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Check our collection of villas in Istria and spend your vacation in the “new Tuscany”, Istria, has a scenic coastline with charming seaside towns, beautiful beaches, and islands, while its inland has picturesque hills and historic hilltop villages. Choose from designer villas, luxurious vacation houses, beach villas, and countryside holiday homes with pools all over Istria.

Featured Villas with pool in Istria for 2024/2025

Luxury Villa Majestic with Pool

Labin (Rabac), Croatia
10 guests
5 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Borealis with Pool

Ližnjan (Pula), Croatia
9 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Titanium with Pool

Kaštelir (Poreč), Croatia
10 guests
5 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Aurealis with Pool

Ližnjan (Pula), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Infinity with Pool

Rabac (Rabac), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Villa Opulence with Pool

Baderna (Poreč), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Moonstone with Pool

Funtana (Poreč), Croatia
10 guests
5 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Perfecta with Pool

Labin (Rabac), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Villa La Vie with Pool

Medulin (Pula), Croatia
10 guests
5 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Vacation in Istria

Plan your next stay in Istria with the help of our travel guide. Find out everything you need to know about the region of Istria, what to do, visit, where to eat, and more!

Why Choose Istria for Your Villa Holidays

Istria is one of the most popular destinations for vacation in Croatia.  Even the ancient Romans called it "terra magica" or “magic land”. Nowadays, travel guides affectionately name Istria as Croatian Tuscany.

This coastal paradise stretches along more than 500 kilometers of coastline. Many picture-perfect towns, coves, and beaches attract seaside lovers. 

Brijuni National Park, the Lim Channel, and Cape Kamenjak draw visitors from all over the world. And they represent only part of the wealth of this beautiful region.

On the other hand, the Istrian inland is rich in green hills and valleys. Medieval towns and hilltop villages stand out with their historic charm.

Gastronomy and local production are at an enviable level. So here you can enjoy the finest specialties. First-class wines, olive oil, and truffles come from the fertile land directly to the table.

Although summer is the peak of the season, as in the rest of Croatia, Istria is trendy throughout the year. Plenty of events and thematic festivals are taking place all over the peninsula. The weather is favorable for outdoor activities, especially from spring to late autumn.

Traveling to Istria

Istria is the westernmost part of Croatia. This largest Croatian peninsula has a triangular shape. It is immersed in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea and sits near Italy, Slovenia, Germany, and Austria. Thus, visitors from nearby European countries very often travel to Istria by car.

Thanks to the great network of highways, it is very well connected with the rest of Croatia.

Besides, you can easily fly to Istria.

The region’s international airport, Pula Airport (PUA) is just 5 km from Pula city. You can reach any place on the peninsula in less than 1 hour's drive.

For arriving by private jet, you can check flying into Vrsar or Medulin Sports Airport.

Furthermore, you can check airports nearby. The nearest are Rijeka (RJK) and Trieste (TRS). It takes about a 1 to 1.5-hour driving distance to reach Istria. Next, you can opt to fly into Zagreb Airport (ZAG), Ljubljana (LJU), and Venice (VCE). Latter airports are between 2-3 hours driving distance.

Venice, Italy, is also connected by a direct catamaran connection with the town of Porec.

Umag Old Town on Istrian Coast

Umag Town on Istrian Coast

What is the Best Time to Visit Istria

Istria has a Mediterranean climate, making it a year-round destination.

Spring in Istria brings milder temperatures and blooming landscapes. It's a great time for outdoor activities, sightseeing, and enjoying the blossoming nature.

Summer is the peak season with warm and sunny weather. It's ideal for beach activities, water sports, and exploring the seaside.

Autumn is pleasant with decreasing temperatures and fewer crowds. It's a good season for wine enthusiasts as it coincides with the grape harvest. The sea is still pleasant for swimming.

Winters are mild along the coast, but inland areas may experience colder periods. Coastal towns remain active, offering a quieter atmosphere. If you prefer a more relaxed visit, then a winter getaway in Istria may suit you perfectly.

The coast of Istria

Istrian Coast

Sights and Attractions in Istria

The Arena of Pula - Pula Amphitheatre

The most iconic landmark of Istria, Pula Amphitheatre, is one of the six well-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world. Once hosted gladiator fights, now stands out as a unique open-air venue.

Euphrasian Basilica in Porec

Visit Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This architectural masterpiece is known for its stunning mosaics and rich historical significance. It is a must-visit for those seeking a glimpse into the cultural and artistic heritage of the region.

Rovinj Old Town

Rovinj Old Town is a charming gem with cobblestone streets and colorful facades. It exudes a romantic coastal ambiance.

Brijuni National Park

Explore the Brijuni Islands, a national park with Roman ruins, a safari park, and beautiful landscapes. It consists of 14 islets, scattered in the sea only 3 kilometers from the western coast of Istria.

Cape Kamenjak

Enjoy the natural beauty of Cape Kamenjak a scenic nature reserve at the very south of Istria. It boasts a rugged coastline, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters.


Visit Motovun, a picturesque hilltop town in the heart of Istria.  It is renowned for its well-preserved city walls and cobblestone streets.   This petite town is not only a visual delight but also a gastronomic haven. Make sure to taste local truffles and wines that add a flavorful touch to the overall experience. 


Another charming hilltop town in Istrian inland we recommend visiting is Groznjan. Known as the "Town of Artists," it beckons visitors with its artistic flair and medieval charm.

Lim Channel

With its serene beauty and unique geography, Lim Channel is a must-visit in Istria. This winding fjord-like inlet 12 km long is located between Vrsar and Porec. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers and those seeking a tranquil escape.

Parenzana Bike Trail

For cyclists, we recommend exploring the Parenzana Bike Trail. It is an old railway route. This trail provides a unique way to explore the Istrian countryside on two wheels.

Cycling in Istria

Cycling in Istria

Baredina Cave

Baredine Cave is the first Istrian speleological site open to visitors. It is just a 15-minute drive from Porec. The guided tour shows you the captivating underground world.

Aquaparks in Istria

Istria has exciting aquaparks for water-based entertainment. Favorites among visitors are Istralandia and Aquacolors. These aquaparks offer thrilling water slides and refreshing pools. They are perfect for families with kids. Plan a visit to one of the aquaparks in Istria for a day of family fun and aquatic enjoyment.

Tours and Excursions in Istria

1. Istrian Riviera Yacht Cruise

Charter skippered yacht for a day out on the sea with your family and friends. We recommend a cruise route from Rovinj to Lim Channel and the Vrsar or Brijuni archipelago.

2. Truffle Hunting Tour

In the heart of Istria is the lush Motovun forest, which is abundant with truffles. Join a local guide and their truffle-hunting dogs. We recommend a private tour with the local families Karlic and Prodan.  The tour ends with a delicious truffle-themed lunch.

Food in Motovun Istria

3. Tastes of Istria

Discover the true flavors of Istria on a gastronomic tour with a private guide. Take the tour through picturesque villages to family farms that cherish tradition in the production of olive oil, honey, and wine.

4. Wine Tasting Tour 

Visit one of the famous Istrian wineries for a wine tasting. Take a walk-through scenic vineyard and engage with passionate winemakers. Savor a variety of local wines, including the renowned Malvasia and Teran.

5. Kayak Tour around Cape Kamenjak

Explore the hidden coves and bays of Cape Kamenjak on a guided kayak tour.

6. Boat Tour to Brijuni Archipelago 

Take a boat ride to the Brijuni Islands, a National Park renowned for its natural beauty and historical significance. 

7. Postojna Cave Park Day Trip

Postojna Cave is a nature reserve located in neighboring Slovenia. It is less than 2 hours drive from Istria. From the moment you step inside, a captivating underground adventure awaits you there.

8. Day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park from Istria

Although not in Istria, Plitvice Lakes is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a stunning natural wonder. It's a longer day trip, but the cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes are worth the journey.

9.  Sunset Cruise and Dolphin Watching 

If you are looking for a special experience on your vacation in Istria, we recommend a sunset cruise. Embark to the waters outside Rovinj with the experienced captain. The chances of spotting dolphins and enjoying watching them play are huge.

10.  Istrian Small Towns Sightseeing 

Take a road tour on the western coast of Istria and visit several charming seaside towns in one day trip. We recommend visiting Vrsar, Porec, and Rovinj.

A somewhat different experience awaits you on the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula.   Combine a visit to Labin, a medieval hilltop town with narrow streets and art galleries, with a trip to Rabac. Latter is a coastal town known for its beautiful beaches.

Istrian Gastronomy

The region of Istria is often called the Croatian Pantry. The most famous product is extra virgin olive oil, often called liquid gold. Istria is also a home to some of the world-class wines. The Adriatic Sea is a source of fresh fish, shrimps, and shells. Next, Istria is famous for autochthonous Istrian Boskarin cattle and handmade pasta. Finally, truffles come as the icing on the cake. The white truffle is especially prized.

The influence of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine is visible on the menus. Furthermore, there is a strong dedication to the refinement of traditional meals. Modern culinary techniques and fine dining are also on the rise.

Best restaurants in Istria

If you are planning your visit to Istria any time soon, have a look at our list of best restaurants in Istria below.

  • Monte is a one-star Michelin Restaurant in Rovinj.
  • Zigante in village Livade presents the best truffle meals in the world.
  • Damir i Ornella in Novigrad offers an Istrian Sushi experience.
  • Viking in the Lim of Bay is renowned for fresh oysters and seafood.
  • Batelina in Banjole is a family-run traditional fisherman tavern.
  • San Rocco in the village of Brtonigla combines countryside vibes with modern cuisine.

Istrian Wines and Wineries  

The Istria region in Croatia is known for producing high-quality wines. Cultivated vineyards are almost over the entire peninsula.

Although, the best wines come from the grapes grown in the area near the small towns of Buje and Momjan.

The indigenous white wine is Malvasia Istarska and the indigenous red is Teran.

Viticulture and winemaking are at a high level nowadays. So, in Istria, you can taste some remarkable wines at almost every stop on the wine road.

Here we bring you the shortlist of the best wineries in Istria, well worth a visit. 

  • Kabola Winery is focused on producing organic wines, from grapes coming from vineyards in the Momjan winegrowing region. Their Moscat, Malvasia Istarska, and Teran are the pillars of their offer.
  • Kozlovic Winery and vineyards are in the valley Vale in the Momjan region, close to Buje. The winery and wine-tasting rooms stand out with modern design. You can enjoy Kozlovic wines paired with tasty snacks and exciting views of the vineyards.
  • Coronica Winery is located close to Umag. They produce native wines, Istrian Malvasia na Teran. Also, they produce international wines Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
  • Roxanich Winery  is based in Motovun, in the heart of Istria. It is renowned for its artisanal approach to winemaking. With a focus on natural and organic practices, Roxanich produces distinctive wines. reflecting the region's rich terroir and a commitment to quality.

Beaches in Istria

With its rugged coastline, Istria boasts a variety of beaches to suit every preference. Check out the best beaches in Istria below.

Limes bay in IstriaBay of Lim, Istria

Bay of Lim, Istria 

  • Hawaii Beach in Pula is a charming small white pebble beach hidden by cliffs. Accessible via 4 minutes walk it features crystal-clear waters. Positioned facing south, it enjoys sunlight throughout most of the day.
  • Bijeca Beach is the most famous sandy beach in Medulin.  Spanning over 1 km, it caters to those seeking a sandy coastline and shallow waters. With a gentle entry into the sea, it's perfect for families with children.
  • Lanterna Beach in Rabac is a long pebble beach perfect with stunning views. It provides a relaxing setting for sunbathing and swimming.
  • Cape Kamenjak in Premantura boasts many hidden bays and diverse beaches within a protected park.  Here you can find both sandy shores for families and rocky areas for sunbathing. It is ideal for those seeking a more adventurous seaside experience.
  • Blue and Green Lagoon are in Porec. These lagoons offer shallow, turquoise waters and rocky and pebble shores. They are great for families with children and those who enjoy snorkeling.
  • Lone Beach is a pebble beach near the popular town of Rovinj. It offers crystal-clear waters and is surrounded by a pine forest, providing shade and a pleasant atmosphere. 
  • Sol Polynesia Katoro Beach is a well-maintained, family-friendly beach near Umag. It has both sandy and rocky sections, and amenities such as beach bars and water sports facilities.
  • Karpinjan Beach in Novigrad is a pebble beach with clear waters. It has a promenade with cafes and restaurants, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Where to Stay in Istria 

Check out some of the best areas to stay in Istria for your vacation. We recommend our villas with pools and these are the destinations:

Rovinj is a charming coastal town. It is a popular destination with a romantic atmosphere, cobblestone streets, and a picturesque old town.

Poreč is another attractive destination in Istria. The waterfront area is lively, and accommodations here often provide easy access to the beaches and entertainment options.

The largest city in Istria, Pula boasts historical landmarks such as the Roman amphitheater.

Located in the northwestern part of Istria, Umag is known for its sports and recreational activities, including tennis and golf. Here you can find a mix of relaxation and outdoor activities.

For a more rural and tranquil experience, stay in the hilltop town of Motovun. This area is known for its stunning views of the surrounding countryside and is a great base for exploring Istria's inland regions.

If you're interested in exploring Istria's interior, Pazin is a good central location. It has a castle, caves, and a charming old town, and it provides a quieter experience away from the coastal crowds.

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