Croatian Villas for Rent

Croatian Villas for Rent

List of top Croatian villas for rent with VIP Concierge Service. We have 1.800+ reviews and a 4,8 rating. We also offer a travel cancelation insurance option.

Choose Croatian villas for an amazing vacation! From Dubrovnik to Istria, our personally inspected and high-quality holiday homes will satisfy all tastes. Whether it is a beachfront villa, a luxury holiday house, or a family-friendly villa, we have your ideal accommodation (many include special offers). Get in touch with a VIP Holiday Booker's Villa Specialist team to find the perfect villa in Croatia tailored to your wishes or book online.

Featured Croatian Villas for Rent in 2024

Luxury Villa Glass with Pool

Okrug Gornji (Trogir), Croatia
10 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Beachfront Villa Anemona with Pool

Kaštel Stari (Trogir), Croatia
10 guests
5 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Ole with Pool

Rijeka (Rijeka), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Beachfront Villa Ines with Pool

Kaštel Štafilić (Trogir), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Diamond Two with Pool

Rogoznica (Primošten), Croatia
8 guests
3 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Cippico XXII with Pool

Kaštel Stari (Trogir), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Croatia Luxury Travel Guide

How to get to Croatia (flights to Croatia and highways)?

Coastal Croatia is excellently connected with rest of the Europe and frequent flights are available from almost every major city and overseas country, especially during the holiday season (from May to October).

In Dalmatia, there are 3 international airports, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik. Travelers can also use the airport on Brac Island for some international and charter flights. In Istria, there is one international airport in Pula, but guests can also use the airport on Krk Island which is connected to the mainland.

The entire country is well connected with the network of highways and state roads that offer breathtaking scenery while driving. The islands are well connected withcar ferries and fast ferries.

Weather in Croatia

Coastal Croatia (including the islands) has a Mediterranean climate. This means warm and dry summers. Winters are milder and wetter. The Adriatic coast, including popular destinations like Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Pula, and Zadar, is ideal for summer vacations due to its sunny weather and warm sea temperatures.

What to do on your villa holidays in Croatia?

Krka National Park

Krka National Park

The country that has 8 National and 11 Nature parks and over 1200-year-old history has a lot to offer to its guests.

Sightseeing in Croatia

There are many more, but these are the most popular historic sites along the coast we recommend you to visit during your villa holidays:

The Pula Amphitheater: One of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world, Pula's Arena stands as evidence of Croatia's ancient Roman history. Once a place for gladiatorial combats, it now hosts various events and concerts, blending the old and the new.

St. James Cathedral in Sibenik: situated in the heart of Sibenik's Old Town, it is a treasured UNESCO monument. Its best feature is the collection of 71 sculpted human faces on its exterior. These faces are unique, each one portraying an unknown individual from that time, capturing the essence of the Sibenik people of the time. For fans of Game of Thrones, it is important to note that this cathedral served as the setting for the Iron Bank in the series' fifth season.

Trogir Old Town: Trogir's historic center is a mix of Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Encircled by medieval walls, its well-preserved buildings and narrow streets tell the tales of the town's rich past.

Diocletian's Palace in Split: This huge Roman palace complex, constructed for Emperor Diocletian, is the heart of Split's Old Town. With its labyrinthine streets, ancient monuments, and underground cellars, the palace is a living monument, home to many residents and vibrant shops and restaurants.

Dubrovnik City Walls and Old Town: Dubrovnik, the "Pearl of the Adriatic," is best known for its city walls and historic old town. Walking along the fortified walls offers panoramic views of the Adriatic and the terracotta roofs of the city. The Old Town, another UNESCO site, boasts a treasure mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.

Dubrovnik Old Town and City Walls

Dubrovnik Old Town and City Walls

Top 5 restaurants in coastal Croatia including the islands

Here are some of the top renowned restaurants in Croatia you should visit while staying in a Croatian villa:

360º Restaurant in Dubrovnik: it is located within the city walls. This is a Michelin-starred restaurant that combines local ingredients and innovative techniques.

Pelegrini Restaurant in Sibenik: another Michelin-starred place, Restaurant Pelegrini offers a blend of traditional Dalmatian cuisine with modern twists.

Restaurant Monte-Rovinj: recognized as a Michelin-star restaurant, Monte blends local ingredients with global inspirations.

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar in Split: inspired by the vibrant ambiance of La Boqueria in Barcelona, this place offers a mix of Dalmatian classic and contemporary dishes.

LD Restaurant on Korcula: located in a boutique hotel in Korcula's old town, LD Restaurant focuses on fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients.

LD Restaurant on Korcula Meal presentation

LD Restaurant on Korcula

Beaches in Croatia

Here are the top 5 beaches in Croatia you should visit once you get tired on your holiday villa's private pool:

Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), Brac Island: Often featured on postcards, this iconic pebble beach changes shape with the tides and currents. Its horn-like shape, clear waters, and background of green pines make it a favorite for many.

Banje Beach, Dubrovnik: Offering a panoramic view of Dubrovnik's historic Old Town and its city walls, this beach is a mix of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Stiniva Cove, Vis Island: Awarded the title of Europe's best beach in the past, its dramatic cliffs and secluded ambiance make it a must-visit. Accessible primarily by boat, it offers a sense of discovery.

Punta Rata Beach, Brela: Famous for its pristine waters, pebbled shores, and the iconic Brela Stone, this beach is set against a background of pines, adding to its allure.

Saharun Beach, Dugi Otok: Known for its powdery sand and turquoise waters, this beach exudes a laid-back island charm and is a perfect escape from the crowds.

Day trips during your Croatian holiday

As we already mentioned Croatia has 8 National parks. We will name just a few that are the most interesting to our guests as they are near the holiday destinations where our villas are located. Thus, they are perfect for day trips from our family villas or villas for groups.

National Park Plitvice

National Park Plitvice

Plitvice Lakes National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Plitvice is renowned for its cascading lakes that form amazing waterfalls. The interplay of water, rock, and vegetation creates a captivating landscape, drawing visitors from all around the world. Its water, shimmering in shades of azure and green, offers a mesmerizing experience year-round.

Krka National Park: Located along the Krka River, this park is a place for those seeking waterfalls and rich biodiversity. The park's best feature is the series of seven waterfalls, with Skradinski Buk being the most famous. Visitors can take boat tours or walk the wooden pathways to immerse themselves in its natural richness.

Kornati National Park: An archipelago of 89 islands, islets, and reefs, Kornati is a paradise for marine enthusiasts. Dominated by raw beauty, the majority of the park is marine, with scattered karstic islands. Its underwater world, pristine sea, and uninhabited isles make it a must-visit for sailors, divers, and nature lovers.

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