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Things to do in Croatia after the summer

Welcome back to another blog about what you can do in Croatia after the summer. Every year we have something new to offer. We hope you will find this blog useful and entertaining, and that it will help you in deciding whether you want to visit our country!

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1. Dalmatia Ultra Trail

Hiking on the Dalmatia Ultra Trail by

Hiking on the Dalmatia Ultra Trail by

If you are a lover of the active life, this is a perfect choice for you. On the Dalmatia Ultra Trail you can see 5 mountains, 3 rivers, historical and cultural hotspots (fortresses, remains of cities…). It will all be connected on the Ultra Trail race that is being held on the 15th -17th October.

People sometimes say that participating in the race makes them feel like they are time travelling.

The Main event starts in Omis, a famous tourist city in Dalmatia.

In Omis you also have lots of adventure activities like kayaking, several climbing trails, rafting, paraglide airdrome etc.

If you want to visit Omis and do some exploring, you can read more about the city and where to stay in our previous blog - Luxury Vacation in Omis.

kayaking on the river by VIP Holiday Booker

Kayaking on the river Cetina

2. Good Food Festival

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board organizes the Good Food Festival every October, since last year because of the situation with Covid-19 it was not held this year it's going to be amazing, everybody will be there.

This is a gastronomic treat for all food lovers. The Festival offers various delicious cuisines and fine wines, and includes lots of events.

Dalmatia sea food by VIP Holiday BookedDalmatia seafood

This year's program will include the traditional Restaurant Week with festival menus, sweet festival offer, gastro tours, wine tastings, culinary workshop, beer evenings with good street food, various themed dinners and lots more.

Some of the most famous Chefs from more than 30 Dubrovnik restaurants have created festival menus especially for the Good Food Festival. You can learn how to make the delicious cuisine that’s famous in Croatia.

This festival has been gathering many lovers of original, traditional, but also modern dishes for years.

mediterranean food

Mediterranean food

Luxury homes in Dubrovnik

While you are visiting Dubrovnik, you can stay in one of our Luxury homes like:

Villa Dubrovnik Secret Escape with Pool

Villa Dubrovnik Secret Escape by VIP Holiday Booker

Villa Dubrovnik Secret Escape

The Villa is located at the entrance to Dubrovnik city in a quiet place called Lozica. This seafront villa is only 1 m away from the sea and the beautiful beach and 5 km from the Dubrovnik city center. The house can accommodate 7 guests in its 4 luxury bedrooms. It is a great place to stay if you want to explore Dubrovnik.

Villa Dubrovnik secret escape terrace

Villa Dubrovnik Secret Escape terrace

Luxury Villa Prominence with Pool

Luxury Villa Prominence with Pool and seaview by VIP Holiday Booker

Luxury Villa Prominence with Pool and Seaview

The Luxury villa is located in Orasac, in the vicinity of the city Dubrovnik. The house has beautiful sea views from all parts of the Villa. It can accommodate up to 10 guests in its 5 modern bedrooms. The villa is only 20 minutes by car away from the Old Town Dubrovnik.

Luxury Villa Prominence from outside

Luxury Villa Prominence from outside

Beachfront Villa Absoluta with Pool

Beachfront Villa Absoluta with Pool by VIP Holiday Booker

Beachfront Villa Absoluta with Pool

The Beachfront Villa Absoluta is located in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, in Slano Bay. The newly-built house with a private pool is located in the first row to the sea and offers mesmerizing sea views. The Villa can accommodate up to 12 people and has 5 modern bedrooms with king-sized beds.

Villa Absoluta from outside

Villa Absoluta from outside

3. National Parks, Nature Parks, and nature sights

National Park Krka Waterfalls by VIP Holiday Booker

National Park Krka Waterfalls

We already have a lot of blogs about national parks and nature parks. If you want to read more and know more, check out one of our previous blogs like MAGICAL PLACES IN CROATIA. NO.3 National Park Mljet on Mljet Island, Magical places in Croatia: No.4 National Park Brijuni, Worth a visit: Krka Waterfalls National Park in Croatia and so on.

We included national and nature parks in this blog because the best part of the year to visit them is after or before the summer. You do not have big crowds and people then, and the weather is not too hot so it is perfect to go sightseeing and not get too tired because of the weather.

4. Speleology

Entrance to the Vranjaca Cave by VIP Holiday Booker

Entrance to the Vranjaca Cave

If you love nature one of the sights you can see are the Caves in Croatia, there are a lot of them.

One of the most popular caves are:

  • Baredine Cave
  • Biserujka Cave
  • Dragon Cave
  • Grgos Cave
  • Kingdom of Feštini
  • Lokvarka Cave
  • Vranjača Cave
  • Pazin Cave
  • “Underground Secrets of Paklenica” Visitor Centre ...

There are both known and unknown speleological sites that rare riches, such as endemic animal species, the decorative formations in caves, valuable palaeontological and archaeological finds, etc.

There are many beautiful caves and pits in Croatia that you can visit. The organizers and guides lead you into a world that is completely different from our own. We invite you to look into the darkness of the karst underground, into a world of caves, pits, and chasms that cut into the insides of hills, mountains, and islands.

Inside the Vranjaca Cave by VIP Holiday Booker

Inside the Vranjaca Cave

There are a lot more activities and events to see in Croatia, unfortunately, some of them like the Nikola Tesla EV Rally and other events have already passed this year or are later. Other events like quad sightseeing tours are also very popular in Croatia, and you have them in lots of cities.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and that it helped you in deciding whether you want to visit Croatia even after the summer has passed.

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