Villas on Dugi Otok for rent

Villas on Dugi Otok for rent

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Discover our villas on Dugi Otok, from luxury resorts to modern villas with captivating sea views. Situated in the Zadar archipelago, Dugi Otok Island boasts some of Croatia's finest beaches, including the globally known sandy paradise, Sakarun Beach.

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Villa Hypnotic with Pool

Žman (Dugi Otok), Croatia
8 guests
3 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Nai with Pool

Dugi Otok (Dugi Otok), Croatia
16 guests
8 bedrooms
per night

Dugi Otok Luxury Travel Guide

How to get to Dugi Otok?

Dugi Otok is an island located west of Zadar. It is the largest island in northern Dalmatia. The island is 45 kilometers long and only a few kilometers wide, and it got its name from its distinctive shape. In English, the name of the island is translated as "Long Island".

Bay on Dugi Otok

Bay on Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok can be reached only by sea. The best way is to arrive by ferry, boat, or catamaran that runs daily from Zadar (Gazenica). The port is Brbinj, but the ferry also operates to Bozava and the islands of Zverinac and Sestrice. The boat ride lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes. The main road leads to the intersection where the turn is left-direction Sali and right-direction Bozava and Veli Rat. Sali is the main village on the island of Dugi Otok.

Beaches on Dugi Otok

Beaches and coves are one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Dugi Otok. The sea is attractive because of its beauty. You will find hidden coves with untouched beaches. The island is perfect for nature lovers and those who seek peace and privacy. Here are some beaches worth visiting:

Sakarun Beach is a long sandy beach and the most famous beach on the island. It is positioned on the northwestern side of Dugi Otok, near the towns of Bozava, Soline, and Veli Rat. The sea along the beach is shallow, but the depth reaches an average of 10 meters after only a few meters. Fine sand gives a special feature to this beach and to the colors of the sea that wash over it. The larger pebbles, the so-called stone pebbles, are located on the beach. The Sakarun beach is surrounded by a pine forest and provides much-needed natural shade.

Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok

Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok

Telascica Bay – It is located in the Nature Park of the same name. It hides several nice beaches and coves that are favorite among sailors.

Veli Zal – is a pebble beach (somewhere rocky) more than a kilometer long, located in front of the islet of Mezanj, on the southern side of the Dugi Otok island. The road is well-marked and paved; after the parking place, you can be on the beach in 5 minutes. The sea ground is covered with fine sand.

Brbiscica Golubinka – a narrow road will show you the way to a lovely cave on the western side of the island, where you can enter by kayak. Next to it, there is a nice pebble beach. This part of the island is steep in some parts.

Lojisce Beach – is located in the Telascica Nature Park. It consists of gravelly, fine-grained sand and is perfect for camping.

Veli Rat Beach – is located among the rocks near Veli Rat lighthouse, on the northwestern part of the island. The pine forest will provide the necessary shade, so you can enjoy yourself all day.

Prasna it is located in the middle of the western side of the island.

What to do on Dugi otok?

Dugi Otok Island is known for its natural beauty. Attractions Telascica Nature Park, Sakarun sandy beach, Veli Rat lighthouse, Golubinka cave, Veli žal Beach, Magic trails od Dugi Otok, and many others will inspire you to visit them repeatedly.

Vela Straža, 338 meters high, is the highest peak on the island.

Telašćica Park and Sakarun Beach are protected parts of Dugi Otok Island. There are many options for adventure lovers, like walking, hiking, and adventure trails with easy, moderate, and difficult levels.

Telascica Park

Telascica Park

Magic trails of Dugi Otok consist of walking, hiking, and adventure trails, and you can also hear interesting stories from the mythology of the island.

For those who adore magic, come and listen about the legend of the odd fairies, the legend of Kozlak, the legend of Orko and Maljik, the legend of Sliv, the birth of cliffs, the phantom of the lighthouse, the legend of Peterocici, the origin of Salt Lake, the Bakuši from Dragove, the dragon’s secret, the fairies of the cave, the sand curse, štrige.

Kornati National Park begins near the southern part of the island.The island is full of natural stone beaches and several sandy coves, perfect for nature lovers and family vacations.

Restaurants on Dugi Otok

On the island, there are numerous restaurants with delicious food. Here are just some of them.

Konoba Trapula – is located in Sali, the municipal and administrative center of Dugi Otok. It is open all year. This tavern offers a good atmosphere with local Mediterranean dishes, and fish and meat specialties. You can try good grilled tuna, grilled tuna steaks, and grilled octopus. Try delicious house wine, white wine, or ale.

Konoba Marinov magazine is a tavern (konoba) also located in Sali. It offers some traditional courses prepared excellently. The menu is based on original regional and Mediterranean specialties made according to local recipes. The specialties are fish and seafood dishes. There are also delicious meat dishes prepared on the grill and homemade pasta in sauce. All dishes are served with homemade, warm bread.

Konoba Roko – is located in Zaglav is a family-run tavern. It offers a variety of regional dishes and home cooking by first-class chefs, created with a lot of skill. You can try delicious cheeses or refreshing beer, fresh fruit between meals, or as a dessert. Here you can enjoy brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Konoba Regula – is located in the town of Žman on Dugi Otok in Zadar County. This is an old family tavern that serves dishes based on local Mediterranean food. They offer various under-the-bell (peka) specialties, fish specialties, baked octopus, and other seafood delicacies.

Konoba Martina is located at the northeastern gate of the Kornati archipelago and is only 2 km from the Telašćica Nature Park. For more than 4 decades this Konoba has been an indispensable place for all sailors and adventurers. Dalmatian gourmet specialties are intertwined on the traditional menu of the tavern.

Konoba Skeba – is located in Magrovica Bay in Telascica Nature Park. It is a family-run tavern with a view. Here you can enjoy fresh fish.

Tavern Go-Ro – is located in Telascica Nature Park, in a hidden, peaceful bay called Magrovica. They grow their own olive oil and produce wine. The fish is procured from local fishermen, and the vegetables on the table come from a small field nearby.

Gospoja Konoba, bar & more – is located in the south-western part of Telascica Nature Park, in Mir Bay, by the sea. Here you can eat delicious seafood, meat menu, and desserts.

Day trips on Dugi Otok

Below you can find some other day trip ideas in the Dugi Otok area:

Dugi Otok Aerial View

Dugi Otok Aerial View

Nature Park Telascica

Telascica Bay is located in the central part of the Adriatic in the Zadar region, overlooking Pasman, Lavdara, Sit, Katina, Kornat, Aba Vela, Otok Veli Garmenjak, Mali Garmenjak, Tanjuric island. It boasts stunning beauty, hidden bays, beaches, and coves with many great restaurants. The bay is surrounded by 13 islets and islets and also has 6 islets inside the Park. This part of Croatia is a heaven for all visitors, especially for sailors.

Day trips from Sali

From Sali, located on the northeastern part of the island, there are organized day trips by bracera – a traditional wooden boat with only one sail. Bracera can accept up to 12 people and they operate daily to Telascica Nature Park and Kornati National Park.

Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park is located below Dugi Otok Island. It is rich in dry walls, unrepeatable views, impressive views from the air, etc. This wonderful mosaic was created by nature and additionally shaped by man.

Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park

It is suitable for trips to the islands and enjoying plenty of activities by the sea, and a great location for recreational sailors and divers. Private tours usually depart from Zadar, Šibenik, or Murter, but also from Dugi Otok. Swimming and boating are allowed in the entire area of the Kornati National Park, except in the strict protection zones. The park is open for visitors the whole year.

If you love kayak tours, you can visit the Golubinka sea cave on the western side of the island.

Enjoy this island full of natural beauty!

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