Travelling to Croatia in 2021 during COVID-19

Travelling to Croatia in 2021 during COVID-19

Last year we have written about How to travel to Croatia after the Coronavirus. Since unfortunately COVID-19 is still active, each day we receive more and more questions about travelling to Croatia in 2021. For this reason, we felt the need to reopen this topic and provide you with fresh content.

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How to enter Croatia in times of COVID-19 in 2021

If you were wondering if you can travel to Croatia and not stay in quarantine, you can! The only requirement is to be fully vaccinated 14 days before arrival. This is valid for all EU citizens.

Certificate of Vaccination

Travel with Certificate of Vaccination from

In other cases, you can still enter Croatia, but there are certain requirements:

  • You should have a negative PCR test or a rapid antigen test. The test cannot be older than 48 hours. Also if you have taken a rapid antigen test and you plan to stay longer than 10 days you should retake it after this period of time.
  • If you already had COVID-19 and successfully recovered in the previous 6 months, all you need is to have the certificate of recovery from your physician.

All those who need to take a test can do it in Croatia easily. The only thing is that you have to stay in self-isolation till you receive the negative results. On the following website, you can find the testing locations for tourists. There is also a number of private clinics that do the testing. Testing is fast and quick and the prices are approximately 200kn (26€) for the rapid antigen test and 690kn (90€) for the PCR test.

Coronavirus Test

Coronavirus Test

At the moment it is at your own expense, but our Ministry of Tourism is promising to finance at least a part of it. This is not yet the case, but as soon the government agrees to the proposal, we will update this information in this blog.

Children under 7 years old do not need to be tested prior to or upon arrival.

Safe Stay in Croatia Croatia Full of Life from

Visitors from non-EU countries

As we already mentioned all of the above is valid for EU countries. Visitors from third countries can also enter Croatia with a negative test. They also have to have proof of booked accommodation in the form of a voucher or invitation letter. Furthermore, we recommend you all to fill an online enter Croatia form prior to your arrival to be able to cross the border more quickly.

Enter Croatia Form

Enter Croatia Form that can be found at

For more information about the COVID-19 regulations about entry to Croatia, please visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs website. Text is in English.

Regarding return to the country where you live, there are different requirements. We recommend you to check the website of your Ministry of Internal affairs and check where Croatia stands on their list.

If you need proof of a tourist visit to Croatia when returning to your country the owner of the accommodation can issue you proof from the e-visitor system.

Keep in mind that the COVID-19 situation varies by the regions, counties, and even islands.

Croatian islands are COVID-19 free zones

Croatian Islands COVID-19 free zonesCroatian Islands COVID-19 free zones

At the moment Ministry of Tourism is starting a campaign to mark the islands separately from their counties on the European COVID-19 map as all of our islands are green concerning the number of COVID-19 cases. Just check the photo above and you will see what we mean.

Croatia is the country with the second-largest number of islands at the Mediterranean. It has 78 islands and 524 islets. Thus, you will have plenty of destinations to choose from when deciding on the vacation destination in 2021.

Since our agency has many great villas in our offer that are situated on the islands, feel free to check two of our previous blogs for recommendations: Top 10 Villas in Croatia on the islands and Top 10 Villas in Croatia on the islands Pt. 2.

Villa Supreme on Korcula Island

Luxury Villa Korcula Supreme on Korcula Island

We also wish to highlight that the COVID-19 regulations regarding entry to Croatia change regularly. We will update the new information as soon as we get it in this blog. Thus, check it regularly and also check the official website of your government dedicated to Coronavirus to find all of the information you need for return.

How to arrive in Croatia in times of COVID-19?

First of all, you can come by car.

Secondly, there is an announcement that the Czech Regiojet international train will connect Croatia to Budapest, Bratislava, and Prague in the season.

Flights to Croatia in 2021

On the other hand, if you live too far for land travel, you were probably wondering are there any flights to Croatia in 2021? You will be happy to hear that Croatia Airlines maintains flights from major Croatian cities to most major cities in Europe.

Flights to Croatia during COVID-19Flights to Croatia during COVID-19

For the time being, we know several other airlines who sell tickets for flights to Croatia this summer and that is Ryanair, Easyjet, Eurowings, British Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Air Lines, but there are others as well. Our US visitors will be happy to hear that United Airlines also has flights scheduled to Croatia this summer.

We will update this blog as soon as we have more information about the flights to Croatia in 2021.

How to move around?

Public transportation is fully operable within Croatia. You only have to wear a mask.

The same is valid for the ferries as well.

On the other hand, our agency organizes private transfers for our guests. We can also help you rent a car during your stay. Just contact our VIP Concierge Team and they will help you with your inquiry.

Private transfer in Croatia

Private transfers in Croatia

What about fun and what is open in Croatia?

At the moment most of the tourist attractions are open as there is no lockdown in Croatia. Thus, once you arrive in Croatia you can go to Cafes (but not in closed spaces) only on the terraces which should not be a problem since in spring and season time everybody sits outside anyway.

The same is valid for restaurants as well, you can sit on the terraces and order your meals there. Cafes and restaurants are closed at 8 p.m. and no alcohol can be purchased after that time (not even in supermarkets).

Outdoor dining in restaurant

Outdoor dining in a restaurant from

Shopping malls are open, but you have to use a mask. In fact, you have to wear a mask in all indoor places such as museums and churches.

St. Domnius Cathedral by Night

Cathedral of St. Domnius in Split by night

National parks are open as well. Furthermore, you can enjoy all outdoor activities and day trips freely.

Plitvice National Park

Plitvice National Park

For all these reasons we believe you will have good times on your vacation in Croatia in 2021 even during COVID-19.

The above-mentioned regulations about what is open in Croatia are valid for most of the country. However, the regulations can vary depending on the counties. For example, what is valid for Split Dalmatia county is not valid for Rijeka county. Thus, if you need further information about the region you plan to visit, feel free to contact us and we will give you all the information you need.

Beach holidays in Croatia in 2021

Beach holidays in Croatia in 2021

Finally, we would like to point out once more that all of the information given in this blog changes frequently. This is why we plan to update it on regular basis. Thus, we wish you to stay safe in 2021, but to live and travel to Croatia as well!

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