Dalmatia Wine and Dine Experience

Taste the Flavors of Dalmatia: Wine and Dine Experience

Picture yourself surrounded by rolling vineyards, basking in the warm glow of the setting sun. As you take a sip of rich, velvety wine, you taste the essence of Dalmatia in every drop. The flavors dance on your tongue, complemented by the soft rustle of leaves and the sound of the sea in the distance.

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A Hidden Gem in Dalmatia's Wine Paradise

This experience can be yours at Kairos Vineyard, where you can sample the finest eco-certified wines of Dalmatia.

large wooden barrels

A beautiful display of large wooden barrels lining the walls of a wine cellar

Inspired by the discovery that the world-famous Zinfandel grape variety is actually the Dalmatian Crljenak, the owners of this vineyard aimed to be among those who bring the Crljenak-Zinfandel grape back to its homeland after centuries of oblivion.vineyard

A panoramic shot of rolling vineyard, backed by a vibrant blue sky

Located above the town of Trogir, only 15 minutes away from the airport and the highway, they offer a peaceful setting that many have forgotten exists.

grape clusters

An up-close view of grape clusters growing on a vine, basking in the Mediterranean sun

They have an open-air bar situated at the top of the vineyard, and a stone house with a large terrace tucked away in the corner of the vineyard.

They offer all of the Kairos wines and have no neighbors in sight.outdoor seating area

A peaceful, outdoor seating area surrounded by vineyards, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine and some relaxation

Visiting this vineyard is a must for all tourists staying in Trogir, Čiovo, Split, and the surrounding areas.

During the summer months, it is best to visit the vineyard after 6:00 PM to catch the sunset, as it can be too hot during the daytime. wine bottles

A close-up of wine bottles

Private groups are welcome, or individuals can join a larger group (with a tour size ranging from 8 to 25 people).

With an entire hill to itself, the vineyard is quite spacious.winery

A picturesque view of a winery

The setting is tranquil and peaceful, serving as a stark contrast to the frenzied atmosphere of the coastal region below.

Typically, visitors come to partake in guided wine tastings or attend special events hosted at the vineyard.grapevines

A close-up of the grapevines

The ancient Greek concept of "Kairos" which signifies the perfect time to take action, was utilized to convey the idea of the existence of the ideal time and place for every action that individuals undertake.toasting glasses

A group of friends gathered around a table, toasting glasses of crisp wine in a vineyard

However, the challenge that remains is how to recognize and seize that moment.seating area

An outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine and some relaxation

The aspiration is that the perfect moment was grasped when the decision was made to establish a vineyard and produce wines.

The aim of this vineyard is to guarantee that those who sample the wines encounter their personal "Kairos," feeling as if they have seized the opportune moment.Work in the vineyard

Work in the vineyard

Come and experience the beauty of the Dalmatian vineyard with a guided tour and wine tasting.

Indulge in the rich flavors of exceptional wines and savor complimentary finger food while taking in the stunning scenery.grape cluster

Close-up of grape cluster

Available every Wednesday and Thursday from May to October, with Fridays available upon request. The tour lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and transportation can be arranged for an additional fee.

We also give you a choice of accommodation in this area.

Enjoying the outdoors Immerse yourself in the world of wine and gastronomy with the Wines and Bites experience at Kairos Vineyard.

Indulge in a delightful wine tasting with perfectly paired Dalmatian finger food and take a guided tour through the vineyard.

Enjoying the outdoors

Wine tasting in Kairos's vineyard

The wine tasting features a trio of eco-certified labels, including the Kairos rose 2020, the Kairos Crljenak/Zinfandel 2016, and the Kairos cuvee 2013, which is a unique blend of Plavac Mali, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Tempranillo.

As you sip and savor, you'll be surrounded by the stunning landscape of the vineyard, where six varieties of red grapes are grown, including two indigenous to Dalmatia.Grape harvest

Grape harvest

The Crljenak (known as Zinfandel around the world) and Plavac mali grapes are well known for their unique character and depth of flavor.

The other four varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Tempranillo, add an international touch to the wine selection.grapevine leaves

A macro shot of grapevine leaves

With its perfect pairing of wine and finger food, and the breathtaking scenery of the vineyard, the Wines and Bites experience at Kairos Vineyard is truly a feast for the senses.

How to get to the vineyard

Located in peaceful Plano, Trogir, Kairos vineyard offers a tranquil escape from the city.wine tastingA group of people participating in a guided wine tasting

The vineyard is conveniently close to nearby towns, with Trogir Old Town just 7 km away and Split City Centre only 25 km away.

The vineyard is also easily accessible from Split airport, located just 7 km away.

However, guests should keep in mind that the access road is partly dirt, so it's recommended to wash your car after visiting.

The road to the vineyard

The road to the vineyard

Upon arriving at the vineyard, guests can expect a warm welcome from their concierge agent, who can provide transportation to and from the vineyard if needed. If you want to book your appointment, you can do it now.

Optional: Wine and Dine Experience

Elevate your wine-tasting experience with a 3-course meal paired with Kairos Vineyard's exquisite wines.

Bottles of wine

Bottles of wine

Available for private groups on request, with a minimum of 8 participants. Lunch and dinner services are available on Fridays from May to October.

View in front of the stone house

View in front of the stone house

During this experience, guests will have the opportunity to taste three eco-certified wine labels, including Kairos Rose 2020, Kairos Cuvee 2013, and Kairos Crljenak /Zinfandel 2016. These wines will be paired with a delectable three-course meal that highlights the best of local Dalmatian cuisine.

picturesque landscape

A stunning aerial view of the vineyard's winding rows of grapevines, creating a unique and picturesque landscape

The Wine and Dine experience is led by the head of the company or manager of the vineyard, who will guide you through the vineyard, sharing their knowledge and passion for winemaking. The event is conducted in English, and the estimated duration is approximately 1h 30 min.

Please note that transportation to and from the vineyard is not included in the price.

Vineyard surrounded by nature

Vineyard surrounded by nature

The last few miles of the access road are dirt road, so your car may need some cleaning after the tour.

The Wine and Bites tour, which includes wine tasting with finger food and a guided tour around the vineyard, is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:00, 13:00, and 18:00 from May to October.

grapevineA perfectly manicured grapevine

The tour is open to a minimum of 8 guests and a maximum of 25 guests.

 wine bottles

An array of wine bottles

The tasting room is exclusively for your group, but the vineyard is open to the arrival of other guests as well.

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