Influencers in Croatia with VIP Holiday Booker

Influcencers in Croatia

VIP Holiday Booker is slowly becoming a brand in the villa rental world as far as the villas in Croatia are concerned. Each couple of days we get inquiries from influencers who wish to book villas in Croatia with our agency.

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Veronika Bielik in our Villa Blue Heaven on Korcula

Recently we have had an Instagram celebrity Veronika Bielik in one of our villas on Korcula island. Feel free to check her video if you are interested in how to build an Instagram profile from 0 to 1.9M followers without using any bots:

If on the other hand, you are interested in the villa she rented from VIP Holiday Booker you can find it at the following link: Villa Blue Heaven Korcula. Ms. Veronika says about this villa that it is magical and right by the sea.

Villa Blue Heaven Korcula

Villa Blue Heaven Korcula

This is her verified review of our villa from

Weronika Bielik's Review of the Beachfront Villa Blue Heaven Korcula

She also gave our agency 5 stars and this is what she wrote about us: „Very quick responses, perfect organization, and service on the highest level“.

Veronika Bielik's next trip to Croatia

Soon Veronika Bielik is coming again to Croatia. She and her team will spend a week in our New Horizons Resort on the island of Murter.

New Horizons Resort Murter

New Horizons Resort Murter

We have already written about this wonderful resort which is situated near many summer festivals among which are the Garden summer festival, Outlook, and Dimensions also. These festivals have been postponed for next year, but if you are interested to read more about them and the resort you can find it in our blog: Outlook and Dimensions Festivals in Croatia in 2020.

See the story one of Ms. Weronika's team members recently posted in her Instagram stories. This is Annie Buby also popular Instagirl from Slovenia and one of Mrs. Weronika's coordinators for Croatia.

Annie Buby Instastory About coming to Croatia

Annie Buby's Instastory about coming to Murter

But let us continue with the star of our story Ms. Veronika.

A bit more about our star

She is a law graduate and she works as an Influencer and a model. On Instagram, she promotes fitness and healthy lifestyle. Actually she is one of the most popular Influencers from Poland with almost 3 million followers worldwide.

She has been to Croatia several times and can't wait to return. Just check the photo below from her profile:

Veronika Bielik in Croatia

Veronika Bielik can't wait to return to Croatia

Furthermore, Ms. Weronika is a big fan of Game of Thrones so she visited King's landing of course during her last visit to Croatia which is our city of Dubrovnik. We have already written about Dubrovnik as King's Landing and other places in Croatia that doubled as places from the popular series Game of Thrones. Read all about it on our blog: Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Croatia.

She stated that she adores night walks in our beautiful Dalmatian cities. Furthermore, she likes the fact that we in Dalmatia have a special slow-motion way of life and that we enjoy life maximally. She experienced it on Korcula as well where she was treated like a true celebrity as she really is.

Our favorite Instagirl came to Croatia by car. She has traveled for 18 hours but she says it was worth it! This is how she loves our country. Next time she is taking a direct flight from Warsaw to Split and then continues to Murter.

Other Influencers in Croatia

A recent update is that several other Influencers are also coming to Murter with her: Natalia Karczmarczyk and Agata Fak. These celebrities are famous are YouTubers as well. Here is one of their videos: Typical woman on holiday by Natalia Karczmarczyk.

We believe that this is going to be an interesting week full of Influencers in Croatia. We will keep you updated about their stay on our social media profiles. So, stay tuned and follow us on social media!

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