Villas on Murter for rent

Villas on Murter for rent

Luxury vacation in villas on Murter near the beach and in nature

Relax in one of our villas on Murter, where you can enjoy a holiday with captivating views of the Kornati Islands National Park. Whether you prefer proximity to music festivals or a resort ideal for weddings, our diverse offer includes beach villas, luxurious bungalows, glamps, and even a romantic tree house.

Featured Villas on Murter

Luxury Villa Bella Vista with Pool

Betina (Murter), Croatia
16 guests
8 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Aquila with Pool

Jezera (Murter), Croatia
9 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Luxury Villa Lynx with Pool

Jezera (Murter), Croatia
8 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Murter Luxury Travel Guide

How to get to Murter

The island of Murter is located in Central Dalmatia, between Split and Zadar, overlooking Kornati National Park in the middle of the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. The beauty of Murter lies in its specific position. The island is surrounded by 7 hills and therefore offers a stunning view of the archipelago of the Murter Sea and the Kornati islands.

The island is separated from the mainland by the narrow Murter channel, over which a 12-meter-long movable bridge was built in the town of Tisno.

Murter island

Murter Island

It is the largest and most populated island of the Sibenik archipelago that has been inhabited for almost two millennia. The island has four main settlements: Murter, Betina, Jezera, and Tisno.

Murter is surrounded by the stone pearls of the Kornati National Park (320 km2), with almost 150 islands, islets, and rocks, then the famous Sibenik islands of Zirje, Kakan, and Kaprije and Tetovisnjaci (a group of five islands and one rock). The Sea of Murter is challenging for sailors due to sudden and strong wind changes, and strong sea currents.

Both Zadar Airport and Split Airport are located approximately one hour drive from Murter. During festival season you will find a large choice of affordable flights for the festival.

What to do on Murter?

If you are looking for an active vacation, Murter will certainly meet your demands. From bicycle tours around the island, to smooth sailing over the Murter's archipelago you will find what you are looking for. Also, available are day trips to Kornati or Krka waterfalls, scuba diving, dolphin watching, hiking or you can just relax on one of many beautiful beaches on the island. The choice is up to you. Exploring the island by hiking is especially nice.

Raduc Hill is 125 meters high and is a place from where you can enjoy the stunning panorama of the villages and the islands, Lake Vrana, and the mighty Velebit mountain. In 1932 during the reign of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, started the construction of an underground military complex. They also built the battery with two long-range cannons on Raduc, to keep safe the island passages.

Colentum: Colentum is the name of an old Roman and Liburnian settlement that used to exist in the present-day Murter area. It was first mentioned in the 1st century AD. Today it is an archaeological site greatly covered by the sea. There were luxury buildings, built in a terrace-like order, down the Gradina slope. Their facades were facing south. The archaeologists also found remains of mosaics. Colentum was a small, but rich town.

Colentum archaeological site

Colentum archaeological site

Murter swing in the sea - a place to take photos: At the end of Colentum ancient town, on the northern part of the island there are two swings where you can take cool photos.

St. Roko Church: St. Roko church was built in 1760, at the top of Vršina Hill above the center of Murter. The citizens of Murter raised this church as a vow to the saint who saved them from the plague.

Murter Carnival: The carnival has been held for 130 years. The event begins on Shrove Tuesday. After the judging, "Krnje" is lit, and a carnival dance takes place, and the best masks are awarded prizes.

Music Festivals on Murter

Murter Island has favorite venues for music lovers and party people. Summer music festivals are a trademark for Murter.

Love International will be held in Tisno on Murter, from July 10 – July 16, 2024. This festival is the successor of the popular Garden Festival in Croatia.

Stay tuned because news & some lineup additions will be announced on our website (in blog).

Outlook Origins also takes place at one of Europe’s best-loved festival sites - the Garden Resort in Tisno, on Murter Island. It is one of the best electronic music festivals in Croatia where you can enjoy nights with the program of drum & bass, dubstep, reggae, grime, UKG, hip hop, boat parties, and lots of good vibes.New Horizons Resort near the Garden Resort on Murter

New Horizons Resort near the Garden Resort

Multiple stages and after-parties usually take place at Barbarella’s Discotheque, situated 20 minutes from the resort by car.

Defected’s Annual Croatia Festival will be held between August 1 – August 4, 2024. You will have an opportunity to hear the best of music from talents across the globe, party with 5.000 fans, and have a great time on the Adriatic. This festival and extravagant spectacle is known for world-class production. Each year it offers a diverse line-up of dance music, played on three stages. Defected Croatia also offers a wellness program, with daily yoga classes and mindfulness sessions. Barbarella’s Discotheque hosts the after-parties until dawn.

If you need more information regarding what to do in Murter or if you would like us to help you plan your activities, our concierge department is at your disposal.

Dekmantel Selectors will be held from August 22 – August 27, 2024. It is a yearly five-day gathering event in Tisno on Murter. If you decide to arrive, you will enjoy artists like DjRUM, Kikelomo, Call Super & Shanti Celeste.

Dimensions 2024 - This festival also lasts five days and will be held from August 29 – September 3, 2024. This festival is also one of those that offers a special atmosphere created by passionate DJs, dancers, and visitors. A great way to say goodbye to summer.

Day Trips from Murter

View of Kornati from Murter

View of Kornati from Murter

The most popular day trip from Murter is a boat trip to Kornati National Park and a day trip to Vransko Lake.

Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park consists of 89 islands and presents a nautical heaven. Island hopping or exploring some of Croatia's beautiful National parks such as Kornati and Krka Waterfalls would be our recommendation along with exploring cities Šibenik and Split. On Kornati, you can sail and hike, visit the Tureta fortress on Kornat island, a Byzantine fortress from the 6th century, go scuba diving, and explore the underwater world of the rich archipelago.

Dolphins-watching tour:The tour starts from Murter Port. The main goal of this day trip is to find dolphins. When you find them, you will slowly approach them and observe them. The excursion ends with a swim in one of the coves of the Murter water area if the weather conditions are favorable.

Vransko Lake

Vrana Lake Nature Park is a unique wetland area in the Croatian part of the Adriatic. Its biological diversity is spread over reed beds and narrow strips of floodplain grasslands that extend over the ornithological reserve. Vransko Lake is an important habitat for birds. There are 234 species of birds and 102 of them nest in the Nature Park.

Sailing and sport fishing on the lake are possible if you rent vessels. A photo safari is a great idea for nature lovers. Flora and fauna are simply amazing.

Cyclists will also find their peace of mind here since there are more than 50 km of cycling paths in this area.

Weather on Murter

The weather on Murter Island is the same as in all of Dalmatia. Summers are short and warm, with several very hot weeks in July and August. In summer, the days are clear and without rain. The warmest and the clearest month is July. It is also the month with the least rain. The best time to visit Murter is from June to August, but May and September are also nice.

Beaches on Murter

Murter Island is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Here are some popular beaches on Murter Island that are often considered among the best:

Slanica Beach: Slanica Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Murter Island. It is a sandy beach with shallow waters, making it suitable for families with children. There are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby, and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

Slanica beach on Murter island

Slanica beach

Podvrske Beach: This is a pebble beach surrounded by pine trees, offering natural shade and a peaceful atmosphere. The clear waters are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. It is a less crowded option compared to Slanica Beach.

Cigrada Beach: Cigrada Beach is a rocky and pebbly beach with beautiful turquoise waters. It is a great spot for sunbathing and swimming, and it is less crowded than some of the more popular beaches on the island.

Luke Beach: Luke Beach is another peaceful option with crystal-clear waters and rocky terrain. It is a great place for snorkeling and enjoying the natural beauty of the island.

Kosirina Beach: Kosirina Beach is located on the southern side of Murter Island and is known for its tranquility. It is a pebble beach with calm waters, making it suitable for swimming and relaxation.

Restaurants on Murter

 Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine

When in the area, try Kornati lamb, local fig desserts, aromatic brandies, and other excellent specialties. The gastronomy of the island is based on Mediterranean dishes, with an influence of Italian and French cuisine.

You can eat a lot of seafood, freshly caught fish, crabs, shellfish, cephalopods, olive oil, and vegetables. For meat lovers, there are delicacies such as Kornati lamb, prosciutto, pancetta, and meat dishes under the oven. Dishes are seasoned with indigenous aromatic herbs, salt, pepper, parsley and garlic. Lots of meat and fish dishes are prepared with the addition of wine.

Light liqueurs and brandies are recommended as digestives before food (made from myrtle, cherry, walnut, rose, and carob, as well as brandy Lozovaca and Travarica. Taverns (konoba) are the trademark of this gastronomic paradise, as well as some restaurants.

Here are a few restaurants that were known for their good food and atmosphere on Murter Island:

Konoba Boba – this charming restaurant is located in the town of Murter and is known for its fresh seafood dishes, including grilled fish and seafood risotto. Raw fish options (like tuna) are the specialty of this place. The outdoor terrace offers beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.

Konoba Tic Tac– is located in Murter. The finest specialty of the restaurants is the monkfish brodetto. We also recommend Adriatic squid and an amazing squid brodetto, black porridge which is polenta with cuttlefish ink, prawns and squid, steak with balsamico sauce, and great cold starters.

Restaurant Racic– is located in Murter town. The specialty of the house is mixed brudet a la chef, chard on a mirror with seafood in holandes sauce. You can also try mixed buzara "Račić", monkfish with shrimps, bianco with gnocchi, etc.

Restaurant Fabro– is in Murter. It offers seafood and Mediterranean food. You can try fish, crustaceans, shellfish, and seafood. Meat lovers can try steak with green pepper.

Restaurant Festa– is located in Golubovac Bay on Zut Island, one of the Kornati Islands. Fish is prepared in the Kornati fishing style, with various shellfish, seafood, but also meat, all specially seasoned with olive oil. It is served with daily fresh homemade bread from the bread oven. The restaurant also prepares some dishes that are specific only to this restaurant. There is excellent eel pate, swordfish tartare, sea bream carpaccio with truffles and capers, swordfish carpaccio with grapefruit and arugula, etc.

Konoba Levrnaka– has found its place in Anica Bay on Levrnaka island. It is an island with the only sandy beach in the whole archipelago called Lojena. The beach is only 5 minutes on foot from Levrnaka restaurant. The restaurant offers various cold and warm appetizers, fish and meat dishes, and the most magical atmosphere by the sea. Pour the dishes with Babić, Lasina, or Plavina wine (black varieties) or Debit, Maraština, and Pošip (white varieties).

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