kastela. We will tell you all about it.

But first, let's start with their stay in the villa.

Where to stay in Kastela near Split?

Luxury Villa Spotlight

Villa is new to our offer and new in general.

Villa Spotlight Kastela Pool

The pool is large and with a sea view.

Next to the pool, there is a shaded outdoor dining and lounge area also with a sea view.

Villa Spotlight Outdoor Dining with the view

Outdoor Dining with the view

Below the pool and closer to the sea, there is an entertainment zone with a field for futsal.

Villa Spotlight Futsal Field

Futsal Field

Interior of the villa

Inside you will find a modern and luxurious interior.

Villa Spotlight Interior

Luxurious Interior

This is a large villa with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Thus, it is perfect for larger groups of friends or families.

Villa Spotlight Bedroom Kastela

One of the bedrooms

This villa includes a lot of amenities like the fitness room where our travel blogger Paula worked out at a multi-gym device and other exercise machines.

Villa Spotlight Kastela Gym

Our travel blogger in the gym

Afterward, she relaxed in the sauna and Jacuzzi.

Villa Spotlight Kastela Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi for relaxation


As we already mentioned Villa Spotlight is near Split and during their stay, our travel bloggers went on a day tour from Split by boat.

Boat tour from Split

This was a group tour starting from Split, but our partners offer private tours as well. For more info about their other tours feel free to check their website GrayLine Croatia.

Our travel bloggers went on their tour Blue Lagoon 3 island full-day tour with lunch included.

Boat Tour from Split

Boat tour from Split

They started in the morning from Split Riva. Since this was a group tour the boat was full of young people which is great if you are looking for good company on your tour. Actually, at nighttime, this boat turns into a party boat.

Boat Tour from Split

Opportunity to meet new friends

The tour has swimming stops. If you are brave enough you can jump from the boat. Check the photo below and you will see for yourself.

Day Boat Tour Split Swimming Stop

Swimming stop

Snorkeling gear is available on board for exploring the underwater which is great. You will be taken to the remains of the sunken ship.

Day Boat Tour Split Sunken Ship

Swimming around the sunken Ship

Floaties are also available for those who like to stay on the surface and simply enjoy.

In any case, you will be amazed by the turquoise color of the sea and the lovely nature.

See for yourself in the video:


The only thing you should take care of is your tan. Bring sunblock if you wish to protect yourself from the sun. On the other hand, this is a large boat with an upstairs and downstairs area. The upstairs area is reserved for tanning since it includes sun loungers.

The downstairs area is covered. Thus, it is perfect for those who do not like the sun too much.

Tour Itinerary

As we already mentioned the tour starts in the morning and the return to Split is in the afternoon. The duration of the tour is 9 hours.

The guide from Gray Line is present on board and will tell you about the sites you will visit on your tours.

Day Tour Split Boat Guide

Guide explaining

The free time for snorkeling is reserved for the sunken ship in Necujam on the island of Solta.

Afterward, you will visit the Blue lagoon on the island of Veli Drvenik. The lagoon is special because of the lovely color of the sea. You will also have your lunch there.

Day Boat Tour Split Turquoise color of the sea

The turquoise color of the sea

Finally, the boat will take you to Duga bay on Ciovo island. You will enjoy some free time there for a coffee at Labadusa beach bar. Actually, our travel bloggers visited it later during their stay at another villa and will write more about it in one of our future blogs.

They returned full of impressions, but still not tired since they went out to experience Kastela nightlife.

Kastela nightlife

As you can see from the photo below Kastela has a vivid nightlife in beach clubs.

Voulez Vous Club in Kastela

Voulez-Vous Club in Kastela

Our travel bloggers visited the Voulez-Vous club in Kastel Stari where they enjoyed cocktails.

The place is full of young people dancing to DJ music in the open space.

Voulez Vous Kastela DJ

DJ in Voulez-Vous Club

Furthermore, Trogir and Split are not far away for entertainment with numerous nightclubs and concerts.

The next day they visited the Winery Vucica also in Kastela.

Winery Vucica

Winery Vucica Kastela

Winery Vucica in Kastel Kambelovac

Their vineyards are situated on the Southern slopes of Kozjak mountain and consist of approximately 12.000 vines.

They grow an autochthonous wine variety Kastelanski Crljenak, but also 4 other types of wine: Marastina, Opol rose, Kastelanski Crljenak, Plavac Mali, and Cuvee.

Winery Vucica Kastela Wines

Wine Varieties

The owners are a family with wine growing and producing legacy and eco-friendly wine.

Wine tasting

The tasting facility is in the open and surrounded by greenery.

Greenery Winery Vucica Kastela

Greenery in front of the Winery Vucica

They offer wine, but also food for tasting. Thus, you can try sheep and goat cheese, prosciutto, salted anchovies, olives, and olive oil. All this served with homemade bread is a special experience.

Winery Vucica Kastela Food Tasting

Food Tasting

Their wine cellar is open to the public.

Winery Vucica Kastela Cellar

Cellar of Vucica Winery

We hope you enjoyed our blog and that you will go on a luxury vacation in Kastela near Split! Next time we take you to two villas near Trogir.

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