Villas with workout and gym in Croatia

Villas with Workout and Gym in Croatia

We have already written about Villas with Gym in Croatia for those who like to spend their vacation actively. Now we can offer you an upgrade with XBody by Potens.

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What is XBody by Potens?

This is a special training concept when private trainers come to your villa during your vacation and work out with you. These are all top-notch personal trainers who will adapt to your needs while making sure you follow their guidelines at your own pace.

Private trainer WorkoutWorking out with a private trainer

Additional info about the training

You will use Electrical Muscle Stimulation, XBody by Potens training equipment to make it all easier, quicker, and more fun.

Furthermore, during exercise, you will be wearing an XBody, a revolutionary state-of-the-art suite that serves to enhance both the experience and the results.

Xbody training suit

Xbody special training suit

Why workout on your vacation?

This way you will be able to enjoy your summer holidays with no regrets. Feel free to indulge in local cuisine as much as you like, because you will burn all the calories right away thanks to XBody workout concepts!

This is especially interesting to those who have long stays in our villas and wish to stay in shape during their vacation.

Villa Workout Croatia

Workout in front of the villa

Why choose XBody?

XBody, allows you to sculpt the body in an efficient and optimized way. A 30-minute XBodybypotens training session is equivalent to an intensive sports training of a 90minutes. This groundbreaking training is appropriate for people who want to sculpt their silhouette or strengthen their muscles, burn body fat, and tone their bodies.

It’s up to you to choose whether you’d like the 3-times a week training package, or if 2 times a week will suffice.

Xbody training session

Training session with a view

Just contact our VIP Concierge Team and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a tailor-made workout offer that best suits your wishes.

For more photos and info on the Xbody training technique feel free to check @XBodybypotens Instagram profile.

Villas with Gym in Croatia

In case you need daily exercise, we recommend you choose one of our villas with private gyms. As we already mentioned, we have a whole blog dedicated to them. Feel free to check it if you are interested in Villas with Gym in Croatia.

Furthermore, we have several more we did not mention in the previous blog and we wish to recommend you now.

1. Luxury Villa Cor Mare near Trogir

Villa Cor Mare is a new villa in our offer.

Villa Cor Mare Trogir

Villa Cor Mare near Trogir

A spacious terrace with a shaded lounge area and sea views are some of the greatest benefits of this villa. There is also an infinity pool with a built-in Jacuzzi.

The interior is modern and luxurious with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Amenities of this villa are a gym, sauna, outdoor dining space, and BBQ.

The gym in the villa

As you can see from the photo, the gym is spacious and very well equipped. It includes different fitness equipment from the treadmill to dumbbells with bench, elliptical, stationary bike, and exercise ball.

2. Luxury Villa Spotlight near Split

Villa Spotlight Split

Villa Spotlight near Split

This villa is brand new and large with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Its exterior and interior are modern and there are a lot of amenities coming with this villa: an infinity pool, fitness room, Jacuzzi, and sauna.

There is also a zone for recreation with futsal and badminton fields and table tennis.

Villa Spotlight Split Sports field

Futsal field and table tennis

In the gym, you will find a multi-gym device, a bench press, and a lat pulldown.

Villa Spotlight Split Gym

Gym of the villa

3. Villa Maremonte near Split

Villa Maremonte Split

Villa Maremonte near Split

Villa Maremonte is a large villa for 12 guests. Furthermore, it is situated on a large property with a playground for children.

Its interior is modern and other amenities are a private gym, sauna, outdoor dining space, and BBQ.

Villa Maremonte Split GymGym in the villa

The gym is spacious and it includes a treadmill, multi-gym, bench with dumbbells, and stationary bicycle machine.

4. Luxury Villa Luna with Pool on Brac Island

Villa Luna Brac

Villa Luna on Brac Island

This is a modern 5-star villa with a stunning view. It includes an infinity pool that can be heated as well.

Its interior is contemporary and it has 3 bedrooms with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms. Furthermore, it can be rented together with its sister Villa Soleil for larger groups.

In the gym, you will find a treadmill, adjustable workout bench with dumbbells, table tennis, and a punching bag.

Villa Luna Brac Gym

Gym in the villa

5. Beachfront Villa Grandissima in Sibenik

Villa Grandissima truly deserves its name as it is a 5-star villa with lots of amenities.

Some of the amenities for relaxation are an outdoor infinity pool with countercurrent swimming, a heated indoor pool, Jacuzzi, and a sauna.

Villa Grandissima Sibenik

Villa Grandissima Sibenik

There is also a recreation basement in the villa with a tennis table, billiards, jukebox, darts, a fireplace, and a table for socializing.

In the spacious living area, you will also find a piano. Outdoors there is also a shaded BBQ area with an amazing sea view.

For outdoor exercise, there is a basketball field.

The fitness room includes an incline bench press, rowing machine, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, exercise balls, dumbbells, gym mat, and an adjustable workout bench.

Gym equipment in the villa

Note: the fitness equipment is subject to change as the owner acquires new equipment daily and changes the previous machines.

This is the blog for all fitness enthusiasts who can’t imagine their vacation without exercise. Of course, there are many more Villas with Workout and Gym in Croatia in our offer. If you are interested in more options, feel free to contact our Villa Specialists. On the other hand, if you are ready to book one of the villas from this blog, we are sure you will not be disappointed. Book online or send us your inquiry!

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