What to do on Vacation in Sibenik - Visit the Fortress of Saint Nicholas

What to do on vacation in Sibenik

Interested in spending your holiday in Sibenik or its area and wondering what to do on your vacation and what to see. Here you will a complete list of top attractions in Sibenik riviera together with the best restaurants with traditional cuisine and a great offer of luxury villas in Sibenik surroundings.

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St. Nicholas fortress near Sibenik

We would like to start this blogwith “new”attraction St. Nicholas fortress that has recently been renovated and open to the public in 2019. It is enlisted to UNESCO heritage and situated at the entrance to St. Anthony's Channel. It can be reached by boat from the Sibenik promenade.

St. Nicholas Fortress SibenikSt. Nicholas Fortress from the sea, www.pixabay.com

It was built to protect the city of Sibenik from the Ottoman navy by Venetians. If you book your boat tour to St. Nicholas’ Fortress, you will get access to multilingual guides as well as a tour escort who will follow you to the fortress. The tour lasts for 50 minutes and it is loads of fun. More information about the fortress and tour booking you can get here at St. Nicholas’ Fortress official website.

What else can you see in and around Sibenik?

St. Michael’s fortress in the center of Sibenik

St. Michael's fortress has been a tourist favorite attraction in Sibenikfor years. It is a fortress open for sightseeing and for events in the open. It is situated on a hill next to the Old town of Sibenik and its best feature is its view of the whole Sibenik and the surrounding area. Just check the photo below and you will understand its appeal.

St. Michaels Fortress and SibenikSt. Michael’s Fortress and Sibenik Old Town, www.pixabay.com

St. James Cathedral – UNESCO monument

St. James Cathedral is another UNESCO monument in the center of the Old Town of Sibenik. Its best feature is the sculpted heads on its facade. There are 71 sculpted human heads on the external part of the Cathedral and they belong to unknown individuals from that time. All of them are unique and display the Sibenik people from that time. Another fun fact about this cathedral is that it represented the Iron Bank in the Game of Thrones 5thseason. So, if you are a G.o.T. fan make sure to visit it at least from the outside.

Heads on the St. James Cathedral facade in Sibenik

Sculpted heads on the St. James’ Cathedral Facade, www.pixabay.com

Where is the best beach in Sibenik?

Beach Banj, Šibenik

Beach Banj is the most famous beach in Sibenik. It is located near the city center and it has a beautiful view of the Old City and St Anthony's Channel. It is a child-friendly beach and it includes a bar where you can chill during the noon hours when it is too hot to stay in the sun.

Beach Banj in Sibenik

View from the Banj Beach to Sibenik Old Town, www.pixabay.com

Where to go on a one-day excursion from Sibenik?

Aquapark Dalmatia fun for the whole family

Aquapark Dalmatia is situated near Sibenik and it is definitively worth a visit and a one-day excursion. It is full of water amusements such as slides, sprays and kids' pools. More information about the park you can find on the official website of Aquapark Dalmatia.

Visit National Park Krka

Krka is a river near Sibenik and it is known after its numerous waterfalls. You can also visit a monastery on the island of Visovac if you take a one day trip to Krka National Park. It is definitively worth it, because not only will you see a wonderful nature, but you can also take a swim near the waterfalls which is a unique experience.

Krka Waterfalls in Croatia

Krka Waterfalls from www.pixabay.com

Where to eat during your vacation in Sibenik?

We have two taverns we wish to recommend in Sibenik:

Tavern Pelegrini in Sibenik

The first one is the Tavern Pelegrini with mainly seafood menus. Its best features are its romantic surroundings and the view of the basilica. It is located downtown.

Tavern Pelegrini in Sibenik

Tavern Pelegrini in Sibenik, photo from www.pelegrini.hr

Tavern Nostalgija

Our second choice is Tavern Nostalgija – a family restaurant with good prices and super tasty food and traditional cuisine. It is a hidden gem also situated in the Old town of Sibenik.

The cozy interior of the Tavern Nostalgija in Sibenik, photo from https://www.facebook.com/konobanostalgija/

And last, but not the least is the question of:

Where to stay in Sibenik?

Here we can help you with the best luxury villas in Sibenik and area. If you need more assistance, feel free to contact VIP Holiday Booker team and we will help you with the organization of your dream Sibenik holiday.

Villa Red Hacienda near SibenikVilla Red Hacienda near Sibenik, from www.vipholidaybooker.com

After you return home, make sure to send us a few photos, we will repost them on our Social Media profiles!

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