Luxury Vacation Hvar

Luxury Vacation in Hvar town on Hvar island

This week we follow our travel bloggers to another top destination in Croatia, Hvar. They will show you what to do, where to stay and eat and go on a day trip from Hvar. All accompanied by great photos they took. So, let us start with our luxury vacation on Hvar.

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Hvar sightseeing

While in Hvar our travel bloggers did plenty of sightseeing. Here are some of the sights they visited.

Hvar Pjaca

Pjaca is actually the largest town square in Dalmatia.

Hvar Pjaca

Hvar Pjaca with St. Stephen Cathedral in the background

On one side of it lies the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

St. Stephen Cathedral Hvar

And on the other side is the beginning of Riva. Riva seafront is perfect for walking or just sitting and gazing at the turquoise sea.

City Lodge / Loggia

Hvar Loggia

Hvar Loggia

City Lodge is also situated at the Pjaca, but on the other side from the St. Stephen Cathedral. You can admire its renaissance facade and the clock tower. At the beginning of the 20th century, it became a fancy hotel.

Arsenal and Public Theatre

Arsenal Hvar

Situated at the right side of the Pjaca looking from the sea and towards St. Stephen's Cathedral lies Arsenal. The first public theatre in Europe was opened in this building.

Franciscan Monastery

Actually, the Franciscan monastery lies near the villa where our travel bloggers stayed. Beach is also near the villa. You can reach it if you walk from Pjaca square over the Riva promenade and you come to it.

Statue of Sitting Fisherman near the Franciscan Monastery

Statue of Ivan Vucetic Foranin

The statue is situated on the other side of the Riva from the Monastery. Ivan Vucetic discovered dactyloscopy science about fingerprints and how to solve crimes from them.

Hanibal Lucic Museum in the Benedictine Monastery

The Museum is situated downtown and you can see the display of Hvar lace which is World famous and made from agave plants.

Park of Dr. Josip Avelini

Park is situated on the way to Fortica Fortress. The entrance is free and you can admire the town view.

Park of Dr. Josip Avelini Hvar

Park on the way to Fortica

Fortica Fortress

This is the major sight in Hvar and our travel bloggers visited it as well. The fortress is situated high up on the hill and it offers the best view of Hvar. Check the photo below and you will see it!

View from Hvar Fortica

View from Hvar Fortica

Hvar restaurants

Hvar has a lot of choices for fine dining. We have already written about some of them. Check out our previous blog Restaurants on Hvar island if you are interested in finding most of them.

For their Hvar visit, our travel bloggers chose Rozeta Sushi bar.

Rozeta Sushi Bar

The food presents a fusion of modernly decorated sushi with Dalmatian cuisine.

The design of the restaurant is also a mix of authentic stone walls with modern amenities.

Video of Rozeta Sushi Bar from

Another benefit is the terrace with outdoor seatings. Combined with the downtown location and friendly staff, this restaurant is really the best choice for Hvar dining.

Hvar nightlife

As you have already seen Hvar is full of historic monuments, churches, statues, and monasteries, but also vivid nightlife.

Hvar nightlife

Hvar nightlife

We have already written about Hvar nightclubs. Feel free to check the following blog if you are interested in more information: The Top FAQs about Hvar – Local Travel Guide.

Where to stay on Hvar island?

Luxury Villa Endless Dream

As we already mentioned villa is situated downtown and near the Franciscan Monastery. One of its greatest advantages is the view of Hvar, sea, and greenery. Even from the Jacuzzi.

Villa Endless Dream Hvar Jacuzzi

Villa Endless Dream Hvar Jacuzzi

There is also a shaded lounge area next to the Jacuzzi.

The pool can be heated. Our travel bloggers did not need to use this function of the pool, but it could come in handy if you plan to visit this villa out of the main season.

Sun loungers Villa Endless Dream Hvar

Ivona relaxing at the sun loungers by the pool daydreaming about her next Hvar adventure

Furthermore, this is a large villa for 12 guests and with 6 bedrooms. It spreads over several floors. It is tastefully decorated and traditional is mixed with the modern.

There is even a gym for exercise in the villa. Our travel blogger used a treadmill.

Gym in the Villa Endless Dream

Day trip from Hvar

There are many choices for day trips from Hvar. Our travel bloggers chose a day trip to Blue and Green cave and the Vis archipelago.

Blue Cave Vis

Blue Cave on Vis

Both caves are situated on Vis island so it is recommended for you to take a speedboat tour as our travel bloggers did. They booked a tour from Segorent Yachts with an experienced crew and new boats.

Group tour to Blue and Green Cave by Segorent Yachts

As you can see from the photos it was a group tour, but you can always book a private tour as well because then you can have a tailor-made tour just for you.

On the other hand, if you choose a group tour you will have a chance to meet new people.

Meeting new people

Meeting new people on a day tour from Hvar

Blue Cave

Blue Cave is situated on Bisevo, a small island near Vis. The sun enters the cave from the entrance below the water and makes it aquamarine blue. This is how the cave got its name.

Green Cave

Similar to Blue Cave the sun shines from the top and turns the walls of the cave green. There are two entrances to the cave and it is bigger than the Blue Cave.

Green Cave Vis

Green Cave Vis

Furthermore, this is a trip with swimming stops on beaches of the Vis archipelago.

Beach Vis archipelago

Swimming stop during the tour

As you can see this was really a day trip, but totally worth it!

Did you like our blog about a luxury vacation on Hvar?

Hvar narrow street

Hvar Mediterranean narrow street

This could be you next, or even this summer. Just send us your inquiry or book online one of our Hvar villas and get lost in Hvar's narrow stone streets. At least till the end of your vacation!

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