Luxury Vacation on Krk Island

Luxury vacation on Krk island

Planning a luxury vacation on Krk? Check this blog and find out interesting facts about Krk island, where to stay and what to eat, where to go swimming, and what to do. Be aware the amazing photos of the island will enchant you!

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Interesting facts about Krk

Krk is Croatia's largest island. It is connected by a long bridge with the mainland. Thus, it is easily reachable.

It is known as the cradle of Croatian culture because of the Baska tablet that was found here with the first mention of Croatia in history.

Baska Tablet

Baska Tablet by Hrvatska Enciklopedija fromfrom

Furthermore, it is special due to the healing mud that can be found in Soline bay. The sea is shallow there and the water is warm. Thus, it is perfect for a family vacation as well.

Villas on Krk island

Luxury Villa Stiletta

Villa Stiletta Krk

Villa Stiletta Krk

This is a 5-star villa with great views.

Villa Stiletta Krk View

Peaceful view from the villa

Its exterior and interior are modern. Villa consists of 3 bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms and access to the balcony with a pool view.

Villa Stiletta Krk Interior

Interior of the villa

Outdoors you will find an alfresco dining area with BBQ.

Krk beaches

Krk beaches

Krk beaches

The best beaches on Krk island are situated in Baska in the South. Therefore, Baska can be pretty crowded with families in the summer.

Baska Krk

The town of Baska

Vela Plaza

The main beach there is called Vela plaza. It is a pebble beach situated in town and it is 2 km long. The beach includes a kid's park and beach rentals for entertainment.

Stara Baska

Stara Baska was founded by the refugees from the Turks in Medieval times. The beach there is quite private and steep, thus, it is perfect for those who are looking for some privacy on their vacation.

Potovisce Beach

Our third choice is the Potovisce beach which is situated in the Vrbnik area. Beach is pebbly and quite far from Vrbnik. Thus, you should take a car or boat to go there.

Krk beach

One of the stunning beaches on Krk

Gastronomy on Krk

Mediterranean diet prevails on Krk.

Mediterranean Food

You simply must try prosciutto and olive oil. Furthermore, straw-colored dry white wine called Žlahtina is available only here. Thus, it is a must!

Seafood such as shellfish, scampi, and fish are all great here, but also you should try sheep cheese and local pasta noodles called Šurlice.

Marinated Seafood plate

Marinated Seafood plate

Regarding meat, lamb is so great that it is said that even Roman Emperor Nero used it!

Activities on Krk

Fans of speleology have a cave to visit Biserujka near Rudine village and Slivanjska Cove. Two caves are connected by trail with sea views. Just make sure to arrive early to the caves to avoid the crowd because the entrance and exit are the same.

Biserujka Cove Krk

Biserujka Cove by Wolfgang Glock from

Regarding other interesting activities, you can try wakeboarding, which is when a motor boat pulls you above the sea. Ziplining and boat tours are also popular.

Boat trip Krk

Krk Boat trip

Shipwrecks and scuba diving activity

There are 5 sunken vessels from Napoleonic times near Krk island. The most popular and easy to reach is the Greek boat Peltastis, but please do not go alone but use professional agencies to be safe.

Scuba diving Croatia

Scuba diving in Croatia

Sailing is also popular. We recommend Punat for beginners because it is naturally protected. It is situated in the East and enclosed by a bay.

There are about 300km of bicycle trails and hiking routes on Krk.

Krk Activities

Sports activities on Krk

Sights on Krk

Baska tablet

The first mention of Croatia was on the Baska tablet. It was discovered in Jurandvor, North of Baska in the church of St. Lucy. Baska tablet is the Declaration of King Zvonimir written in Glagolitic language.

Baska Glagolitic path

This is a set of sculptures each representing one letter from the Glagolitic alphabet that is present on Krk from the Middle Ages.

Glagolitic Alphabet

Glagolitic Alphabet by Harassek from

Town of Krk

Frankopan fortified square with towers is situated in the town of Krk. It is also a setting for summer concerts.

Krk Cathedral

First, it was a Roman bath with mosaics. Afterward, it was turned into a church.

Krk town with the cathedral

Town of Krk with the Cathedral

Baska aquarium

Baska aquarium is one of the good aquariums places in Croatia. You can see the sea horses there and the focus on the Adriatic sea.

Franciscian monastery

Visit the Franciscan monastery on the island of Kosljun near Punat. They have a rich library collection with Glagolitic artifacts.

Immortelle farm in Omišalj

Immortelle farm Omisalj

Immortelle farm in Omisalj

Unique immortelle farm in Omisalj is also good to visit. Did you know that ancient Greeks already used immortelle as anti-aging oil?

Nightclubs and entertainment

Volsonis Nightclub

Nightclub Volsonis is our recommendation because of its setting. There are two Venus altars and tombstones underground in ancient Roman catacombs and a garden with live music and cocktails above the ground. It is located in Krk old town.

Nightclub Volsonis Krk

Nightclub Volsonis Krk

Casa del Padrone

Our second recommendation for nightclubs is Casa del Padrone. It is a beach bar by Krk harbor with after-beach parties, DJs, cocktails, and massage treatments.

Porto Club

Finally, Porto club is situated on Baska Main beach. It is a club with live music.

Major events on Krk island

  1. In Vrbnik, you will witness the Zlahtina festival and Surlice pasta days in July, and Krk wine days in August. Razgon is a Shepards' custom. It happens on the first Sunday after St. Peter and Paul. It is the termination of sheep milking and their release to free grazing. There is a fair at that time.

Vrbnik Krk Island

Vrbnik Krk Island

  • An evening of ancient cuisine in Mid July in Omisalj. There you will see a Roman camp.
  • In Malinska, you have Cheese days made with sheep milk. It is held on the Day of Assumption (15.8.). There is a festival and a race for cheese.
  • There are Fig days in the town of Krk at the end of August and the beginning of September.
  • There are olive oil days in Punat. Tourists can experience olive harvesting, and participate in oil tasting and exhibitions.

Olive oil Tasting

Olive oil Tasting

  • Furthermore, worth mentioning are asparagus days in April, Lamb days from April to June, Squid days in October, and cod fish days in December. Then you can find different varieties of these ingredients in many of the Krk restaurants.

As you can see there are plenty of events on Krk island and you shall not be bored.

How to get to Krk island?

Finally, let us explain how to get to Krk island.

  • By car - as there is a bridge connecting Krk with the mainland, the island is reachable by car. In case you are using the highway make sure to exit at Ostrovice and proceed towards Krk.

Krk Bridge

Krk bridge

  • By Ferry - there is a ferry from Cres island. The ride takes about 25 minutes.
  • By plane - Krk has an airport that connects it with many of the European cities. For this reason, Krk is one of the most easily reachable islands in Croatia.

Krk on scooter

Krk on scooter

Did we interest you in spending a luxury vacation on Krk island? If yes, you shall not be disappointed. Tell us about your experience on social media using the #vipholidaybooker hashtag!

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