Days of Diocletian in Split Croatia in September

Why visit Croatia in September

Thinking about visiting Croatia in September? That is an excellent decision. The weather is still great, crowds are smaller and plenty of villas offer last-minute discounts for September. Some of them include a heated pool so the weather is not really important if you decide to stay in them.

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Why visit Croatia in Autumn 2020

Last year we wrote this blog and gave you the reasons why visit Croatia in September. We presented you with events, nightlife, and outdoor activities. This year everything is different. Due to Coronavirus most of the events that were held last year have been shortened, cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, we believe that it is worth to visit Croatia in Autumn 2020. The weather is still nice and there are several outdoor activities that will take place.

Outdoor activities in Croatia in Fall 2020

Because of COVID-19 the emphasis of the events is on the outdoor activities. Here are several events that will take place in Croatia in Autumn 2020:

  • Nikola Tesla EV Rally through Croatia
  • Dalmatia Ultra Trail in Omis
  • also on Korcula there will be a triathlon.

Where to stay in Croatia in Fall 2020?

We can still offer you our villas in Croatia that are safe, with privacy and upgraded safety measures. Most of the villas offer last minute discounts and some include a heated pool.

What about the nightlife, cinemas, and sightseeing?

Nightlife is possible till midnight and cinemas are open again. There are also several concerts, theatre plays, and exhibitions you can visit. Fun Parks and museums are a good choice as long as you follow the safety measures. National Parks are perfect as they are outdoor activities. We hope are gave you enough tips on what to do in Croatia in September 2020. Stay responsible and visit Croatia in September 2020!

What to do in Croatia in September - Blog written in 2019

Furthermore, there are plenty of activities you can do if you visit Croatia in the Fall. In this blog we have selected the most interesting ones:

What to do in Split in September?

It is definitively good to visit Split in September as it is a vibrant city full of tourist activities all year round.

In Split we recommend you to go sightseeing in the Old town, see the Diocletian's Palace, Riva Promenade and St. Domnius Cathedral with its Bell Tower. Also, we recommend you to visit several great restaurants with authentic food. We have already written about them in our Blog about Ultra.

Days of Diocletian in Split Croatia

Days of Diocletian, photo from

Days of Diocletian in Split Croatia

Regarding tourist events, in September you can still catch the Days of Diocletian as they last from May to September 20th. During the Days of Diocletian, you can see the Roman soldiers in different locations in the city. Some of them are Roman guards and some are gladiators in the Gladiator games. Also, there are different kinds of tastings of authentic food depending on the time you visit Split. All these activities serve to revive the ancient times of Emperor Diocletian in Split.

Nightlife in Split Croatia

As far as the nightlife is concerned we recommend you Fabrique, Jazzbina and Central clubs where you can party till the dawn.

Pub Fabrique in Split Croatia

Photo of Fabrique Pub in Split from

Omis Half Marathon

Sports enthusiasts will probably enjoy the Omis half marathon on the 28th of September. It is taking place in the amazing Cetina river canyon.

Omis in Croatia with Cetina river canyon

Photo of Omis and Cetina river canyon from

Where to stay in Split?

If you decide to visit Split, Croatia in Autumn, feel free to browse through our selection of luxury villas in Split and area. We recommend you to look for villas with the heated pool due to weather change that sometimes occurs in September.

Dubrovnik in September

Dubrovnik is a great place to visit in September especially for those who like classical music as it hosts the Classical Music Festival which will last till the 20th of September. For details about this year's festival please follow the link: Classical Music Festival in Dubrovnik 2019.

Dubrovnik is also famous after its numerous restaurants for fine dining and different gastro experiences. While there make sure to try the famous sweet originally from Dubrovnik called Rozata. For the restaurant, sightseeing and nightlife tips please refer to one of our previous blogs: Top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik.

Ston Wall Marathon

If you are a sports fan you will definitively appreciate the tip to visit Ston in September which is situated 54 km from Dubrovnik as it will host the Ston Wall Marathon. This is a running race on a unique location, the Ston Wall, and it will take place on the September 22nd.

Ston Walls near DubrovnikSton Walls, photo by Dennis Jarvis from

Where to stay in Dubrovnik?

For luxury accommodation in Dubrovnik, please check our Dubrovnik villas offer.

Sibenik in Fall time

We have already written about Sibenik in summer. In the autumn you can practically follow the same tips. In case it is too cold you might skip the sea attractions like for example the Aquapark Dalmatia and replace it with the Fun Park Biograd which consists mainly of „dry“ attractions. Below you can see the Video of Fun Park Biograd’s 2nd birthday from

Sibenik Medieval Fair

Besides the other attractions, there is one event worth seeing in Sibenik in early September and that is Sibenik Medieval Fair with costumes and the artifacts that seem like they are from Medieval times that you can also buy at the Fair.

National Park Plitvice

Our next tip for the Autumn trip to Croatia is the National Park Plitvice. We strongly recommend you to visit the Plitvice Lakes in September. Crowds are smaller and nature is just divine when it starts to change and dress up in the autumn, vivid colors. Just check the photo below and feel the magic of Plitvice in Fall:

Plitvice Lakes Croatia in AutumnPhoto of Plitvice in autumn from

For more info about Plitvice, please check our blog Magical places in Croatia: No.1 Plitvice Lakes and for reservations of trips feel free to contact our helpful VIP concierge team.

Zagreb in Autumn

Zagreb Croatia

Photo of Zagreb, source

As Croatia’s capital, Zagreb is also a fun place to visit especially in the fall time when people are back from the coast and the city begins to buzz again after the summer break. There are millions of things you can do in and around Zagreb and we plan to dedicate the whole blog to it. So, stay tuned and keep track of our future blogs.

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