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Dalmatian Soul Food

Dalmatian Soul Food

Wondering what and where to eat in Dalmatia? We will give you food and restaurant tips that will take your breath away. Food is authentic, home-made and divine – true Dalmatian soul food!

1. Dalmatinska Pašticada

Pašticada is the star of the local cuisine in Dalmatia. It is made of a special piece of beef meat called the fricando. First, you stuff the meat with bacon and onions. Then you marinade it in vinegar and spices for at least for a day. Then you cook it with root vegetables. Finally, after it is done, you slice the meat and pour it with the sauce. The sauce is made by pureeing the vegetables and soup in which the meat was cooked. It is traditionally served with home-made gnocchi.

Where to eat the best Pašticada in Croatia?

One of the best pašticadas in Croatia can be found on the island of Korcula in the Tavern Belin in Zrnovo.

Restoran Belin Korcula

Photo from www.facebook.com/restoranbelin

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2. Brudet

Brudet is true Croatian soul food. It is a fish stew made with a different kind of seafood. Fish is left with the bone and cut into large pieces. First, it is fried with onions. Then it is cooked in a large cooking pan with Mediterranean spices like rosemary and parsley and in tomato sauce and wine. The secret of good brodetto is not to stir it but to swirl the whole pot. It is best served with polenta.

Where is the best brudet in Croatia? Best in the island of Hvar in the restaurant Gariful.


Credit to commons.wikimedia.org

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3. Janjetina s ražnja

Janjetina s ražnja is a meat dish that is a specialty in Dalmatia. The whole lamb is roasted on an open fire and the roasting process is a bit specific. First, the lamb is seasoned with sea salt and then it is placed on a spit (stick) and then it is roasted on an open fire by slowly turning it around for hours. Sounds a bit barbaric? Well, it is, but the result is super tasty lamb meat best served with young onions and home-made bread.

Where to eat the best spit-roasted lamb? Best on Brac in Tavern Konoba Kopacina Brac.

Tavern Kopacina Brac Island

Photo from www.konoba-kopacina.com

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4. Crni rižot

Black risotto is a special kind of rice dish made with black squid ink. It is made similar to regular risotto by first frying the onions with different kinds of seafood. Squid, cuttlefish, mussels and other kinds of shellfish are used. After it is cooked in white wine and near the end you put squid ink inside that gives the risotto its black color. It is really tasty the only thing you need to check your teeth afterward because probably they will turn black from the risotto.

Where can you have the best black risotto in Croatia? Our recommendation is Restaurant Vanjaka in Trogir.

Restaurant Vanjaka Trogir


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5. Hobotnica pod pekom

Octopus is cooked in its own juices in a pot with potatoes. Potatoes turn red in the process of cooking from the color of the octopus. What is specific about this one-pot meal is that you cook it on a fireplace and under the lid (in Croatian it is called peka) and the lid is covered with hot embers. Olive oil is used for moisture.

Hobotnica pod pekom

Where can you taste the best Octopus under the lid?Best is in Vodice in KonobaCesarica.

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6. Fritule

Fritule are a kind of small, sweet and round doughnuts. They are invented as festivity dessert in Croatia and are usually made in Christmas and carnival time.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, they are similar to doughnuts except to fritule you usually add raisins, yogurt, grated apples, citrus flavor, and brandy. Brandy is essential because it makes them fluffy and free of oil which is important as they are fried in deep oil. They are served with powdered sugar.

Where can I buy the best fritule dessert in Croatia? You can buy them on the Split promenade called the Riva.

Croatian Fritule

Photo from commons.wikimedia.org

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7. Rozata

This is the dessert invented in Dubrovnik. It is a kind of pudding made with milk, eggs, and sugar. It is additionally flavored with a local liqueur called the Rozalin. It is baked in a dish that is covered with caramel and the result is delicious pudding with caramel topping.

Where is the best rozata in Croatia? Rozata Proto Fish restaurant in Dubrovnik is just one place where you can taste excellent rozata.

Rozata from Dubrovnik

Photo from www.facebook.com/ProtoFishRestaurantDubrovnik

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These were the best authentic and traditional meals in Dalmatia according to us. Of course, there are many more. If you know any, feel free to share them with us. Visit the recommended restaurants, taste these authentic meals and send us your reviews. Taste and enjoy!

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