Villas on Krk for rent

Villas on Krk for rent

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Discover perfect family vacation villas on Krk in the heart of Kvarner. Choose from a variety of options, ranging from luxurious villas to charming stone houses with great yards, perfectly suited for a relaxing family vacation.

Featured Krk Villas to rent in 2024

Villa Sapphire with Heated Pool

Malinska (Krk), Croatia
8 guests
3 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Confidenza with Pool

Malinska (Krk), Croatia
10 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Villa Bonjour with Pool

Krk (Krk), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Stiletta with Pool

Krk (Krk), Croatia
8 guests
3 bedrooms
per night

Villa Topaz with Heated Pool

Malinska (Krk), Croatia
8 guests
3 bedrooms
per night

Villa Paradise Pines

Njivice (Krk), Croatia
5 guests
2 bedrooms
per night

Villa Wisteria with Pool

Vrbnik (Krk), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Krk Luxury Travel Guide

Thinking about renting a villa on the island of Krk and wondering what to do on your holiday? Read our travel guide for Krk and get all the info about how to get there, what to do, and where to eat. For your stay, we recommend you one of our Krk villas.

What to do on Krk?

Krk Island, a hidden gem in the Adriatic, offers plenty of unique attractions for both: adventurers and relaxation seekers.

Speleology on Krk Island

Discover the wonders of Krk's underground treasures. Visit the Biserujka Cave near the village of Rudine and explore the Slivanjska Cove. These two extraordinary caves, connected by a trail with a breathtaking sea view, are must-visits. Recommendation: To fully enjoy this experience, it is advisable to visit the caves early in the day, as their entry and exit points are the same and can become crowded.


Wakeboarding on Krk Island is a must-try experience. Feel the thrill as a motorboat sweeps you over the Adriatic Sea. Additionally, the island is renowned for its ziplining experiences and amazing boat tours.

Krk Island Aerial View

Krk Island Aerial View

Scuba Diving and Historical Shipwrecks

Dive into Krk Island's maritime history. Five sunken vessels from the Napoleonic era, including the Greek ship Peltastis, lie waiting to be explored. Ensure a safe diving experience by choosing the island's top-rated diving agencies.

Sailing on Krk Island

Sailing enthusiasts will find Krk Island to be a delightful playground. For beginners, the Punat area is highly recommended, due to its natural protection. Punat is situated in the east of the island, in a calm bay.

Krk Island Cycling and Hiking

With over 300km of bicycle trails and hiking routes, Krk Island is an adventurer's paradise. Experience its exquisite landscapes at your own pace.

Krk sightseeing

  1. Baska Tablet: Discover the earliest mention of Croatia on the Baska Tablet. Found in Jurandvor, just north of Baska at St. Lucy's church, this declaration from King Zvonimir is written in Glagolitic script.
  2. Baska Glagolitic Path: Follow the heritage of Krk from the Middle Ages with a series of sculptures, each representing a letter from the Glagolitic alphabet.
  3. Town of Krk: Explore the rich history at the Frankopan fortified square, with towers, where the summer concerts come alive.
  4. Krk Cathedral: Once a Roman bath with mosaics, it is now a church.
  5. Baska Aquarium: Dive into one of Croatia's top aquarium experiences. From seahorses to marine life native to the Adriatic Sea, Baska Aquarium is a sea lover's delight.
  6. Franciscan Monastery: On the island of Kosljun near Punat lies this monastery, with Glagolitic artifacts and a rich library collection.
  7. Immortelle Farm in Omisalj: Experience the uniqueness of the immortelle farm. Did you know the ancient Greeks kept immortelle as an anti-aging oil?

Running on Krk Sport Activities

Activities on Krk

Krk Nightlife

  • Volsonis Nightclub: Located in Krk's old town, it is a mix of history with two Venus altars and Roman catacombs underground. Enjoy the live music and cocktails in its scenic garden.
  • Casa del Padrone: Situated by Krk Harbor, this beach bar hosts after-beach parties, with renowned DJs, cocktails, and soothing massage treatments.
  • Porto Club: Located on Baska Main Beach, this club promises great music and memorable nights.

Major events on Krk

  1. Enjoy Vrbnik's wine and pasta festivals including the Zlahtina festival (in July), Surlice pasta days (also in July), and Krk wine days (in August). The tradition of "Razgon" is a shepherd's rite. It signifies the cessation of sheep milking and their release for open pasture grazing. It is celebrated on the Sunday following the Day of Saint Peter and Paul with a fair in Vrbnik.
  2. Step back in time to Omisalj's evening of ancient cuisine in mid-July. There you can also see the remains of a Roman camp.
  3. Celebrate Cheese Days in Malinska on the Day of Assumption (15.8.), with an exciting race for cheese.
  4. Visit Krk Town for Fig Days(at the end of August and the beginning of September).
  5. In Punat, the "Olive Oil Days" are celebrated. Visitors are offered the unique opportunity to participate in the process of olive harvesting and also to partake in oil tastings and view thematic exhibitions.
  6. It is also worth mentioning the culinary festivities in the calendar: Asparagus Days in April, Lamb Days from April to June, Squid Days in October, and Cod Fish Days in December. During these times, plenty of Krk restaurants showcase different preparations of these tasty ingredients.

Krk beaches

Krk beach

One of the stunning beaches at Krk Island

Island Krk has plenty of great beaches for you to enjoy. Almost every beach on Krk is awarded the Blue Flag. We recommend the following beaches for you to check out.

  • Vela Plaza beach is situated near the town of Baska. It is 1.800 meters long and it is a combination of sand and pebbles. Alongside the beach, you will find a promenade with restaurants and cafe bars. During mid-summer (July and August) the beach can get very crowded.
  • Potovosce Beachis situated on the east side of the island, near the town of Vrbnik. This pebble beach is ideal for relaxing and bathing in the crystal blue sea. Please note that this beach is quite far from Vrbnik so you will need a car or boat to get there. A bicycle is also a good choice to get there.
  • Stara Baska Beach

    Stara Baska was established by refugees fleeing the Turks during the Medieval period. Stara Baska Beach is secluded and steep. Thus, it is ideal for those, who are looking for privacy during their vacation.

How to get to Krk?

With a bridge that connects it with the mainland, Krk Island is accessible by car. There is also a highway exit, Ostrovica, from where you proceed straight towards the island. Having an airport that connects Krk with 17 European cities such as Berlin, Brussels, Munich, Innsbruck, Oslo, Stockholm, etc. makes it one of the most easily reachable islands on the Adriatic Sea.

What to eat on the island of Krk?

Mediterranean food

Mediterranean Food

Krk Island is great for the authentic Mediterranean diet:

  1. No visit is complete without savoring Krk's renowned prosciuttoand the excellent taste of its locally produced olive oil.
  2. Enjoy the exquisite Zlahtina, a straw-colored dry white wine that's a Krk specialty you won’t find elsewhere.
  3. The richness of the Adriatic is evident in Krk's seafood offers. Enjoy fresh shellfish, scampi, and tasteful fish dishes.

Where to eat on Krk?

We recommend these restaurants on Krk Island:

  • Bistro Franceska in the town of Baska
  • Konoba Nono in the town of Krk.

Did we interest you in visiting Krk? If yes, feel free to check all our villas on the island of Krk.

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