Top aquaparks in Croatia

Top Aquaparks in Croatia

Over the years we have had many inquiries from our guests about where are the top aquaparks in Croatia. For this reason, we have decided we will write this blog about two aquaparks we consider among the best. One of them is in Istria and the other is in Dalmatia. We will also present you with our choice of villas that are situated nearby these attractions.

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Aquapark Istralandia

Aquapark Istralandia from air

Aerial view of Aquapark Istralandia

by Aquapark Istralandia

Aquapark Istralandia is situated near Novigrad in Istria. It consists of 81.000m2. Its large size and numerous attractions guarantee all-day water fun for the whole family from the smallest members to parents who will turn to kids again.

There are over 20 water attractions altogether and you can choose between three different styles of fun: Family, Kids, and Adrenaline.

Family attractions in Istralandia

Family day in Istralandia

The perfect family day

at aquapark Istralandia

by Jigsaw79

The greatest family highlights are the hydromassage pool (especially interesting for the parents as you will find 4 hot tubs there for relaxation while you pay attention to your kids), and the wave pool (it is the largest wave pool in the Mediterranean with different wave sizes you will definitively enjoy).

Families will also like Crazy hills and Family rafting as you can use these attractions together. Namely on Crazy hills, you will slide down together as there are six parallel sliding tracks. While on Family rafting 4 members can raft together in a rubber boat down the open slide. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Family rafting in Istralandia

Family rafting in Istralandia

by Aquapark Istralandia

Kids attractions in Istralandia

The family pool with its glass walls is also interesting for the kids as you can all make a perfect family photo from Istralandia there.

Kids Spray Arena is another attraction for the kids. This is a water playground with sprinklers where your kids will have a lot of fun avoiding sprinklers from different directions.

Kids Jumping pool

Kids especially like jumping to pools, here they can do that from three different levels from where they will jump into deep water.

Pirate Lagoon

In the pirate lagoon, there is a shallow pool for the smallest kids with a pirate ship, 4 track slides with mild inclination, sprinklers, a water castle, and other fun things your little ones will just love.

Adrenaline rides in Istralandia

Flying boats in Istralandia

Flying boats

Aquapark Istralandia

Adrenaline seekers won't be disappointed in Istralandia as there are plenty of steep and fast rides they can take. To name just a few:

  • Space combo – this is the longest slide with space effects. There are open and closed parts on the slide and you ride in a rubber boat.
  • Black Kamikaza – you ride on a rubber boat in a closed slide.
  • Flying boats – you can take the boat with a friend and it will feel like flying while you slide down.
  • Free Fall has the title of being the highest slide in Croatia. Feel free to admire the view before you take the ride.
  • Space rocket – this is the fastest ride in Istralandia.
  • Top gun – these are two closed tracks. Thus, you can share a ride with a friend or a member of your family.

The view from Free Fall in Istralandia

Free Fall

Aquapark Istralandia

Gastro section of the Istralandia

There are plenty of places to eat in Istralandia. Thus, there you will find all from pizza, hot dogs, and snacks, to healthy food, full course meals, and even seafood dishes. Of course, there is ice cream and other desserts as well.

The arrangement of the locations varies from self-service to bars and fast food in Istralandia you will find everything for your refreshment!


In Istralandia great attention is paid to animation even in 2021. Thus, there you will find different workshops by the animation team, shows, exercise and performances, water sports events, and competitions.

Istralandia from air

Istralandia from air

Aquapark Istralandia

Mascot of Istralandia

The name of the mascot is Landi. It is the Mediterranean seal which is a protected sea animal from the Adriatic sea. There are about 20 of them in the whole world!

Prices for Istralandia

As far as the prices are concerned admission is free for children under 100cm and for children on their birthday.

There are other discounts as well like for a family combining tickets for adults and children.

Safe stay badge

Perhaps it is interesting to mention in these pandemic times that Istralandia holds a Safe stay badge from the Croatian Ministry of Tourism.

As we already mentioned we have many amazing villas in this area near Istralandia. We will present you with just a couple of them and give you their greatest benefits.

Villas near Istralandia in Novigrad

Luxury Villa Callisto

This is a large villa for 10 guests with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Luxury Villa Callisto in Novigrad

Luxury Villa Callisto in Novigrad

Villa is modern and it includes not one, but 2 pools one of them is with an infinity edge and lots of amenities such as a sauna, an indoor Jacuzzi, a garden, and a summer kitchen with a barbecue and a place for outdoor dining.

Interior Villa Callisto in Novigrad

Interior of the villa

As far as the interior is concerned, it is a modern and open space. The living room includes a fireplace. Another benefit of this beautiful villa is that there is a sea view from the upper floor.

Sea view from the Jacuzzi Villa Callisto Novigrad

Sea view from the Jacuzzi

Villa Lyan

As opposed to Villa Callisto this is a smaller villa for 6 guests with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

It is modern and pet-friendly.

Outdoor covored area Villa Lyan Novigrad

Outdoor covered area

Outside there is a covered lounge area, outdoor dining table, and wood-fire barbecue. There is also a playground for the children with a trampoline, darts, and badminton rackets. The garden is well-groomed with olive trees.

The interior is a modern, open space and you can even see the sea from the terrace on the upper floor.

Interior Villa Lyan Novigrad


On the other hand, if you plan your vacation a bit more south, in Dalmatia you will also find a great aquapark near Sibenik.

Aquapark Dalmatia

As we already mentioned this aquapark is situated near the town of Sibenik in Dalmatia. It was the first theme park in Croatia.

Aquapark Dalmatia

Aquapark Dalmatia

The area consists of 8.000m2 and it includes numerous water attractions such as water slides, sprinklers, and waterfalls.

Water tower Aquapark Dalmatia

Water tower

Especially interesting are the Lazy river, Rain fortress, and Large barrel that pours water offer visitors.

Lazy river Aquapark Dalmatia Solaris

Lazy river

Children will enjoy the kids' zone and a fairytale cave, while parents can relax in the Jacuzzis.

Jacuzzi Aquapark Dalmatia


The daily ticket includes entrance to water attractions, beach chairs, and parasols.

Parasols Aquapark Dalmatia


There is also a snack bar inside where you can buy food and beverages and ice cream of course.

Next to it, there is a beach where you can swim in the sea if you like as well as the beach bars and pools that are free for the public.

Villas near Aquapark Dalmatia Sibenik area

Villa La Boheme

Villa La Boheme Sibenik

Villa La Boheme Sibenik

This is a large 5-star villa for 12 guests with a pool and lots of amenities: Jacuzzi, tennis court, basketball court, children's playground, indoor entertainment room, and sauna.

Playground and sports fields Villa La Boheme Sibenik

Villa with the playground and sports fields

One of this villa's greatest benefits is its large surrounding area where you will find a summer kitchen with a barbecue and an outdoor dining area.

Outdoor dining area Villa La Boheme Sibenik

Outdoor dining area

Luxury Villa Antoneta

Villa Antoneta is a family villa with a playground. Thus, your kids will enjoy not just the aquapark but the villa as well.

Luxury Villa Antoneta Sibenik

Luxury Villa Antoneta Sibenik

Furthermore, it is situated far from the crowds. Thus, it is perfect for a relaxing vacation!

The villa includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. As far as the amenities are concerned there are 4 bicycles in the villa and you can take them to explore the area. There is also a barbecue and outdoor dining area.

Outdoor dining area Villa Antoneta Sibenik

Outdoor dining area

Did you like our choice of aquaparks in Croatia? Of course, there are more aquaparks such as Aquacolors Aquapark in Porec and also other fun and amusement parks in Croatia. Soon we plan to present you with more fun activities in Croatia.

Aquacolors Aquapark Porec

Aquacolors Aquapark Porec

So stay tuned and follow us on social media!

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