Vile na Pelješcu za odmor – najam luksuznih vila

Vile Pelješac za odmor

FAQ o Pelješac Vile

Which villas on Pelješac are suitable for families or groups?

If you are looking for villas that are suitable for larger families or groups, we can recommend the following villas:

Beachfront Villa Starry Sky is situated 500 meters from the charming town of Orebić and it is suitable for 16 people. The large estate spreads over 12.000 square meters and is located in the heart of the beautiful garden.

Villa de Maris, suitable for 9 people, is placed on the coast just 1 m from the crystal-clear sea, and near the center of Orebić.

Last, but not least, Villa Aurora, suitable for 9 people, is situated only 400 m from the center of the town of Orebić, directly on the beach.

Pelješac, Croatia's second-largest peninsula, other than the above-mentioned world-renowned red wine region with superb wine Plavac Mali, Pelješac is also known for its oyster farms, farmed in Malostonski Bay, that are an unavoidable dish in some of the Pelješac best-rated restaurants.

The town of Ston has the second largest stone wall in the world, after the Great Wall of China which dates from around 1360 AD. Also, near Ston is the possible oldest saltworks in the world that dates around 1330 AD. If you need help in arranging a visit to this gem of south Adriatic Sea feel free to contact our VIP Holiday Specialists.

As a world-renowned red wine region Peljesac offers great wine tasting tours in addition to exquisite local cuisine. Pelješac is a very popular place for people who like water sports, especially windsurfing and kite-surfing. Seaside village of Viganj hosts a variety of windsurfing regattas, competitions, and championships. Hikers enjoy the benefits of beautiful nature and Sveti Ilija hill and the view of the entire South Adriatic Sea. Also, on Pelješac you can find many suitable trails for mountain biking and trekking.

For day trips from Pelješac, we recommend visiting Dubrovnik and National park Mljet. Also, the beautiful island of Korčula is just a short ferry ride from Orebić. Old City of Mostar in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a destination worth visiting. If you need help feel free to contact our VIP Concierge Department.

If you are planning to visit Pelješac the easiest way to get to it is via highway A1. If you are coming from Split, you take highway A1 at node Dugopolje and exit at node Ravča and then proceed south via state road D8 straight to Pelješac.

In case you are interested in taking the scenic route you can drive from Split down the state road D8, but be aware that traffic jams are to be expected, especially during summer months. Please note that both routes (via A1 and D8) include crossing the international border with Bosnia and Herzegovina at Neum. If you want to avoid border crossing you can take the ferry from Ploče (situated on state road D8 and near exit from A1 at node Ravča) to Trpanj (Pelješac).

If you are traveling from Dubrovnik you can drive straight to Pelješac via state road D8 without any border crossing.

For organizing transfer or car rental feel free to contact our VIP Concierge Team.

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Svaki smještaj je pažljivo odabran

Vaše vrijeme za odmor je dragocjeno i iz tog razloga smo osobno pregledali i odabrali svaki apartman, hotel, vilu i kuću za odmor iz naše ponude.

Trenutna rezervacija i jamstvo povrata novca

S nama ste 100% sigurni. Ako je vaš smještaj znatno drugačiji nego što je opisano na našim stranicama, mi ćemo vam vratiti Vaš novac.

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Vaš osjećaj sigurnosti nam je najvažniji. Vaš osobni asistent Vam je na raspolaganju za cijelo vrijeme vašeg odmora u Hrvatskoj.

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Vrhunska kvaliteta i razumna cijena mogu ići zajedno. Pružamo konkurentne cijene noćenja za najbolji smještaj na jadranskoj obali.

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