Vacation on Vis

Vacation on Vis

Vis is a picturesque island in the Adriatic Sea where you can truly experience Mediterranean as it once was. Remote, it is often overlooked by travelers, but that remoteness is what gives this island a unique charm and what makes it a hidden gem worth visiting. In this blog, we will try to summarize why vacation on Vis is a good choice for you. But first, let see how can you get there.

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How to get to Vis?

The only way to reach Vis is by ferry or catamaran departing from Split. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes by ferry or 1 hour and 20 minutes by fast boat/catamaran to reach Vis from Split. Please note that if you are coming to Vis with your own car you have to wait in a queue for the ferry. We recommend you to come earlier and park your car in a queue at least 1 hour before the planned departure. Ferry and catamaran lines vary in number depending on the season so please check the ferry timetable before you go. You can also reach Vis by hiring a boat taxi to Vis. Feel free to contact VIP Concierge Team for more information regarding private transfer to Vis.

Vis Beaches

Breathtaking beaches are a trademark of island Vis. There are numerous hidden bays and small beaches all around its coast and on near islets of Biševo, Ravnik, and Brusnik.

We have set aside 2 beaches that are definitely worth a visit.

Stiniva beach

Stiniva beach on Vis island

Stiniva beach on Vis island by Dronepicr from

Situated on the southeast side of the island it was declared as “The most beautiful beach in Europe” in 2016. This pebbly beach is one of the top destinations for tourists while visiting Vis. Beach is reachable by boat and on foot. A quite steep trail leads downhill from the road so the trail is not suitable for young children and you should wear sneakers instead of regular summer outfit, such as flip-flops. It takes approximately 20 minutes to descent down to the beach.

Zaglav Beach

A long sandy beach is situated on the southeast side of the island. This popular beach on Vis is not accessible by car but only by boat or on foot from the town of Milna. Bright and shiny sand, tranquility, and clear blue sea are ideal for complete relaxation. There is no natural shade on the beach but later in the afternoon beach starts to fall in the shade as the sun starts to set. There is also a restaurant on the beach where you can savor local specialties and enjoy the unforgettable view and sound of waves rushing to shore.

Also, feel free to check out these beaches on Vis too: Stončica beach, Velo žalo beach, Srebrna (Silver) beach, Lucica beach, Salbunara beach, and Porat beach on Bisevo island.

Beach Porat on Bisevo Island

Beach Porat on Bisevo Island by Tina M. VIP Holiday Booker

Sightseeing on Vis

Blue Cave

The number one destination to visit on Vis is definitely Blue Cave. Located on an island of Bisevo, Vis archipelago, this world-known site is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Unique light effects inside the cave created by the fracture and reflection of light are out of this world. In order to witness this, you need to be at the cave from 11:00 am till noon since this light effect is visible only when the sun is at its peak. All of a sudden, the entire interior of the cave is flooded in magical blue color.

Vis island Blue caveVis Blue cave by Dronepicr from

What to see on Vis?

There are two larger towns on the island. Town of Vis, island center, and Komiža. Vis is situated on the northeast side of the island and it is a main port on the island. On the western side of the island, you will find the town of Komiža, a sleepy small-town ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

Komiza Vis Croatia

Town of Komiza on Vis by Tina M., VIP Holiday Booker

Rich history, dating back to the Neolithic, is visible all over the island and undersea. Because of the island's military importance and strategic position in navigation along the Adriatic you will find lots of fortresses and defense installations. There are several forts you might want to visit. Fort “Komuna” (in Komiža); Fort Bataria (in Vis); King George III (20-minute walk from the town of Vis).

Fort George on Vis Island

Fort George on Vis Island by Yacht Rent from

Also, in need of heavenly protection for the inhabitants, lots of churches were built over the century. We recommend you visit the following: Church of St. Mary – Lady Pirate (in Komiža) with a gilded statue of Annunciation and Church of St. Jerome and Franciscan monastery built on the foundation of the ancient Roman theater (near the town of Vis).

St. Nicholas Church on Vis Island

St. Nicholas' Church on Vis Island from

Archeological museum of the city of Vis

The archeological museum is situated in an old Austrian military battery called Our Lady`s Fortress. There you can see Greek amphorae and dishes dating back to the 3rdcentury BC and an exhibition that portraits Vis fishing and boat building tradition.

Tito`s cave

During the Second World War Tito and partisans were situated for a time on Vis. They came on the island with the help of the British Navy and there they made plans to liberate Yugoslavia from German troops. After the war, the cave where Tito and partisans lived was turn into a museum. After the war Vis, an important strategic point was heavily fortified and there are tours that lead tourist sightseeing submarine hangars and military installation from that period. There is a possibility to book a “Military tour” that includes visiting these sights.

Tito's Cave on island of VisTito's Cave on Vis Island by Ex13 from

What to do on Vis island?

Events on Vis

During the year lots of manifestations are being held on the island. We recommend the following events as a must-see:

  • Vis Cultural Summer is held both in Vis and Komiža. During all summer lots of plays and music nights are being held all over the island. Theatre ensembles and musicians from all over the world flock to Vis and island destinations like Fort Bataria or Klapavica becomes the stage area.
  • Viška regatta is the most prestigious sailing competition in Croatia that is held in October. This 75-year-old regatta draws 150 crews and more than 1000 contestants from all over Europe every year.

Yachts on Vis Island

Yachts on Vis Island by Yacht Rent from

Activities on Vis

Vis has a lot of activities for all types of tourists. Relaxing type, just want to enjoy the beautiful nature with no stress, and adrenalin seekers.

  • Sailing trips across the Vis archipelago this is an ideal activity for all seeking to relax and just want to enjoy the blue sea and the sun. You will find lots of offers on the islands that include sailing in the Vis archipelago. One or more days sailing, private or group tours, it is up to you.

Sailing on VisSailing on Vis by Yacht Rent from

  • Diving tours are becoming more and more popular among the tourist and lots of them are also signing up for diving schools during summer. A rich underwater world filled with remains of ships dating back from 3rdcentury BC and Second World War airplanes wreckage is every divers dream to explore. Lots of tours that include diving to ship or airplane wreckages can be booked on the island.
  • Kayaking exploring Vis from the sea in a kayak is quite an experience. You can book a group kayaking tour that leads you to the exploration of Vis from the seaside. We recommend taking a trip to Green cave.

Green Cave on Vis island

Green Cave on Vis island by Yacht Rent from

There are also a lot of well-marked trails for hiking and bicycle routes and if you are looking for something with more adrenaline there are a few paragliding areas for exploring the island from the air and organized rock-climbing tours.

What to eat on Vis island?

On your exploration of Vis, you will for sure stumble upon restaurants or agritourism that serves exquisite local cuisine and offers you excellent local wine.

Food-wise we recommend you try the following local dishes:

  • Viška or Komiška pogača (Vis or Komiška pie) this famous local dish is made of dough, salted anchovies or sardines, fine tomato stuffing (Komiška pie), onions, and fresh herbs.
  • Octopus or lamb under the “peka” this is a traditional way of preparing food in Dalmatia. “peka” is a heavy iron-cast bell/lid under which the ingredients are put in an iron pan and covered with a lot of wood ember. In this way, food is half baked and half-cooked in its own sauce which gives it unique aroma and taste.

Octopus under the peka

Octopus under the "peka" by VIP Holiday Booker

  • Hroštule and Cviti are two pastries you will find in almost every house on the island of Vis. They can be seen on the table during weddings and other festive occasions. Cviti deliciously melt in one’s mouth when dipped in Prošek (sweet dessert wine).

Excellent cuisine is followed by excellent wines and Vis is well known by Vugava, an excellent sort of white wine that is almost exclusive to Vis. There is also a famous Plavac mali, and endangered red sort of grape, so the production of it is limited. Both wines are highly praised by the wine society and that praise goes beyond the borders of Croatia.

Vis vineyards

Vis vineyards by Nikola Skoric from

Finally, we hope this blog will help you decide to experience a vacation on Vis and that you will share your experience with us upon your return.

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