Villas on Pasman for rent

Villas on Pasman for rent

Visit villas on Pasman - the hidden gem of the Zadar archipelago

Our villas on Pasman are luxurious and modern. We also have a whole resort in our offer with plenty of tourist amenities. Explore Pasman, the island in the Zadar archipelago, and immerse yourself in its crystal-clear sea and untouched nature.

Featured villas on Pasman

The Palms Resort - Villa Beach II

Tkon (Pašman), Croatia
6 guests
3 bedrooms
per night

The Palms Resort - Villa Dream III

Tkon (Pašman), Croatia
4 guests
2 bedrooms
per night

Pasman Luxury Travel Guide

Do you seek a destination that promises natural wonder, a touch of romance, and endless adventure? Look no further than the magical island of Pasman.

Pasman IslandPasman Island

What is Pasman famous for?

Pasman consists of the main island and a couple of small islets and reefs among which is the world-famous Heart of the World, a small island that is shaped like a heart. This is one of only three such shaped islands in the world and the only one that never changes its shape. It is also a popular destination for couples looking to get married.

How to get to Pasman?

To start your Pasman adventure, you'll need to take a ferry. The Zadar – Preko ferry route will transport you to the neighboring island of Ugljan, which is connected to Pasman via a bridge. Keep in mind that having a car (or renting it) is essential for reaching your chosen destination. Alternatively, if you opt for the ferry from Biograd, you will arrive in Tkon, a charming Pasman settlement.

What to do while on vacation on Pasman?

Pasman attracts outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for trekking, cycling, diving, and seaside strolls. The island is great for those who appreciate untouched landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Discover the hidden bays and pristine beaches, where the Mediterranean sun shines, and the azure sea invites you to take a refreshing dip.

Pasman Beach

Pasman Beach

Sightseeing on Pasman Island

Pasman's intriguing attractions are scattered throughout the island, with some situated atop picturesque hilltops. To make the most of your explorations, consider using an electric scooter. Alternatively, engage in various sports activities, from trekking and biking to leisurely walks.

Here are noteworthy sites on the island of Pasman:Pustograd on Pasman

Pustograd on Pasman

Pustograd: This former Byzantine fortress, located near Tkon, has transformed into an archeological treasure. Located on a hill, it offers panoramic views of the sea and its surroundings. In the past, it served as a refuge against pirates for coastal inhabitants. Today, there is a hiking trail leading to the fortress, perfect for adventurers.

Benedictine Monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian: This Benedictine monastery, situated on Cokovac hill, tells a tale of Zadar nobility and clergy seeking shelter after Venetians destroyed their town. The views from this hilltop sanctuary are equally captivating.

OPG Matulic: Situated in the town of Pasman, this family-run enterprise crafts and sells original, natural cosmetics and tasty island-inspired foods. Their creations, like Pasmanero and Pasman Libre, are infused with the essence of the island and their unique winter journeys.

OPG Matulic on Pasman Island

OPG Matulic on Pasman Island

Beaches on Pasman Island

No vacation to Pasman is complete without a visit to its pristine beaches, particularly those along the North side, stretching from Tkon to the Pasman settlements. Most of these beaches have sandy shores with gently sloping shores, making them ideal for family vacations, especially for families with children. Water sports enthusiasts will also find plenty of opportunities to indulge in their passions.

Among the many beautiful beaches, we would like to highlight the lively Poljane beach in Tkon, famous for its annual beach parties at the end of July.Poljane Beach on Pasman

Poljane Beach

Where to eat on Pasman?

No vacation is truly complete without tasting the local flavors, and Pasman has some delightful culinary treasures. While there we recommend you to visit Restaurant Đardin in Tkon, a pizzeria, and spaghetteria known for its tasty beef burgers, BBQ ribs, and steaks.

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