Luxury Vacation on Solta Island

Luxury Vacation on Solta island

Solta is a small island near Split, but it is still hidden from the masses. If you decide to visit it you will still be able to experience the traditional way of life without the daily rush. Thus, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday far from the crowds Solta is perfect for you.

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Benefits of staying on Solta

Panorama of Grohote on Solta Island

Panorama of Grohote - just perfect for "Slow vacation"

Other benefits of spending your vacation on Solta island are the exquisite nature with the sound of crickets and the scent of lavender all around.

Untouched nature of Solta

Interesting towns on Solta

You can also visit interesting towns such as Stomorska (check the photo below) which is a typical Mediterranean fishermen's destination with many nice restaurants.

Stomorska Solta

Stomorska typical Mediterranean fishermen's destination

On the other side of the island, you will see Maslinica which is a luxury destination with a marina and a heritage castle.

Villa MM Solta

Heritage Villa M&M Solta

What to do on Solta?

Besides visiting interesting towns, you can also go wine and olive oil tasting on Solta. For this, we recommend Agroturizam Kastelanac with their red wine Dobricic which is situated in Gornje Selo near Stomorska.

Tvrdic Honey is also interesting for a day trip. This is a honey farm where you can taste honey from Solta. They are situated near the new road that connects Grohote and Rogac (ferry port).


Ferry port in Rogac on Solta

As far as beach bars are concerned we can recommend you Laganini beach bar in Necujam with a swing in the sea which is just perfect for Instagram!

Beaches on Solta

Still one of the greatest benefits of staying at the island is the peaceful hidden bays on the south side of the island.

Hidden bay on the south side of the island

Hidden bay on the south side of the island with the turquoise sea

From Sipkova near Maslinica on the South-West side of the island to the Stracinska bay at the South-East Side which is close to Brac island, there are a number of small hidden bays.

Explore them all on a day trip and stay in Villa M&M in Maslinica or a family-friendly villa Gardenia in Grohote (we will write about them later).

In any case, we will reveal them to you in this blog. So, let's start.

1. Sesula bay

Where is it situated? Near Maslinica at the south side of the island. As the bay provides natural shelter for boats during the two most potent winds in Dalmatia – Bura from the North and Jugo from the South (wind directions), this bay is a nautical paradise.

Sesula bay SoltaSesula bay Solta Island credit to TB Solta (several photos in this blog)

You can also reach it on foot, by bike or car. You will also find a couple of great restaurants in the bay such as Restaurant Sesula.

2. Sipkova bay

This is the only sandy beach on the island.


Sipkova beach the only sandy beach on Solta island

It is also situated near Maslinica but on the other side from Sesula bay. It is accessible by the sea and also on foot by the macadam path.

It is great for a peaceful day at the beach as there are no tourist facilities nearby. This is why you should bring food and beverages with you.

3. Tatinja bay

This beach is closer to Grohote (the main administrative center of the island, not on the coast). Grohote is the center of the island with shops, administrative locations, and events, especially in summer.

Thus, Tatinja can be reached from Grohote on foot or by bike using the macadam road.

Macadam road to Tatinja bay

Macadam road to Tatinja bay

In case you are coming by boat, it is useful to know that the anchorage is rather shallow and 5-10m deep.

Yachts in Tatinja bay

Yachts in Tatinja bay

There are several small beaches in Tatinja bay where you will enjoy the peace and quiet and the beauty of nature and clear, turquoise sea. There are only a couple of houses in the whole bay.

Tatinja bay the other sideThe other side of Tatinja bay

Tatinja bay is especially interesting to cliff divers because here they can jump to the sea from the cliffs. Perfect for an Instagram photo, right?

Cliff diving Tatinja bay

Cliff diving in Tatinja bay

4. Jorja bay

Jorja bay is really close to Tatinja bay. It is a small bay with only one house and you can reach it by a village path on foot. The best option for this bay is to arrive by boat as several boats can anchor here.

As you can see from the photo below it is a small pebble beach just perfect for swimming.

Jorja Bay Solta Island

Pebble beach in Jorja bay

5. Senjska bay

You can reach it from Gornje Selo by macadam path or on foot.

According to the legend, Illyrian queen Teuta built a fortress on the Hill above Senjska bay. Just check the photo of the bay and you will understand why.

Senjska bay Solta Island

Aerial view of Senjska bay

6. Stracinska Bay

Stracinska is closer to Stomorska. You can reach it from Gornje Selo on foot or by bike, not by car. Of course, you can also reach it by boat as well (the anchorage is at the depth of 7m), but it is not completely safe when Jugo blows (southern wind).

Stracinska bay Solta Island

Stracinska bay

As you can see from the photo, Stracinska is the turquoise blue heaven with only a few houses in the bay. There are also several beaches in the bay.

Where to stay during your luxury vacation on Solta island?

Heritage Villa M&M

Heritage Villa M&M Solta

The castle with the surrounding area in Maslinica

This is a 300 years old, heritage castle with luxury suits that have been renovated. It also includes a pool and a fine-dining restaurant and a marina should you come on your vacation by boat.

Fine dining restaurant on Solta

Fine dining restaurant in heritage villa M&M on Solta

It is also suitable for events such as weddings.

The villa is suitable for 16 guests and it consists of 7 suites with a historic design of the interior. Do not worry they include modern amenities as well!

Interior of heritage Villa M&M Solta

Interior of heritage Villa M&M Solta

There is also a spa area and sauna in the villa and a 24h reception service. Finally, a large garden surrounds it.

Garden of Heritage Villa M&M Solta

The spacious garden of the villa

Villa Gardenia

This is a family-friendly villa on Solta. It is situated in Grohote which is an excellent base for day trips to the hidden bays and beaches on the island.

Villa Gardenia Solta

Villa Gardenia

The villa can accommodate 6 guests and it has a swimming pool with an integrated Jacuzzi.

Pool in Villa Gardenia Solta

The pool of Villa Gardenia

It is a country home far from the crowds with authentic Dalmatian charm. It is surrounded by greenery and it includes a lovely garden full of flowers, colorful vegetation, and bio vegetables.

Garden of Villa Gardenia

Garden at night

There is also a summer kitchen with and a stone barbecue and an outdoor dining area for your gourmet pleasures.

Outdoors of Villa Gardenia Solta

Outdoors with a summer kitchen and al fresco dining area

Did we interest you in visiting Solta on your next luxury vacation? If yes, this is how you can reach the island.

How to get to Solta?

There is a ferry from Split to Rogac. The ride takes about one hour and it goes app. 5 times a day in the summertime. There are also fast ferry lines (the ride lasts about half an hour), but it goes rarely. The third option is the private transfer (you can get it with the help of our VIP concierge team).

Rogac Ferry port Solta

Rogac Ferry port

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