Holiday villas on Vis for rent

Holiday villas on Vis for rent

Rent our villas on Vis for your holidays on the Adriatic. Visit Vis and enjoy this fairy-tale island immersed in the Adriatic Sea with beautiful beaches.

Rent our villas on Vis, the remote Dalmatian island of Vis. Choose from our luxury villas, beachfront rentals, and apartments with pools for an unforgettable vacation. Book now and experience the unique charm of Vis, with a special highlight—an exclusive lighthouse with privacy!

Featured Villas on Vis

Luxury Villa Lighthouse Beyond

Vis (Vis), Croatia
10 guests
4 bedrooms
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Luxury Villa Promissa with Pool

Komiža (Vis), Croatia
10 guests
4 bedrooms
per night

Vis Luxury Travel Guide

Vis, a hidden gem in the Adriatic, provides a real Mediterranean holiday. Its peaceful charm makes it a top holiday destination.

Vis island

Vis Island

How to get to Vis?

To get to Vis from Split, you can take a car ferry or a catamaran (fast ferry). The ferry ride takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, while the catamaran is faster, taking just 1 hour and 20 minutes.

If you're driving to Vis, you will need to line up for the ferry. It is best to come and get in line at least 1 hour before departure. Alternatively, you can also hire a boat to get to Vis.

Restaurants on Vis

Vis has many restaurants that serve excellent food. Our recommendations are:

  • Tavern Jastozera in Komiza, formerly a lobster farm, where the lobster, prepared in seven unique ways, is a must-try.
  • Fort George, once a fortress from the Napoleonic War, was transformed into a popular spot for cultural events and dining, providing breathtaking views of the Adriatic.
  • Tavern Roki is a family-owned restaurant and winery. Do not miss the local Vis wines: the white "Bugava" and the red "Plavac mali."
  • Konoba Kantun in Komiza is known for its genuine Dalmatian dishes, inviting atmosphere, and friendly service.

Octopus under the lid (peka)

Octopus baked "under the lid"

Beaches on Vis

If you visit, you will find many great beaches all around the Vis and on neighboring islands as well. The top beaches are Zaglav, Stoncica, Porat Beach on the island of Bisevo, and Grandovac. They vary from pebble to sandy beaches. The choice is yours!

Stiniva Beach: This pebble beach was awarded "Europe's Most Beautiful Beach" in 2016. It is located on the island's southeast. While accessible by boat or a 20-minute downhill trek (it is not suitable for young children and it is best done in sneakers), its stunning beauty is worth the effort.

Zaglav Beach: This serene sandy beach, also on the southeast, can be reached by boat or on foot from Milna. Its beautiful sands and clear waters are great, though its shade is limited. Enjoy local delicacies at the beach restaurant and also the sunset views.

Weather on Vis

Vis Island in Croatia enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means it has warm summers and mild winters.

What to do on Vis Island?

Sightseeing on Vis

Although not a well-known destination, Vis has plenty to offer to anyone who decides to visit it. Places like Stiniva Bay (we already mentioned it as one of the most popular beaches on Vis) and the world-famous Blue Cave are the most popular tourist destinations on Vis.

We also recommend you visit Komiza a sleepy small town ideal for relaxing. It lies on the western side of the island. You can combine visiting Komiza with your visit to the Blue Cave as it is situated on the island of Bisevo near Komiza.

Blue Cave

Vis island Blue Cave

Blue Cave Vis Island

The major must-see spot on Vis is undoubtedly the Blue Cave. Situated on the Bisevo island within the Vis archipelago, this World famous attraction draws many visitors annually.

The cave has great luminous effects, a result of sunlight reflecting through it. To experience this amazing spectacle, it is crucial to be there between 11:00 am and noon when the sun reaches its zenith. During this time, the cave's interior shines in blue.

Fort George

For history fans, a visit to Fort George is recommendable. Located just a 20-minute walk from the heart of Vis town, it also performs as a picturesque wedding venue.

Do not miss its major attraction: the enchanting medieval garden, shaded by pine trees.

Tito`s cave

In the Second World War, Tito and his partisans took refuge on Vis, arriving with assistance from the British Navy. It was here that they strategized the liberation of Yugoslavia from German occupation. After the War, the cave that sheltered Tito and his allies was transformed into a museum. Recognizing Vis' strategic importance, heavy fortifications were set up there after the War. Today, tourists can explore submarine hangars and military structures from that time if they book the "Military Tour".

Mamma Mia filming locations on Vis island

Vis Island, with its beautiful beaches and azure waters, became an international sensation as the main filming location for the hit movie "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again". Some of the filming locations are Barjoska Bay, Fort George, Komiza, and Stiniva Bay.

Activities on Vis

Green cave Vis islandGreen Cave Vis

Diving on Vis

Diving excursions are popular with visitors, many of them going to diving schools during the summer months. The island's underwater includes historical treasures, from ship remains of the 3rd century BC to WWII aircraft wrecks. Enthusiastic divers can book numerous tours on the island that provide the unique opportunity to explore these sunken treasures.

Kayaking on Vis

Experiencing Vis from a kayak is truly special. Choose a group kayaking excursion to discover the island's coastal beauty. A trip to the Green Cave is highly recommended for a great kayaking experience.

Hiking, paragliding, and rock climbing on Vis

Vis has many well-defined hiking paths and cycling routes. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, the island offers paragliding to see Vis from above, as well as rock-climbing expeditions.

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