TOP 5 Croatian Beaches

TOP 5 Croatian Beaches

Croatia has the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Most of them are pebble or sandy. Our selection of 5 top beaches provides the best experience for travelers especially group of friends and families on their holidays. Near the top Croatian beaches, you can find the most luxurious beachfront villas for rent at Croatian coast.

The kilometers of Croatian Coast and islands offer many pearls - bays and beaches where someone will seek a secret getaway, another one a stress-free surrounding, and the third one a place of endless enjoyment. All of them are looking for a peaceful beach where they can relax and enjoy the scent of Dalmatian herbs and pines far from the noise, enjoy the company of their friends and sip a cocktail at the bar a few feet from the sea or spend quality time with the children building towers in the sand and descending down the water slide. Tourists on Croatian beaches indeed can find everything they want. Beaches on the Adriatic coast are mostly pebbly and rocky, but there are some sandy beaches that with their beauty can compete with the exotic tropical coves. We bring you our selection of the 5 best Croatian beaches and villas in their neighborhood where you can stay while relaxing after a day spent on a beach.

1. Banje, Dubrovnik

With a view of the old town and the walls, the central Dubrovnik beach is the most beautiful city beach on the whole coast. The crystal clear sea overlooking the neighboring island of Lokrum, the nearby bar where you can enjoy a cold cocktail or drink, and spacious deck chairs make Banje a popular tourist place. Those who are not satisfied with just observing the divine historical core of Dubrovnik from the beach can approach it by renting pedal boats and visiting the city walls on the seaside.

Banje, the prettiest beach of Dubrovnik

2. Slanica, Murter

It is similar to the Murter’s Slalom near the hotel Colentum. Tourists immersed in noise and mood are reluctant to visit the beautiful sandy beach on the south side of the island, which is because of the shallowness ideal for young children and those who do not overcome swimming techniques. For those who "go too far" will go a hundred yards away to Podvrški or "park" on nearby rocks and enjoy the crystal clear sea with a wonderful view of the neighboring Kornati.

Beach Slanica, Murter

3. Nugal, Tucepi

The beautiful pebble beaches surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation are one nautical mile from Makarska. Situated in rocky coves and famous for its exceptional quality of the sea, these beaches are an inevitable destination for all who choose the stunning Makarska Riviera.

Beach Nugal, Tucepi

So, If you are planning to visit one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries with stunning beaches and crystal clear sea send us your wishes and we will make your dreams come true!

4. Golden Cape, Brac

The most famous and most elaborate Adriatic beach, but for a reason. The pebble beach, extending a thousand meters to the south of the island, is one of the most famous symbols of Croatian tourism, and due to its projection and exposure to winds, it is an attractive location for windsurfing. It's also popular for families because the salvation from the high-noon heat can be found in the nearby borik.

Famous Golden Cape beach, the symbol of Croatian coast

5. White Beach, Solaris, Šibenik

Here children will come to their own paradise with a handful of fun content such as water slides and pools, playgrounds with minicars, a wooden children's town and an infested castle and water slide. The pebble white beach with a fine entrance to the sea is one of the inevitable family destinations in the Šibenik archipelago.

White beach, Solaris ( Sibenik area)

So, If you are planning to visit one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries with stunning beaches and crystal clear sea send us your wishes and we will make your dreams come true!

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