Villas on Peljesac for Rent

Villas on Peljesac for Rent

Book villas on Peljesac and explore this hidden gem of South Croatia

Our villas on Peljesac range from spacious mansions to luxurious villas with privacy. Book one of them and uncover Peljesac, the hidden gem of South Croatia with sandy beaches, windsurfing opportunities, and tasty food and wine.

Featured Villas on Peljesac

Villa Aurora with Pool

Orebić (Pelješac), Croatia
9 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Villa Starry Sky with Pool

Orebić (Pelješac), Croatia
16 guests
8 bedrooms
per night

Ultraluxury Villa Katarina with Pool

Orebić (Pelješac), Croatia
20 guests
10 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Bevel with Pool

Orebić (Pelješac), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Villa Two Martinis with Pool

Potomje (Pelješac), Croatia
14 guests
7 bedrooms
per night

Peljesac Luxury Travel Guide

Peljesac, the second-largest peninsula in Croatia after Istria, is located in the southern part of the country, making it somewhat secluded from mass tourism. As a result, it represents an ideal destination for those seeking privacy during their holidays in Croatia.

How to get to Peljesac?

If you are planning to visit Pelješac the easiest way to get to it is via highway A1. If you are coming from the North exit the highway A1 at node Ravča, and then proceed south via state road D8 straight to Pelješac.

In case you are interested in taking the scenic route you can drive from Split down the state road D8, but be aware of the traffic jams, especially during summer months. You can also take the car ferry from Ploče (situated on state road D8 and near the exit from A1 at node Ravča) to Trpanj (Pelješac).

Peljesac PeninsulaPeljesac Peninsula

If you are traveling from Dubrovnik you can drive straight to Pelješac via state road D8.

What to do during your stay at Peljesac?

As a world-renowned red wine region, Peljesac offers great wine-tasting tours in addition to exquisite local cuisine. You can visit some of the popular wineries like Madirazza, Matusko, Dingac, Saint Hills, and others. The wines Dingac and Postup got their name after the slopes on the sunny southern sides of the island.

Peljesac is a very popular place for people who like water sports, especially windsurfing and kite-surfing. The seaside village of Viganj hosts a variety of windsurfing regattas, competitions, and championships.

Hikers will enjoy the benefits of the beautiful nature of Sveti Ilija Hill and the view of the entire South Adriatic Sea. Also, on Peljesac you can find many suitable trails for mountain biking and trekking.

Day Trips from Peljesac

Day Trip to Odysseus Cave on Mljet Island

Day Trip to Odysseus Cave on Mljet Island

For day trips from Peljesac, we recommend visiting Dubrovnik Old Town, Korcula Archipelago, Odysseus Cave, and Mljet Island or you can visit Hvar town and Pakleni Islands Archipelago. All of those choices offer a great time and lovely sights. Also, the beautiful island of Korcula is just a short ferry ride from Orebic. The Old City of Mostar and the Kravice Waterfall in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina are also destinations worth visiting.

As the Peljesac Bridge has been built, it is easy to travel from Peljesac to Dubrovnik now without border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Peljesac Sightseeing

When you are exploring Peljesac, be sure to include a visit to the Ston Walls, which rank as the world's second-largest fortified wall structure, following only the Great Wall of China.

The Ston Walls were originally constructed to protect the saltworks, another fascinating attraction worth exploring while on Peljesac. Despite enduring damage from multiple earthquakes over the years, these historic walls have been restored and are open for visitors to explore. In fact, there is even an annual event called the Ston Wall Marathon, which takes place in September and involves a race that partially includes these impressive fortifications.

Peljesac Saltworks

Peljesac Saltworks

What is Pelješac also known for?

Peljesac, other than the above-mentioned world-renowned red wine region with superb wine, Pelješac is also known for its oyster farms, farmed in Malostonski Bay, which is an unavoidable dish in some of the Pelješac fine-dining restaurants.

Enjoying wine on Peljesac

Enjoying wine on Peljesac

Restaurants on Peljesac

  • Bota Sare is a restaurant located in Mali Ston by the sea. Their specialties are oysters and Dalmatian authentic food in general.
  • Bakus Tavernis also located in Ston – it is known for its seafood, mussels in particular.
  • Kapetanova Kuca is another famous restaurant located in Mali Ston. This restaurant has 2 specialties and they are risotto and Ston cake.
  • Saint Hills Winery- another great place, situated in inner Peljesac. They grow their vegetables and spices for use in the restaurant. The food is best served with their lovely wines.
  • Agrotourism Fidovic Hodilje Located in Hodilje, this is a must-visit fine dining restaurant. It offers beautiful views with delicious meals.
  • TavernKarmela "K1" This family-run tavern offers you traditional Croatian seafood while sitting over water.

Beaches on Peljesac

Peljesac Beach

Peljesac Beach

  • Beach Divna is a hidden gem with a more remote and untouched feel. It is located near the village of Zaton Doli and offers a peaceful escape with crystal-clear waters and a pebble beach.
  • Beach Prapratno is one of the most famous beaches at Pelješac. The beach is located near the village of Prapratno and offers great swimming and sunbathing opportunities.
  • Trstenica Beach is located in the town of Orebic and is one of the most family-friendly beaches on the peninsula. It has shallow waters, making it safe for swimming, and it is lined with bars and restaurants for refreshments.
  • Mokalo Beach- Situated within the charming village of Mokalo, you will discover this enchanting beach. This delightful beach gem has a unique blend of sandy and fine pebble parts.
  • Žuljana Beach- Zuljana is a charming village on Pelješac with a lovely beach. This beach is known for its natural beauty, calm waters, and a background of rich green hills.
  • Viganj Beach, located between Viganj and Kucisce this beach serves as a top site for kite surfers and windsurfers. During the summer, a strong refreshing wind Maestral blows here every afternoon, so it is a delight for all windsurfers. Peljesac bridge

Peljesac bridge

Weather on Peljesac

Summer is the peak of the tourist season in Croatia and the weather is hot and sunny. The temperatures range from 25°C to 30°C in June and can soar to 30°C to 35°C or higher in July and August.

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