National Park Brijuni with Kids

The National Park Brijuni with Kids

Visit the National Park Brijuni, a picturesque series of islands and discover the untouched nature at its best! Spend quality time with your kids and enjoy many activities that this amazing place has to offer.

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Getting to Brijuni National Park

The Brijuni Islands are located in the south of the Istrian peninsula, north of the city of Pula. If you are traveling by car, you can park your car in one of the parking spaces or garages in in the small town of Fažana.

Boat from Fažana to National Park Brijuni

Boat to Brijuni, author: Berthold Werner, source

Here you need to buy a boat ticket and board a boat that sails directly to the National Park. Boats are frequent and the ride only takes around 15 minutes to get to the island of Veliki Brijun.

Best Time to Visit Brijuni

If you are looking for a weekend destination where to spend an active holiday with your children, Brijuni is always a great idea. You should take into consideration the weather conditions and the entrance fees. Of course, the summer months are always the hottest and the most crowded ones. Maybe a good decision would be to organize your trip during the autumn season.

October in October

Weather on Brijuni in October

Istria in October experiences nice and warm days with overcast sky and temperature that fluctuates around 19 C. Moreover, the autumn color palette is so fascinating and will make you love this place even more!

Accommodation near Brijuni

When travelling with children it can be very covenient to book a private accommodation somewhere near Brijuni. By doing so, you will be able to reach the Island of Veliki Brijun in a no time and start your family adventure as early as possible.

Villa Graziosa with Pool

We reccommed staying in Villa Graziosa with Pool which is situated in a quiet suburb of Pula city and only 12 km away from Fažana. This holiday villa with pool offers all modern amenities and an excellent location.

Villa Graziosa with Pool ner Pula

Villa Graziosa near Pula

Villa Polei with pool

You could also rent a private boat to the National Park Brijuni. By booking Villa Polei with pool you would be able to reach the nearest marina in 3 minutes by car and take a boat trip. The absolute highlight of this villa is the large outdoor pool (52m2) with built-in hydromassage jets. Just immagine enjoying a massage in it after a dynamic day on Brijuni.

Villa Polei with Pool near Pula

Villa Polei near Brijuni

Both villas can comfortably accommodate bigger groups and therefore are suitable if you are traveling with other friends with children or family members.

Sightseeing tour with an electric tourist train

Upon arrival by boat to the port of Veliki Brijun,you will see the tourist trains waiting a couple of meters from the disembarkment point. The island sightseeing program is planned as a one-hour ride tour. Be prepared that your kids will love it.

Tourist train on Brijuni

Sightseeing tour with a tourist train by

You will be sitting in the open-concept train and listening to the tourist guide explaining the sights and beauties of Brijuni.

Included in this tourist train ride is the tour around the safari park where you can observe wild animals in their natural habitat.

Beautiful safari park

Riding on the train through the safari park is fun for all visitors, and is an unforgettable experience for children.

Here various exotic animals such as zebras, somal sheeps, zebas, llamas, dromedaries and others run wild.

On the right side of the entrance to the safari, you will find ostriches and peacocks. You can get closer and take photos, but please note that it is prohibited to feed the animals.

Ostrich on Brijuni

Ostrich in the Safari Park

Continuing the ride (or walk) towards the sea, on your left side you will be able to see the istrian ox (Boškarin), the istrian sheep ("Pramenka"), donkeys and goats.

Donkeys on Brijuni

Donkeys in the Safari Park

On the grassland, animals move around freely in fenced areas and you can even touch them.

Zebras (steppe and mountain zebras) are particulary friendly and attrackt a lot of visitor's atention.

Zebra on Brijuni

Zebra in the Safari Park

Standing or lying in the meadow overlooking the sea this beautiful creatures will cheer everyone up.

Istrian goats

Goats in the Safari Park

Continue the tour and you and your family will meet the elephant Lanka. Lanka is not only the biggest and the most impressive but usually also the favorite animal in the safari park.

Elephant Lanka on Brijuni

Elephant Lanka in the Safari Park

In front of Lanka there is a pool with sea turtles. Usually, the turtles that are found injured are recovering in the National Park and are returned to their natural habitat after their recovery.

It is not hard to understand why these friendly inhabitants of the Safari Park may be one of the things that the children will enjoy the most.

Rent a bike

It doesn't matter if you have a newborn, a toddler or a bit older kids. Here the fun is guaranteed. Bring the stroller with you. Or don't. Whatever you decide, you can't be wrong.

You can rent bikes for a fee and explore the park through the trails and paths. There are around 300 bicycles of different sizes available for rent and at affordable prices.

Bycicles on Brijuni

Bike trail on Brijuni by

Asphalt trails provide a relaxing ride and a sense of safety even to beginners.If your kid is still too small for riding a bike by itself, don't worry, here you'll find bicycles with a child seat or even bicycles with trailer for kids.

Bycicle with a trailer

Bicycle with a trailer for kids

This lightweight, bike trailer features comfortable seating for one or two children and plenty of space for cargo. If you are lucky your toddler will fall asleep and you will be able to explore the island or stop to have a coffee.

Rent an electric car

An alternative way for exploring Veliki Brijun on your own is renting an electric car. It can carry up to four people, that's why it is ideal for families with small children.

Electric cars on Brijuni

Electric cars for rent on Brijuni

This way, you will be able to see all the interesting features and stop wherever and whereever you prefer.

Koki the cockatoo

When on Brijuni, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to meet Koki, a rare example of yellow-crested cockatoo. This friendly and intelligent animal was Tito's birthday gift to his granddaughter. Adorable Koki sojourns on the pheasant farm, together with chickens and other poultry.

Koki the cockatoo

Koki on Brijuni

If you don’t like leaving your pets behind, Brijuni National Park is definitely a place for you. Please note that dogs must be on a leash at all time.

When you get tired of exploring Brijuni just lay down on one of the endless meadows and enjoy in the beautiful autumn colors with your loved ones.

Autumn colors of Brijuni

Autumn colors on Brijuni

We hope you found this blog exciting and in a case you need any help with planing your visit to Brijuni National Park with kids please do not hesitate to contact our VIP Concierge team.

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