Dalmatian weddings

Why choose Dalmatia for your wedding destination?

Dalmatia is a beautiful region situated in the south of Croatia. It is known to be the „most beautiful region of Croatia“! Encompasses many wonderful scenic islands such as Brač, Hvar, Šolta, Vis, Korčula, Mljet, etc. Its beauty is sung in many poems. We can proudly say that this region also abounds in the most beautiful wedding destinations in Croatia, if not in the world.

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Dalmatian beauty

Dalmatia is known to be one of the favorite destinations for people around the world. Its unique beauty, secluded coves, many impressive historic monuments, tasty food, mild climate, hot summer nights, high sea temperatures ideal for swimming, wonderful beaches that found their places along the rugged coastline, cultural history, and tradition appear to be the bait for millions of tourists.

In the past few years, Dalmatia has been recognized as a destination for exclusive weddings. Many people worldwide in love with this scenic region chose its hidden beauties as their favorite place to say „I do“. Every once in a while you can read the articles about socialites wedding venues in different Dalmatian cities, on its islands, famous and hidden beaches, coves, bays, attractive underwater locations, lighthouses, fortresses, mountain peaks with mesmerizing sea views, different exclusive villas along the coast and the list just goes on...

Wedding rings

Wedding rings, source: Pixabay.com

The main reason why Dalmatia became so popular as a wedding destination for many wealthy people, but also for those not so privileged lies in the fact that for a myriad of travel agencies in Europe and in the world, Croatia is on their top offer list. Once they get to know the Croatian beauty, potential clients become permanent guests. Many of the future spouses decide easily to tie the wedding knot. This stunning beauty recognized a long time ago just waited to „explode“. Now it is almost unimaginable not to see Instagram hashtags without Croatian destinations written after it.

Wedding decoration

Wedding decoration, source: Pixnio.com

Wedding planning

A destination wedding is for more easygoing and relaxed people. Planning the most memorable day of your life is a beautiful experience, but it can also be exhausting.

When it comes to planning your romantic „dream“ wedding there are several things you need to bear in mind: where to organize the venue, is it doable, which wedding planner to choose, and numerous other details that will appear during this process...

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet, source: Pixnio.com

Wedding planner

Once you and your „better half“ have decided what place will be your wedding destination, it is advisable to contact one of the wedding planners in the region of Dalmatia. We recommend you to find a wedding planner based somewhere in the region of Dalmatia. Only that way you can be sure that you have the right assistant to help you prepare everything for your wedding day and to inform you about the details. The right assistant can help you with wedding planning, design, and production. They can make a tailored offer whether you are looking for a large and luxurious wedding celebration or a small wedding.

The domestic wedding planner is surely better acquainted than the foreign one and will advise you about the possibilities. It is actually better to have somebody on the spot, especially if you live in a different country. When you decide for your wedding venue in Dalmatia, the wedding planner will help you with the planning and suggest to you the most attractive destinations.

Wedding table

Wedding table, source: Pixabay.com

Wedding destination

Since your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, you certainly want everything to be just perfect. If you decide to organize it in the region of Dalmatia, you probably already have a preference of your own when it comes to your wedding venue. If you are indecisive about the ceremony place, your wishes can be discussed with the destination management company. When choosing a location for your most important day, there are several things you need to have in mind: the number of people you are planning to invite, is the location convenient for your preferred date, bearing in mind the season in which you are planning the wedding, etc. To get more ideas please check our blog: Top 10 locations for a perfect wedding in Croatia

Romantic wedding venue

Romantic wedding venue, source: Pixabay.com

Extraordinary ideas for your destination wedding


Along the coast, you can find many romantic churches, perfect for your intimate private event. Just to name some of them to get an impression:

  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Prizidnica on Ciovo island, situated in a beautiful surrounding on the southern part of the island, above the steep cliffs near the sea. The autochthonous blossoming plant species give this incredible place a romantic note.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Prizidnica on Ciovo island

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Prizidnica on Ciovo island, source: Wikipedia.org, author: Kaštel Stari

  • Saint Jerome (Jere) church on Marjan Hill (town of Split), located in the picturesque part of Marjan mountain, beneath the Marjan reefs offers a special atmosphere for your intimate wedding.

Saint Jerome (Jere) church on Marjan Hill

Saint Jerome (Jere) church on Marjan Hill, author: Lidija Lolić

  • Saint Stephen's church (town of Split) from the 19th century built on the Sustipan peninsula is a favorite place to create magic whether you are more interested in an intimate or lavish wedding.

Saint Stephen's church on Sustipan

Saint Stephen's church on Sustipan, author: Lidija Lolić


The most interesting places for destination weddings in Dalmatia are beaches along the coast. Out of the array of beaches, we can single out some of the most famous: Golden Cape in Bol on Brac island, Stiniva beach on Vis island, Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok island, and many others.

  • Golden Cape beach in Bol is undeniably the most beautiful beach in Croatia. This more than 500 meters long white pebble beach, provides a sublime scenery for any kind of event, especially for a wedding ceremony. It would be the most memorable day for sure.

Golden Cape beach in Bol, on Brač island

Golden Cape beach in Bol, on Brač island, source: Commons.wikimedia.org, author: Szabolcs Emich

  • Stiniva beach on Vis island is one of the most picturesque beaches in the world. It is surrounded by high cliffs that hide it from the sea. You can reach it from the sea or following the goat track. Once you got there you can enjoy the wild landscape and the crystal clear sea.

Stiniva beach from the sea

Stiniva beach from the sea, Vis island

  • Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok island near the town of Zadar is located on the northwest coast of the island. This family-friendly beach has gained a reputation thanks to the whiteness of the sand and clean sea. It is surrounded by pine trees that provide shade. With its perfectly created sand can be a perfect setting for your special day.

Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok island

Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok island

Caves, coves, and bays

If you are an underwater world lover and you want to have a unique ceremony, then your destination could be the Blue Cave on Biševo island. It is also called Blue Grotto and is visited during the summer period by many tourists. Its mesmerizing interior owns its beauty to the strongest rays of sun passing through a small opening and creating luminous blue light that illuminates the whole cave. The best time for a visit is between 11 am - 1 pm.

Inside the Blue Cave, Biševo island

Inside the Blue Cave, Biševo island, source: Commons.wikimedia.org, author: Dronepicr

The mythical island of Mljet hides the secret of the Odysseus Cave. This natural beauty owns its name to the Greek legend of Odysseus who suffered a shipwreck.

Odysseus Cave on Mljet island

Odysseus Cave on Mljet island, source: Commons.wikimedia.org, author: Jaganjac

Vranjača cave is a perfect place for speleological lovers. It is located in the village of Kotlenice, in the middle of the Dalmatian hinterland is also a great idea for extreme adventure lovers. This cave is full of stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, and arcades. This perfect example of the karst landscape is just 30 km away from Split, the main town of the Dalmatian region.

Vranjača Cave

Vranjača Cave by VIP Holiday Booker


One of the most romantic settings for your wedding venue and for a large number of invitees could be the famous Klis fortress, in the vicinity of the town of Split. This place is visited by many tourists, particularly by the Game of Thrones lovers. As you might know, on this fortress some episodes of this worldwide known fantasy drama were filmed. It creates a perfect setting for your important event.

Klis fortress

Klis Fortress, author: Lidija Lolić

Fort George on Vis island with its medieval fortress garden in the middle of pine trees is a flawless spot for your ceremony.

Fort George on Vis island

Fort George on Vis island, source: Flickr.com, author: Yacht Rent

Fortica Fortress or the Spanish Fort in Hvar town is one of Hvar island attractions. It could be rented for your special day as well.

Stunning view of Hvar and Fortica Fortress

Stunning view of Hvar and Fortica Fortress

Mountains, hills

Vidova Mountain on Brač island, the highest island mountain on the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful viewpoints is a favorite choice of many couples who want to create a unique atmosphere on their wedding day.

Vidova Gora mountain, Brač island

Vidova Gora Mountain, Brač island, source: Pixabay.com

Srđ Hill sharply rises above Dubrovnik and boasts itself with its stunning view of the Dubrovnik and the islands in this archipelago.

View of Dubrovnik from Mount Srđ

View of Dubrovnik from Mount Srđ


Desert Blaca on Brač island, located 4 km away from Bol, and hidden in the gorge of Brač. The peculiarity of this place is a monastery from the 16th century full of old books, maps, notes, and other exhibits interesting to history enthusiasts. This hidden place offers complete privacy and a magical island atmosphere.

Blaca desert on Brač island

Blaca desert on Brač island, Commons.wikimedia.org, author: Honza Beran

National parks, nature parks

Dalmatian region has 4 national parks: Krka waterfalls, Kornati, Paklenica, and Mljet national park. Nature parks in Dalmatia are the island of Lastovo, Telašćica Bay on Dugi Otok island, Biokovo Mountain, and Vransko Lake. Their natural beauties can be better described with a picture, not words. In accordance with your wedding planner, you can set up a wedding ceremony in one of these locations.

Krka waterfalls

Krka waterfalls


The list of lighthouses in Croatia abounds in very charming and picturesque places for a lifetime memory. After the ceremony, the bride and groom and some of the guests can unwind and spend a memorable holiday in the special accommodation of the lighthouse interior.

Luxury Villa Lighthouse Beyond on Vis Island

Luxury Villa Lighthouse Beyond on Vis island

VIP Holiday Booker wedding venues villas for a recommendation

Apart from these most attractive destination wedding venues, you can always decide to have an intimate celebration in complete privacy among your loved ones. To lavish ceremony fans, we can provide a list of our gorgeous luxury villas and participate in the complete organization of your special day. Our villa offer is really impressive so please feel free to check our blog: Villas in Croatia for events.

Since your family and friends will certainly need accommodation when they arrive at your wedding we also suggest reading the following blog on our website: Villas in Croatia for large groups.

In case you want to have a destination wedding in Dalmatia from your dreams and you are not sure where to organize it, you can contact us. Our team can help you with the suggestions and can help you find the wedding planner who will exceed all your expectations.

Choose a perfect venue for the most important celebration of your life and create memories for a lifetime!

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