Luxury City Break Primosten

Luxury City Break in Primosten, Croatia

The next couple of days our travel bloggers spent in Villa Tela near Primosten and Sibenik. Primosten is known as one of the most photogenic destinations in Croatia. Just check the view of the Old Town from the beach or the hills nearby and you will understand why.

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Our travel bloggers visited Primosten beaches, the Old town of Primosten with its narrow streets and its restaurants. Finally, they took a trip to the Our Lady of Loreto statue above Primosten. Let's check their videos, photos, and experiences together.

Primosten beaches

Primosten is famous for its beaches. Velika Raduca (Town beach) and Mala Raduca are the most famous among them all. And our travel bloggers visited both.

Raduca Beach

Our travel blogger on Raduca Beach

Both are beaches with small pebbles and thus they are suitable for kids. Therefore many families choose Primosten for their luxury family vacation.

Kids Mala Raduca Primosten

Kids playing on Mala Raduca Beach

Thus on the beaches and near them, you will find plenty of activities for the whole family from water parks to trampolines and other fun stuff like castles and pedals.

Besides Mala Raduca beach has the best view of the Primosten peninsula where the Old town is situated.

View of Old Town from Mala Raduca Beach Primosten

View of Old Town from Mala Raduca Beach

Beach parasols are also there to keep you in the shade and sun loungers are for full relaxation with the view. But also there is natural shade from the pine forest next to the beach.

In the natural shade of the pine trees, you will find beach bars as well. Thus, young groups will not be disappointed in Primosten as well. 

Beach Volleyball Primosten

The field for beach volleyball 

There are also a couple of sports fields nearby, for football and for beach volleyball for sports enthusiasts.

Souvenir stalls and street performers can be found on the way from the beach to the Old town. 

Primosten Street Performer

Street performer

Sights in Primosten

Most sights are situated in or near the Old town. When you pass the gate to the Old town you arrive at the Square of Bishop Josip Arneric. The old town is full of narrow streets and restaurants.

Primosten Narrow Streets of the Old Town

Narrow Streets of the Old Town

Our recommendation for restaurants in Primosten is Restaurant Mediteran.

Restaurant Mediteran

This restaurant is situated in the very heart of Primosten as well.

Still, it provides privacy to its guests because it has a fully fenced courtyard. The house is made of stone and is traditionally Dalmatian. You will see all this if you check our video made in the restaurant.

There are indoor and outdoor seating places, large tables for groups, and intimate tables for two. Thus, they thought of everyone.  

Regarding the cuisine it is Dalmatian, but with a modern twist.

Restaurant Mediteran Primosten Cuisine

Dalmatian Cuisine with a modern twist

They are open for lunch and dinner and their specialties are domestic goat cheese gratin and prosciutto. There is also a great offer of fish meals such as octopus and Fisherman's broth and a variety of steaks as well.

Their wine and cocktail offer is rich. Meals are tastefully decorated.

Restaurant Mediteran Primosten Interior with wines

Interior with wine offer

All this combined with a world-class service makes this restaurant our recommendation for Primosten fine dining.

Church of St. George

When you leave Restaurant Mediteran and continue uphill you will get to the Church of St. George.

Kristijan near the Church of St. George Primosten

Our travel blogger near the Church of St. George

The Church has a beautiful view of the surrounding area and a park with benches next to it.

The View from St. George's Church Primosten

The View from St. George's Church

It has a clock tower and it culminates the peninsula and the area since it is situated at the top of the hill.

Church of St. Rocco

The church is situated just outside the Old town. It was built in honor of St Rocco for protection against the plague.

It has a park with benches and a fountain next to it. 

Park Primosten

Park near the Old Town

You can also take a photo with the Peasant statue which is nearby (like our travel bloggers did).

Peasant statue Primosten

Peasant statue and our travel blogger

Trips from Primosten

There are many options for trips from Primosten. Our influencers chose to visit Our Lady of Loreto Statue.  

Our Lady of Loreto

Our Lady of Loreto Statue Primosten

Our Lady of Loreto Statue

The statue lies on the hill called Gaj above Primosten. It can be reached by car, but on foot as well. Just avoid hot summer hours because of the sun.

The statue is tall and it faces the town for its protection as Our Lady of Loreto is the protector of Primosten since the old days when it protected the town from illnesses and plague.

Nearby you will find a coffee bar with a panoramic view of Primosten. Just take a look and see why Primosten is the most photogenic destination in Croatia (this was one of our previous blogs, feel free to check it if you are interested in more information about Primosten). 

Panoramic view of Primosten

Panoramic view of Primosten

Where to stay during your luxury city break in Primosten?

Villa Tela with Pool

Situated between Primosten and Sibenik this villa is ideal for a luxury city break with sightseeing. During their luxury city break, our travel bloggers visited Primosten. The best feature of this villa is definitively the sea view. Even from the pool. The pool is large.

Villa Tela Sibenik Pool

Valentina in the pool with the sea behind her

Next to the pool, there are sunbeds for relaxation after swimming. 

The lounge area and an egg chair are also outdoors.

Kristijan in an egg chair

Furthermore, the interior is warm with wooden beams at the ceiling and natural beige tones on the walls and furniture. It is also modern with modern art on the walls and chandeliers.

The living room has a large L-shaped sofa where you can relax.

Villa Tela Interior

Relaxing on the sofa

The kitchen and dining area are separated from the living room but are still connected by stairs and open space architecture.

There is even a working space with a cozy chair in case you need to work on your vacation.

Working in Villa Tela

Working on laptop

Finally, regarding the interior, there is a fireplace for a romantic atmosphere during your vacation.

The terrace is situated next to the living room and it has a lounge sitting area and a sea view.

There are 3 bedrooms in the villa all of them are cozy and with plenty of sunshine.

Plenty of sunshine in the bedroom Villa Tela

Plenty of sunshine in the bedroom

We already mentioned Villa Tela is close to Sibenik as well. Our travel bloggers visited Sibenik also and we will write about it in one of our future blog posts. So, stay tuned!

Next week we take you to the island of Brac.

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