Lastovo Villas for rent

Lastovo Villas for rent

Plan a trip to Lastovo and break free from the routine of everyday life!

Currently, there are no available Lastovo villas. Consider booking our villas on Korcula or Peljesac and plan a day trip to explore Lastovo. Alternatively, browse through all our villas listed below. Lastovo is the most secluded island in the Dubrovnik archipelago with pristine nature, crystal-clear blue seas, tasty fresh seafood, and a night sky full of stars.

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Lastovo Luxury Travel Guide

Lastovo is Croatia's southernmost inhabited island with only about 1.000 permanent residents. It is important to point out that there is no massive tourism anywhere on the island.

How to get to Lastovo from Dubrovnik or Split?

There are two direct ferry connections to Lastovo from Dubrovnik, both for foot passengers. There is no car ferry line from Dubrovnik to Lastovo. If you plan to visit Lastovo by car you should take a car ferry from Split to Korcula (Vela Luka). Then change the ferry to Lastovo (Ubli).

Ubli is a small village on the south-west part of Lastovo and it is the only ferry terminal on the island and the only connection to other islands and the mainland. If you are traveling without a car, your best option is to take the fast catamaran ferry line which runs all year round and connects daily Dubrovnik and Lastovo. In the high season, it runs 1 or 2 journeys per day, from Dubrovnik. In the low season, it runs 1 journey per day, The journey lasts 3,5 hours.

The alternative can be a private transfer from Dubrovnik. Water taxis in Dubrovnik offer many fast transfers to Lastovo.

Pasadur on Lastovo

Pasadur on Lastovo

Beaches on Lastovo

Lastovo is a beautiful and mostly untouched island located in Croatia. It is known for its crystal-clear waters, and numerous secluded coves and beaches. Here are some notable beaches and swimming spots on Lastovo:

Crystal clear sea on Lastovo

Crystal clear sea on Lastovo

Saplun is probably one of the most popular sandy beaches. There is a big forest which provides a lot of shade. There are no facilities around and that is why this beach is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to simply enjoy the peace. There are organized boat transfers to Saplun Island from Lastovo.

Mihajla – This is the closest beach to Lastovo town as well as the favorite one among the locals which is why it might get crowded in the season. The beach has a natural shade.

Skrivena Luka (Hidden Port) is a deep, sheltered bay with several secluded coves and rocky beaches along its coastline. It is a great spot for those seeking peace and tranquility. This beach is also called Portorosso after the restaurant of the same name.

What to do on Lastovo?

Here are some things that you can do to make your visit to Lastovo unforgettable:

Struga Lighthouse

Struga Lighthouse

Explore Lastovo Town: Start your visit by exploring the charming Lastovo Town (also known as Lastovo Village). Wander through its narrow streets, admire the stone houses, and visit the local churches, such as the Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian.

Visit the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park: Lastovo is part of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park, which is perfect for nature enthusiasts. You can hike or bike through the landscapes, enjoy birdwatching, and enjoy breathtaking views from the island's hills.

Visit the Struga Lighthouse: The Struga Lighthouse offers a unique experience. You can hike or rent a boat to reach it and enjoy stunning views of Lastovo and the surrounding islands.

Cycling on Lastovo - enjoy an active holiday while discovering Lastovo by bike. Many roads on the island connect villages and offer unspoiled nature. The early spring and autumn are the best periods to go cycling.

Restaurants on Lastovo

We recommend these restaurants on Lastovo:

Zaklopatica Bay

Zaklopatica Bay

  • Family restaurant Podanje – here you will be able to taste authentically cooked food. The restaurant offers meals prepared with vegetables from local fields and fish from the Lastovo archipelago.
  • Tavern Aragosta - located in Zaklopatica Bay. The specialty is the so-called octopus „peka“. You can come here with a boat as well.
  • Restaurant Triton – also in Zaklopatica Bay. The menu is based on fresh fish, lobsters, and other seafood, as well as locally grown vegetables.
  • Tavern Porto Rosso on the other side of the island, in Skrivena Luka Cove. This restaurant should be recommended for perfectly cooked fried fish, grilled squid, and black risotto.

Weather on Lastovo

The island of Lastovo has all the characteristics of the typical Mediterranean climate, summers are long and dry, while winters are mild and moist. During the summer, temperatures go above 25°C, sometimes above 30°C, and the sea goes up to 27°C.

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