Luxury Vacation on Brac Island

Luxury vacation on Brac Island

This week our influencers stayed on Brac island in a peaceful seaside town called Milna. From there they visited Sutivan and the village Skrip in Brac Hinterland. They continued to Vidova Gora and finally, they had a good time in Bol.

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Where to stay on Brac island?

We have many luxury villas on Brac island and our travel bloggers stayed in Luxury Villa Ellipse in Milna.

Luxury Villa Ellipse Milna

Villa Ellipse Milna Pool

Luxury Villa Ellipse with Pool

This is a seaside villa with a beautiful sea view, especially from the rooftop terrace. The terrace has sunbeds and lazy bags for total relaxation.

Villa Ellipse Milna Rooftop TerraceSea view from the rooftop terrace

The interior is modern with glass walls for the sea view even from the inside of the villa.

Villa Ellipse Milna Brac View from the Inside

Sea View from the inside of the villa

The living room, dining area, and kitchen are built according to the open space concept.

Villa Ellipse Milna Brac Open Space Concept

Open space concept of the Villa

The large dining table is perfect for a larger group. There are 5 bedrooms in the villa and they are spacious with plenty of sunshine and a sea view.

Villa Ellipse Milna Brac Bedroom

One of the bedrooms with plenty of sunshine

After our travel bloggers settled in the villa, they visited Restaurant Navigare which is our recommendation for Milna restaurants.

Where to eat in Milna?

Restaurant Navigare

This is a modern restaurant with a lovely view of the Milna harbor and spacious space for dining with glass walls that can be shaded and opened thus it transforms into an outdoor terrace.

Regarding meals fish and seafood are their forte, but grilled steaks and vegetables as well.

Check the atmosphere of the restaurant in the video our influences made:

Restaurant Navigare

Boat tour from Milna

From Milna, our travel bloggers took a private boat tour to the surrounding area by SeaYou Milna company.

Boat tour by SeaYou Milna

Boat tour by SeaYou Milna

The speedboat was spacious, skipper and crew were friendly.

SeaYou Boat Tour Company Friendly Crew

Friendly Crew of the SeaYou company

What is so special about these boat tours?

Brac Lighthouse

Lighthouse near Milna on Brac

You can see destinations that are difficult to reach in any other way like secluded bays and get to experience the most romantic sunsets.

Boat tour Brac Romantic Sunset

Romantic Sunset on the boat


The next stop of our influencers was Sutivan which is really beautiful with old Mediterranean houses with flower pots on the walls.

Mediterranean House in Sutivan

Mediterranean House with flower pots

It has a well-groomed downtown promenade which is perfect to take a photo with your loved one.

Sutivan Promenade

Sutivan Downtown Promenade

Our influencers also went to the beach Livka where they tried jet skiing which they rented at the Caffe Bar Macel.

Jetskiing Sutivan

Jetskiing in Sutivan

Brac Hinterland

Next was a stop to Brac hinterland where our travel bloggers visited a village named Skrip and its Museum of Oil.

Museum of Oil Brac Tastings

Oil tasting in the museum


This is actually the oldest settlement on the island.

Skrip Brac

Skrip Village

As we already mentioned there is a Museum of Oil there and our influencers visited it as well.

Museum of Oil organizes oil tastings and you can see what village life looked like in the past.

Museum of Oil Brac

Mediterranean way of life as it once was

After the museum, our travel bloggers continued their trip to Vidova Gora Hill. The road is curvy but the view is worth it.

Vidova Gora Hill

Vidova Gora is actually the highest point of all the islands in Croatia. As we already mentioned it is a great viewpoint with a view of the mainland and the neighboring islands. But the best photo is the one with Bol's Golden Cape beach in the background.

Vidova Gora Hill View of Bol Zlatni Rat Golden Cape Beach

Vidova Gora Hill View of Bol Zlatni Rat Golden Cape Beach

Many couples asked one another to marry there. Thus, if you plan to propose just make sure you bring a ring with you of course.

Couple on Vidova Gora Hill

Our travel bloggers on Vidova Gora Hill

The next stop on their trip was of course the town of Bol.

Bol Brac

Golden Cape Beach

Bol is interesting for many reasons but the most known one is the Golden Cape beach.

We have already written about Golden Cape beach.

Zlatni Rat Golden Cape Beach Bol

Zlatni Rat Golden Cape Beach Bol aerial view

Feel free to check our previous blog if you are interested in more details: The Guide to Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn) - the Most Air-photographed Beach in Croatia.

After the beach, our travel bloggers took a stroll to the center of the town. Once when it was time to eat they visited Tavern Riva which is our recommendation for Bol restaurants:

Tavern Riva Bol

It is a family restaurant with live music. Their cuisine is Dalmatian with a modern twist.

Video our influencers made in the Tavern Riva Bol

A few of their specialties are grilled fish, octopus, and lamb meat. They also have a rich offer of wines.

Furthermore, it is situated in the center of Bol. The restaurant is upstairs and there is a lovely terrace with a sea view.

Tavern Riva Bol

Terrace with live music

More information about Bol like where to go wine tasting and what else to see in and around Bol you can find in one of our previous blogs: Luxury Vacation in Bol.

Finally, our travel bloggers went partying and the best place for that in Bol is nightclub Varadero.

See how they partied and their other adventures on the island in this short video.

This rounds up their luxury vacation on Brac. Of course, there are many more locations to visit on Brac and you could stay there much longer. Next time our influencers will visit other places and we will tell you their story through pictures. So, like our posts and stay in touch on social media!

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