Villas on Solta for Rent

Villas on Solta for Rent

Villas on Solta - hidden island near Split

Our villas on Solta are luxurious and historically rich, ideal for hosting different events. Immerse yourself in the hidden bays and pristine beaches of Solta, enjoy fine dining at local restaurants, or partake in an active vacation with cycling and water sports. Visit Solta near Split!

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Solta Luxury Travel Guide

Solta, a small island near Split, remains a hidden gem, largely untouched by mass tourism. A visit to Solta offers you the unique opportunity to see the traditional way of life, free from the hustle and bustle of daily routines. Read more about what you can do, see, and where to eat while staying.

Solta island

Solta island

How to get to Solta

From Split, Solta is easily reachable by ferry (approx. 1 hour) or by catamaran (30 minutes). The ferry and catamaran both stop at Rogac, the island's main port. In the summer you have the ferry 5 times a day. There is also the option to get a private boat transfer to Solta.

What to do on Solta

While on Solta you can participate in many activities such as hiking, cycling, scuba diving, or sea kayaking. Also, if you are looking just to enjoy the sun and swim in the crystal-clear blue sea you will find many lovely beaches on the island. Boat sailing trips or island hopping are also some of the activities available.

Solta Sightseeing



You can explore charming towns like Stomorska. Stomorska has the Mediterranean fishing village charm, offering a variety of delightful restaurants to dine at. On the opposite side of the island lies Maslinica, an upscale destination with a marina and a historic castle that we have in our offer.

In addition to exploring charming towns, you can enjoy in wine and olive oil-tasting experiences on Solta. We recommend a visit to Agroturizam Kastelanac, nestled in Gornje Selo near Stomorska, where you can taste their exquisite red wine, Dobricic.

For an interesting excursion, consider visiting Tvrdic Honey, a honey farm located near the new road connecting Grohote and Rogac, the ferry port. Here, you can taste the different flavors of Solta's honey varieties.

Restaurants on Solta

There are also restaurants with delicious food that can be found on Šolta. We recommend the following:

Martinis Marchi Restaurant on Solta island

Martinis Marchi Restaurant in Maslinica

  • Martinis Marchi Restaurant - The cuisine offered shows the art of making perfectly cooked local dishes with traditional recipes. The culinary delights are created from top-quality ingredients that have been valued in this region for generations.
  • Tavern Šešula-Amazing seafront restaurant in Maslinica that offers beautiful sea views, local cuisine, seafood, Mediterranean, barbecue, and European and Croatian dishes for you to enjoy while visiting.
  • Tavern Škoj Be sure to visit this Michelline Guide restaurant located in Stomorska. Run by a young female owner and chef, this restaurant offers exceptional cuisine. It also provides an appealing outdoor dining experience on a terrace that overlooks the town's picturesque natural harbor.

Beaches on Solta

There are a lot of hidden bays that are worth a visit on the island of Solta, here are a few:

  • Sesula Bay: Located near Maslinica on the south side of the island. This bay provides natural shelter for boats during the two most potent winds in Dalmatia – Bura and Jugo, this bay is a nautical paradise. You can reach the bay on foot, by car, or by bike. You will also find good restaurants there.
  • Sipkova Bay: It is also located in proximity to Maslinica but on the opposite side of Sesula Bay. You can reach it both by sea and by car. This spot is perfect for a tranquil day at the beach, as there are no tourist amenities in the vicinity, and here is the only sandy beach on the island. That is why it is advisable to bring your own food and beverages.

Tatinja Bay on Solta Island

Tatinja Bay

  • Tatinja Bay: This beach is in closer proximity to Grohote, which serves as the island's primary administrative destination, but is not located on the coast. Grohote acts as the central point of the island, with shops, administrative offices, and events, particularly during the summer season. You can access Tatinja from Grohote either on foot or by bicycle, following the gravel road.
  • Senjska Bay: You can access Senjska Bay either by following the gravel path from Gornje Selo or by taking a scenic walk. According to local legend, the Illyrian queen Teuta constructed a fortress atop the hill overlooking Senjska Bay.
  • Stracinska Bay: Stracinska is situated in closer proximity to Stomorska. You can access it from Gornje Selo on foot or by bicycle, as it is not accessible by car.

Solta island near Maslinica

Solta Island near Maslinica

Weather on Solta

Solta is an island located in Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, and its climate is typically Mediterranean. Summers on Solta are hot and dry. It is the peak tourist season, and the island experiences plenty of sunshine and very little rainfall. Sea temperatures are warm, making it ideal for swimming and water activities.

If you seek a tranquil holiday, removed from the crowds, Solta is an ideal destination for you. We hope the Solta Travel Guide helped you visualize what your holiday will look like if you visit this island.

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