Valentine's Day in Croatia

Valentine's day in Croatia

Thinking of spending Valentine's day in Croatia? Good choice! Here you will find the most romantic spots and things to do even in these hard times. On the other hand, if this year travel is not an option, keep dreaming and save this blog post for future reference.

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First of all which destinations to choose from? Since Valentine's day is out of the main season we would recommend you to stay on the mainland and in or near one of the bigger cities like Split, Dubrovnik, and Istria of course. For this reason, we will start our blog with our recommendations for the city of Dubrovnik.

What to do on Valentine's day in Dubrovnik?

Red roof's of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Red Rooftops

If you wish to travel with a style we recommend you to book a villa for your stay. Our choice for Valentine's day would be villa Dubrovnik Gem. On the other hand, we have 30+ Villas in Dubrovnik for you to choose from.

Villa Dubrovnik Gem is within a walking distance of the Old Town. Regarding amenities, this villa includes a sauna with an inner Jacuzzi for wellness moments with your loved one. Other benefits are bedrooms with king-size beds and of outdoor sitting area. As you can see from the photo you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Dubrovnik Walls from there.

Villa Dubrovnik Gem outdoor sitting area

Villa Dubrovnik Gem outdoor sitting area with the view of the Dubrovnik Walls

Dubrovnik Sights

Dubrovnik Walls are definitively a sight worth visiting while in Dubrovnik. It is a 2-hour walk but we recommend it. The view is divine and romantic. Just check the photo below and you will know what we mean.

Dubrovnik Walls

Walking the Dubrovnik Walls

We also recommend you to take a guided walking tour of the Old town. The main street is called Stradun. It is the most famous street in Dubrovnik where many celebrities walked before you. Check our blog Celebrities in Dubrovnik for details.

On Stradun you will see the Great Onophrios fountain. It is romantic and you will definitively want to take a photo there.

Great Onofrio's Fountain in Dubrovnik

Great Onofrio's Fountain in Dubrovnik from

Book fans will wish to visit the Franciscan monastery with over 70.000 rare books and the oldest pharmacy in Europe that is still working. You can buy potions and creams there that function great as souvenirs. Furthermore, there is a love legend related to this site. For more information check one of our previous blog posts Sightseeing in Dubrovnik. You will see Sponza palace on Stradun as well. It is the most luxurious palace in town apart from your accommodation of course. :-)

View of Lokrum island

View of Lokrum island from Dubrovnik City Walls

From there you might want to consider taking a boat excursion to Lokrum island. G.o.T. fans will wish to visit it as it is a G.o.T. filming location with the throne replica. Check our Game of Thrones blog for details.

Finally, take a taxi to the Srd hill above Dubrovnik (as the cable car is temporarily closed). Take a selfie with your loved one and don't forget to tag @vipholiday_booker. You can see the whole city from there.

The view from Srd hill

The view of Dubrovnik from Srd hill

Fine dining in Dubrovnik

Regarding top fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik, we have recently published a blog about them. Check them all here: Fine dining in Dubrovnik. Nevertheless, they are all closed at the moment due to winter break. On the other hand, many restaurants in Dubrovnik do deliveries so you have an option to order meals and enjoy them in the privacy of your villa. Find them all here: The 10 best delivery restaurants in Dubrovnik.

Valentine's day in Split

If you choose Split for your Valentine's Day destination you will not make a mistake.

Luxury accommodation in Split

Regarding luxury accommodation, we recommend you book an apartment in the Posh residence villa. The whole residence is luxurious and it includes amazing sea views. It is near the Old Town and the beach. Actually, you can reach the city center by strolling the beaches.

Villa Posh Residence Split

Villa Posh Residence in Split

The apartment is within a small luxury hotel with 24h reception. Sauna is included in the price. Our VIP Concierge department can also arrange massages for you. Breakfast is included in the price. Regarding other meals we have already written about Top fine dining restaurants in Split.

Fine dining in Split

You can find our top picks for the Top 5 best restaurants in Split here. Since at the moment most of the restaurants do not work due to Coronavirus restrictions we have selected one to recommend that does deliveries and that is: Restaurant Makarun. Check their menu and order online.

Restaurant Makarun in SplitMakarun Restaurant in Split

Sightseeing in Split

As we already mentioned you can take a romantic walk by the beach to the Old Town. There you will see and walk through the old, romantic stone streets and visit the Diocletian's Palace, the only inhabited Roman palace left in the World.

Diocletian's Palace in Split

Diocletian's Palace in Split

While there take a guided tour and see the underground wine cellars of Emperor Diocletian.

Cellars of the Diocletian's Palace

Cellars of the Diocletian's Palace

Then climb the tower of the Cathedral of St. Domnius which has a marvelous view of the city. Do not forget to take a romantic photo with your loved one from there and post it on social media with the #vipholidaybooker hashtag and we will repost it with your permission.

Tower of St. Domnius' Cathedral

Tower of St. Domnius' Cathedral in Split

We have already written about the Diocletian's Palace several times. For the latest information about the admission fees to the cellars for example check the most recent one: Top 5 historic sites in Croatia.

After you finish the tour through the palace we recommend you to take a stroll at the famous Riva promenade.

Riva promenade in Split

Riva promenade in Split

If you are not too tired (or another day perhaps) we recommend you to visit Marjan Hill which is just up the hill from the promenade and the Palace. It is within a walking distance from the Old Town. There you can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and the nearby islands and Split as well.

Split from Marjan

View of Split from Marjan Hill

Day trips from Split

Regarding one day trips, if you are interested, the choice is huge. You can visit the nearby towns such as Trogir or Omis, but our recommendation goes to the Krka National Park.

Day trip to Krka National Park

Our VIP concierge department can help you with a private tour with a van and a tour guide. But if you wish to walk the wooden paths without a guide that is also an option as the tour is fully flexible. In winter the National park is not crowded thus you will enjoy the waterfalls and nature and be able to take great photos with your loved one undisturbed.

Krka Waterfalls

Krka Waterfalls

How to spend a Valentine's Day in Istria?

Our third choice for Valentine's Day in Croatia is definitively Istria for many reasons. Strategically if you are coming by car it is the closest to the EU. Secondly, it is full of romantic spots, towns, and secluded areas in the hinterland. Istria resembles the Italian Tuscany and we are sure you will enjoy the most romantic holiday there.

Istria Landscape

The landscape of Istria from

Regarding destinations to see, there are plenty to choose from: romantic Rovinj with colored streets, Porec with the UNESCO heritage Euphrasian Basilica and Pula with the Roman Amphitheater.

Porec in Istria

Porec Old town from the sea, source:

Our recommendation goes to Pula and the Arena Amphitheater.

Pula Amphitheater

Even though it is not situated in the city center you cannot miss it if you come to Pula. Once upon a time, it served for gladiator games. Today exclusive concerts take place there and exhibitions of famous wine and oil from Istria. Actually, the amphitheater is one of the oldest and most preserved Roman monuments in the world. It is also a UNESCO heritage site. For details feel free to check our blog Luxury vacation in Pula.

Pula Amphiteatre

The Arena of Pula

One day trip from Istria

Our recommendation for a one day trip from Istria for Valentine's Day goes to National Park Plitvice. It consists of 16 lakes that are connected with many waterfalls. The legend says that there was a drought and people prayed for rain. The black queen appeared and gave them so much rain that 16 lakes formed from it.

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes

Today Plitvice is the most romantic and most visited Croatian National park. In winter it is less visited and if there is snow you will feel like in winter wonderland. There are several paths to choose from with great nature and plenty of possibilities to take pictures. For information about the admission and details about the park check one of our previous blogs: Magical places in Croatia: National Park Plitvice.

Dining in Istria

Even though there are many fine-dining restaurants in Istria as well, there is also another option in most of our villas in case you do not wish to dine with other people and that is to hire a private chef during your stay in a villa. A private chef will come to your villa and cook only for you and your loved one the dishes you prefer. Could there be something more romantic than that? Hardly.

Finally what luxury accommodation to choose for Valentine's Day in Istria?

Villa Energy White near Pula

Villa Energy White near Pula

We recommend you Villa Energy White near Pula. It is situated on a huge estate with walking paths and golf courses. The spa zone and sauna are also there for your pleasure. The pool can be heated and it includes covering. But this is just our recommendation for the villa in Istria. Check them all here: Villas in Istria.

We hope you will let us help you to organize a perfect getaway for you and your loved one for this or the next Valentine's day and that you will spend it in Croatia!

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