Active Holidays in Omis Riviera in Croatia

Active Holidays in Omis Riviera in Croatia

Omis town and Omis Riviera are one of the best active holiday destinations in Croatia. Check what kind of sports activities you can try while staying in Omis Riviera and what level of an adrenaline rush you can expect.

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Have a look at the promotional video made and shared by Omis Tourist Board presenting the town full of adventures and the adrenaline rush sources. Can you tell what is your favorite outdoor activity and which one from the video is the most tempting to you?

Video: Omis town for a big adventure! , Source: Visit Omis, Omis Tourist Board

What To Do In Omis Riviera

Omis is ideal for those who prefer active holidays - rafting on Cetina River, free climbing, paragliding, scuba diving, sailing, volleyball, tennis, etc. In short, one can enjoy various kinds of sports on land, water, and air.

This ancient pirate place set on the mouth of river Cetina and on the Adriatic Sea offers an adrenaline rush like no other, packed in a beautiful natural environment.

Omis Hiking

Photo: Hiking in Omis, Omis Tourist Board

Climbing in Omis

Whether you are an experienced climber or simply just an adrenaline addict, you will definitely enjoy spending time in Omis Riviera. The area around Omis currently boasts 46 equipped climbing routes and is one of the top climbing destinations in Croatia and around Europe.

Photo: Climbing in Omis, Omis Tourist Board

Climbing is actually a recreational activity with great potential in the Omis area. Local people from Omis often curiously watch the brave and young men and women, who defeat high vertical cliffs only with the strength of their arms and legs.

Climbing Crag in Omis

Photo: Climbers, Omis Tourist Board

All the beauty and blessings that are offered here are easily accessible. You can choose between climbing in the shade or on the sunny slopes. Due to the different positions of the cliffs, crisscrossed by a strong river flowing into the sea, climbing is a year-round activity here.

This is the reason why, apart from the active members of the local climbing club, many Croatian and European climbers visit these cliffs and crags.

The members of the local climbing club in Omis, together with Slovenians and Italians deliver training courses for climbers in Omis. They do not limit themselves only to the existing routes but also create new ones, so that Omis now has 46 fully equipped recreational routes.

Omis Climbing Crags

Source: Climbing Omis Guide

That surely makes it one of the best Croatian climbing destinations nowadays. However, that is just a portion of the cliffs and crags that surround the city. Experienced climbers often say that Omis will soon become the main center of the European climbers, meaning it will become “Croatian Chamonix.”

Here you can check the guide for climbing in Omis: Omis Climbing Guide

White Water Rafting and Kayaking on Cetina River

Rafting Cetina River

Photo: Rafting Cetina River, Omis Tourist Board

Rafting or kayaking downstream Cetina River, from Cikotina Lada to Blato (10 km), lasts about 3 to 4 hours. For those who want more and prefer kayaking, the route from Blato to Zadvarje is a perfect choice. It is about 10 kilometers long but offers much more excitement and direct experience of the canyon.

Photo: Kayaking Cetina River, Omis Tourist Board

After passing through the rapids, swimming in the river and enjoying the beautiful nature, the Cetina canyon leads to the final stage of rafting, located in the popular Radman’s Mill.

Photo: Canoeing Cetina River, Omis Tourist Board

The adventure of the Cetina canyon, whose depth reaches up to 120 m, is truly exciting. Exploring the 40 m high waterfall of "Gubavica" and swimming in the river, accompanied by an experienced guide who knows all the dangerous parts of the canyon, is almost surreal.

Photo: Cetina River Canyon, Omis Tourist Board

While exploring the Omis area, we recommend visiting the lake located high in the mountains, "Black Kettle". This is an experience not to be missed.

If you would like to go on rafting adventure downstream Cetina Rive, check VIP Holiday offer for private tours at the following link and make sure to contact local concierge specialists to book and to recommend the best tour for you!

The day out in the Nature in Omis area

Photo: The day in nature,

If you are not afraid of climbing along the cliffs, mountain climbing and hiking are just a part of Omis great offer. It is a wonderful experience to walk through the vineyard "Pasika",or through the interesting area of "Pograjska jut." The forests of this area, full of old stone houses and walls, were once important to the people who lived in this landscape. While being here, one can relax and refresh in the river. It is also possible to organize a dinner in the local winery and simply enjoy the wine and cuisine of ancient Poljica.

Photo: Radman’s Mill, Omis Tourist Board

Zipline over Cetina River

Zipline is an activity full of an adrenaline rush and the fun where visitors slide through the canyon down the cable, secured by a harness. It is located 3 km from Omis in the Cetina River canyon and consists of eight cables with the total length of 2100 m.

Photo: Zipline in Cetina River Canyon, Omis Tourist Board

Comfortably harnessed and "flying" through the air, above the Cetina River, faster than 70 km/h is an unforgettable experience. Firmly secured to the cable, one can forget all fears and let the adrenaline feel the rush! The longest cable is 700 m long, and the maximum height that could be reached is 150 m above the sea level. The tour lasts for three hours and includes some walks and a short training session.

Cetina River Canyon

Photo: Cetina River Canyon, Omis Tourist Board

Cycling in Omis Area

Cycling is a very popular sport in Dalmatia, and there are many reasons for that. Dalmatian coastal routes are ideal for cyclists, but also for those who just want an active holiday.

Concerning Omis, cyclists prefer the path leading through the canyon of the Cetina River, from Omis to Radman's Mills (6 km). Those who are in better shape could take the route Omis - Radman's Mills - Kucice - Zadvarje - Sestanovac - Blato - Gata - Omis, 60 km long.

Paragliding – flying above Omis Riviera

Due to its unique location, there is always some wind blowing in Omis. As a result, paragliding has long roots in Omis and is one of the most popular extreme sports on Cetina River.

Paragliding Omis

Photo: Paragliding in Omis, YouTube ScreenShot

The starting point is a grassy slope on the Dinara, 380 m high, located 10 minutes away from the village Cecuci. The safest and most common landing site is the town beach. Due to the winds, paragliders often stay in the air for several hours.

Paragliding may often be perceived as a sport with a higher risk than it actually is. The equipment is very safe, and if you follow the rules there will be no problems. As an example, the average paraglider has around 30 lines of ropes and each is strong enough to outstand the full weight of a pilot.

Photo: Omis town on the mouth of Cetina River,

Scuba Diving in Omis Riviera

If you have the desire to explore the mysteries of the sea, several diving clubs in Omis offer courses for beginners. Depending on experience, it is also possible to arrange a night dive.

Divers can explore the depths of the Cetina River, where they can see the remains of David’s Bridge and Mostine, a pirate underwater wall, which served to stop enemy ships. Just outside the town beach, at a depth of 20 meters, a wreck of a merchant ship is situated.

The undersea of the Omis Riviera, with numerous caves, rich flora and fauna offers the possibility to see the ancient amphorae and other underwater resources on the site of Vruja. At that point, the mountains of Mosor and Biokovo meet one another. In diving literature, this place is described as one of the best in Europe. The water mixes vertically and creates a level of freshwater rising from underground sources. Due to the further mixing with the sea, turbulence is created. Only if completely "glued" to the bottom, one can safely enter the cave. If not so, the freshwater pushes towards the outside and the surface. During the winter, the water mixes much harder, which makes the dive then almost impossible.

Scuba Diver

Photo: Scuba diving,

The most popular diving destinations include many beautiful sights, such as 2000-year-old Roman amphora (at 27m), an underground river that flows into the sea (at 30m) and the "bottomless pits" (probably deeper than 120m). Of course, there is also a great variety of marine flora and fauna, a stunning cave in a bubble form with the entrance at a depth of 3 m (where you can see amazing colors), vertical walls with a surface up to 50 m, large rocks (some even 20m high), coral and sunken ships.

Photo: Omis City Beach, Omis Tourist Board

A unique landscape of Omis provides plenty of opportunities for recreation, but also for enjoying nature. A holiday in Omis is enriched by numerous recreational facilities. Come and discover an activity that truly entertains and fulfills you!

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