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Villas in Croatia with availability for 2020

Villas in Croatia with availability for 2020

Already know the dates of your vacation in 2020? Great! Then it is best to book your favorite villa right now because now most of the villas have vacancies and this changes quickly. They will fill up in no time and you could stay without your favorite villa for your vacation. So hurry up and book them now!

For this reason, we have selected villas that already gave us prices for 2020. In this blog, we will tell you more about these villas and describe their benefits. We will also tell you more about the destinations they are located in: Dubrovnik, Makarska, and Split – top three destinations in Dalmatia!


What is best about Dubrovnik? Well, it is King's Landing from Game of Thrones for start. See more in our blog: Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia.

Dubrovnik in Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik as King's Landing credit to HBO

It is also a place to see and to be seen. Many celebrities have visited it. See more on our blog: Visit Dubrovnik and spend your vacation like a celebrity.But also it is a place of culture with historic sites and theDubrovnik Summer Festival. If you decide to visit it next summer, check this villa where the photo says it all:

Villa in Dubrovnik near the Old Town

Photo of Luxury Residence Queen of Dubrovnik

From this wonderful villa for 12 people, you can see the walls of the Old Town. Can it get better than this? Hardly.


Makarska is our next destination to recommend for the next summer. Different from Dubrovnik in every sense. Small and charming where glamour is replaced with the happy laughter of children on the beach.

Makarska from the sea

Makarska beaches from

Makarska has long, beautiful pebble beaches just perfect for families with kids and in the evening stroll along the city promenade with ice cream and listen to music on the main square of Makarska.

Villa Red Silk in Makarska

Villa Red Silk in Makarska

For your pleasure, we have a villa Blue Silk and villa Red Silk situated in Makarska. Thesetwo villas for 8 people and a heated swimming poolprovidea great panoramic view of the Adriatic sea.

Villa in Makarska

Photo of Villa Blue Silk in Makarska


Finally, last but not least is the town of Split. It is a destination where entertainment never stops. In summer you can find the Days of Diocletianin Split, Split Summer Festival, but also Ultra Music Festival together with many clubs where you can dance till the dawn.

In and near Split we have prepared not one but three villas you can book now for the next summer.

First is the Luxury Villa Grand View near Split. This affordable villa for 10 people is perfect for a relaxed vacation far from the noise. Its best feature is its panoramic view of the city and the sea. Just checkthe photo below:

Villa Grand View near Split

Luxury Villa Grand View near Split

Furthermore, our second choice would be the Luxury Villa White Oasis.

White Oasis Villa near Split

Luxury Villa White Oasis near Split

The house is modern and near the sea. It accommodates up to 15 guests and includes a living area of 300m2.

Finally, Villa My Happy Place is situated on the other side of Split in Podstrana. In Podstrana, you will find beautiful pebble beaches perfect for families with kids.

Villa My Happy Place

Villa My Happy Place near Split

This large villa for 20 people is ideal for larger groups and or several families. It has a playground for kids. It also includes a gaming room.

The interesting fact if you book more then 7 nights in this villa, transferto and from the airport isfree and the maid service every morning and also a chef and waiter servicefor a 3-course dinner is included in the price of the villa.

Like these villas? Book them now for 2020 while you still have a chance. Do not wait till next year because then they will be fully booked. Just check their calendars now for this year and you will get the full picture. Looking forward to greeting you next year in Croatia!

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