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Featured Villas in Split, Croatia for 2024/2025

Luxury Villa Etera with Heated Pool

Kaštel Kambelovac (Split), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Beachfront Villa The View with Pool

Kaštel Kambelovac (Split), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Cosmopolitan with Pool

Podstrana (Split), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Spotlight with Pool

Kaštel Kambelovac (Split), Croatia
12 guests
6 bedrooms
per night

Villa Serenity Gardens with Pool

Solin (Split), Croatia
14 guests
8 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Grande Aria with Pool

Jesenice (Split), Croatia
20 guests
10 bedrooms
per night

Villa Golden Leaf with Heated Pool

Kaštel Lukšić (Split), Croatia
10 guests
5 bedrooms
per night

Split, Croatia Luxury Travel Guide

Let this travel guide upgrade your villa holidays in the Split region. Follow the guidelines of our Split villa specialists and prepare for the best Split experience ever!

What is the weather like in the Split region?

Split, Croatia has a classic Mediterranean climate characterized by warm, dry summers and gentle, rainy winters. In winter, the chill in the air is due to the strong northern wind called the "Bura".

For the ideal mix of sunny yet enjoyable weather, consider visiting Split between May - June or September - October.

Split Old Town from the air

Split Old Town aerial view

How to get to Split, Croatia?

Split is a conveniently accessible destination, with Split airport   that is situated about 45 minutes from the city center.

The city's bus, ferry, and train stations are located close to each other and the heart of the town.

For those driving,   the A1/E65 highway connects Split with Zagreb. Alternatively, the scenic state   road D1 and D8 are passing directly through Split.

Split beaches

Discover the amazing beaches of Split, each with its unique charm. Situated on the slopes of Marjan Hill, Kasjuni Beach is a must-visit, especially with the trendy Joe’s Beach Bar waiting for visitors.

On the other side of the Old Town lies Bacvice Beach, a sandy beach with a shallow stretch perfect for children and the traditional game of 'picigin', where locals keep a small ball in the air, preventing it from falling into the sea.

Further from the center, Znjan Beach has a series of captivating pebble bays, making it worth the journey.

Split beach

One of Split's lovely beaches

What to do on your villa holidays in Split, Croatia?

Split sightseeing

Discover the treasures of Split with a mix of ancient wonders and modern attractions!

Marjan Hill: Overlooking Split and the Old Town, Marjan Hill promises panoramic views of the city and neighboring islands like Brac and Solta. Whether you choose to ascend its steps or drive up, the breathtaking views are a must-see when in Split.

Split Old Town:

  • Riva Promenade: Start your exploration of Split here, with opportunities to buy unique Split souvenirs.
  • Diocletian's Palace Cellars: Delve into Split's history, for a visit isn't complete without witnessing the grandeur of Diocletian's Palace.
  • Peristil Square: Meet the Cathedral of St. Domnius, an ancient Egyptian sphinx, you can even pose with Roman soldiers there.
  • Vestibul: Marvel at the open-sky architecture of this amazing circular building.
  • Prokurative: Located next to the Riva, this site hosts the annual Split Music Festival.
  • Iconic Statues: Old Town boasts sculptures by renowned Croatian artist Ivan Mestrovic, including Marko Marulic, the pioneer of Croatian literature, and Bishop Grgur Ninski. Legend says touching Grgur Ninski's toe brings good fortune. This is why it shines.
  • Zlatna Vrata (Golden Gate): The gate through which Emperor Diocletian and his family entered the palace. They are located on the north side of the palace. Next to the Golden Gate, you can take a photo with the Roman soldiers who "guard" the entrance.
  • Game of Thrones Museum: Located near Zlatna Vrata (Golden Gate), it tells the city's role in the famous TV series.

Split Old Town, St. Domnius Cathedral and Peristil Square

Split Old Town, St. Domnius Cathedral and Peristil Square

Wander the Old Town's labyrinthine alleys, where every corner whispers tales from past ages. Additionally, visit the East and the West Coast and see numerous luxury yachts docked there.

Split nightlife

Experience the vivid nightlife of Split, with the Riva promenade serving as a bustling destination of cafes and eateries.

The Roof 68 nightclub, situated on the seafront, offers breathtaking views of the Riva, harbor, and the iconic St. Domnius Cathedral's tower. Dive into a night of pulsating electronic beats from various DJs, fine wines, tantalizing cocktails, and dancing.

Extend your night out with recommended hotspots like Fabrique, Jazzbina, and Central clubs, ensuring you enjoy till the first light of dawn.  Split also host Ultra Europe Festival which takes place every summer in July.

Welcome to Split - the city that never sleeps!

Split restaurants

Dive into the culinary delights of Split in Split restaurants. Here are the recommendations by our villa Split experts: 

  • Bokeria: Located in the heart of downtown, this fine dining establishment promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey.
  • Makarun: Situated within Split's historic center, it stands out as the prime destination for seafood delicacies and tasteful desserts.

Makarun Restaurant Split Dessert

Makarun Restaurant in Split

  • Nikola Tavern: While it is located in the small village of Stobrec, a suburb of Split, its reputation as the area's top seafood spot is unmatched.
  • Chops Grill Steak & Seafood: Located in the pedestrian zone of the Old Town, this restaurant is renowned for its amazing steaks.
  • Zrno Soli: This restaurant offers a rare combination of exquisite dining and mesmerizing sea views.
  • Zoi: Known for its artistic culinary presentations, Zoi Restaurant has become a favored choice among our guests.

Day trips from Split

Explore the diverse day trip offers from Split, a destination with excellent connectivity. Here are the recommendations by our villa Split experts:

  • National Parks: Marvel at Croatia's natural wonders with trips to Krka Waterfalls and Plitvice Lakes. Enhance your experience with sightseeing or wine tasting.
  • Wine Tasting in Kastela: For wine enthusiasts, Kastela offers great tasting experiences at Bedalov and Vucica Wineries.
  • Trogir Old Town: Wander the UNESCO-protected Old Town of Trogir. Enhance your visit with top restaurants in Trogir and beaches on the nearby Ciovo island.
  • Dubrovnik Day Trip: Embark on a journey to Dubrovnik and visit its Old Town. You can also make a lunch stop at Mali Ston, renowned for oysters.
  • Omis Adventure: For thrill-seekers, Omis offers activities like white water rafting and zip-lining over Cetina River's canyon. Plus, enjoy its sandy beaches.
  • Boat Tours: Sail or take a boat tour to nearby islands like Brac, Hvar, and Solta. The Blue Cave on Vis Island and the Hvar town tour, with private speedboat options, stand out as our guests' favorites.

Boat tour from Split to Solta Island

Boat tour from Split to Solta Island

Choose your Split adventure and allow our Split villa specialists to craft an unforgettable experience for you!

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