The 5 Best Boat Trips from Korcula

The 5 Best Boat Trips from Korcula

The wonderful island of Korcula and its archipelago is surrounded by evenly spectacular islands and towns in the Adriatic Sea. So, there are plenty of options for amazing boat excursions in Korcula. Regardless of which one-day boat tour from Korcula you decide on, we believe that it will be one of the most unforgettable experiences you will cherish from your vacation in Croatia.

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Korcula boat trip always brings a lot of fun and entertainment

Plan your vacation on Korcula with our list of the best boat trips from Korcula.

1. Korcula Archipelago Boat Tour

Korcula old town on the island of Korcula

A cruise in the Korcula archipelago is an excellent way to enjoy this beautiful island from the sea.

Panoramic view of Korcula old town from the boat

From fabulous panoramic views of the old town to visiting hidden coves, swimming in blue lagoons and discovering exceptional snorkeling spots, a boat trip in Korcula archipelago is sure to fill your day with incredible experiences.

Secluded bay in Korcula archipelago

The Korcula archipelago consists of 19 islands scattered in the sea passage between the island of Korcula and the Peljesac peninsula.

Shipwreck near Mokalo Beach

Sail across the Peljesac Channel to Mokalo Beach, where you will have a unique opportunity to snorkel above a ship that has sunk in the shallows.

Shipwreck near Mokalo Beach, Peljesac peninsula

Furthermore, you should not miss to visit the islet of Badija. Here you will have the opportunity not only to swim in the turquoise waters, but also to take a walk through the pine forest and take photos of the 15th-century monastery.

It is very likely that you will encounter tame deer that roam free on this small island. They will happily eat out of your hand if you bring them something to eat.

Tamed deer on Badija island you can visit in Korcula archipelago Boat tour

Depending on whether you go on an organized group or private boat tour to Korcula archipelago, you will have to stick to the group schedule or have the option to customize the itinerary and arrange stops with your private skipper.

Boat tour to the Korcula archipelago

We recommend stopping at the island of Vrnik and the islet of Stupe if possible. Vrnik is famous for stone excavations and there is also the Vrnik Art Club restaurant which is worth visiting. On the island of Stupe is the popular Beach Club Moro with the most Instagrammable swing half submerged in the sea.

Moro Beach Club on Male Stupe Island

2. Mljet Island National Park and Odysseus Cave Day Tour from Korcula

Earth Google view of Mljet island

Mljet is an elongated island in the Adriatic Sea, southeast of Korcula, on the sea route to Dubrovnik.

There are many peculiarities of Mljet and here we will mention only some of them. Mljet is known as one of the greenest islands in Croatia, with a protected Aleppo pine forest. A third of the island was declared a national park in 1960. There are two salt lakes in the park, one large and one small.

A couple of friends enjoy a speed boat ride to Mljet island

More than 90% of the national park area is covered with forest. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails here, ideal for active holidaymakers. On the other hand, it is possible to kayak or canoe on the lakes or visit the old church on a small island in the lake.

Sea tunnel leading to Odysseus cave on Mljet island

Odysseus Cave is located on the south side of the island of Mljet. It is egg-shaped and you can reach it by swimming through a twenty meter long tunnel. It takes its name from the legend that says that Odysseus was shipwrecked in a storm near the cave and saved himself by swimming into the cave where he found refuge.

Odysseus Cave, Mljet Island

A day tour from Korcula to island Mljet is one of the most sought after day trip options from Korcula.

Cliff jumping

Both sites on the island of Mljet, the National Park and the Odysseus Cave are definitely worth a visit. To fully enjoy and have a relaxing and fun experience, we recommend you to do just one of them on a day trip. Which one you choose depends on your preferences. If you like boating and swimming, then better choose an excursion to the Odysseus Cave. If sightseeing and hiking are more your thing, then you should opt for a visit to Mljet National Park.

3. The Paklinski Islands Archipelago and Hvar town whole-day tour from Korcula

The view of the town of Hvar, the port and the archipelago of Paklinski islands

There is no shortage of beautiful beaches with azure sea on the island of Korcula. There are also lovely beach bars and waterfront restaurants to visit. If you think you've explored them all or just want to discover something new, a day trip to Hvar from Korcula could be perfect for you.

Hvar's main square and St. Stephen's Cathedral

Visit the town of Hvar and feel the atmosphere of Croatian Saint Tropez! After strolling along the promenade in Hvar Town and St. Stephen's Square, hop back on a speedboat and enjoy sailing around the archipelago in front of you.

Enjoy lunch by the sea and spice up your day with a drink at one of the popular beach bars!

Luxury Beach Club Hvar

An ideal day trip to Hvar from Korcula would include 2 hours of sightseeing in Hvar town and a cruise around the archipelago of Paklinski islands, in addition to a scenic speedboat ride.

One of the pristine bays in the Paklinski Islands archipelago

The Hvar archipelago consists of 21 islets with the most popular bays being Stipanska, Zdrilca, Mlini and Vinogradisce. The latter is also often referred to as Palmizana Bay.

The bays are visited by many boaters during the day. The reason is the crystal clear sea, excellent waterfront restaurants and lounge bars. Some of the most popular lounge bars are Lagnini and Carpe Diem Beach. In some of them you can even go to the beach party.

Laganini restaurant and beach bar

If you prefer a quieter ambience, it's also easy to find quiet coves like Mlini Bay. You can also stop in the small village of Milna or visit the island of Scedro before returning.

Small boats moored in the port in Hvar town

The boat tour to Hvar is ideal if you want to enjoy the vibe of the most posh island in Croatia. You will get the opportunity to experience its simultaneously vibrant and relaxing vibes. At the end of the fun day trip you can retreat to peace of the island of Korcula.

4. Lastovo Archipelago Boat Tour from Korcula

Lastovo Archipelago Boat Tour from Korcula is an excellent choice for romantic trips and for a fun and relaxing family boat trip.

Pasadur, Lastovo island

Lastovo is Croatia's southernmost inhabited island with only about 1,000 permanent residents. Due to its distance from the mainland, natural beauty and interesting past, the island of Lastovo and its archipelago attract true nature lovers and boaters.

Secluded bay on Lastovo island

From the city of Split on the mainland, it takes a 5-hour ferry ride or a 3-hour catamaran ride to reach Lastovo. Korčula is only 1.5 hours away by ferry or 1 hour by catamaran.

Lastovo military tunnel

Since the offer of vacation rentals is very limited, the remote island of Lastovo is often overlooked. Thanks to this, there is no massive tourism and no hordes of tourists anywhere in the archipelago.

Swimming in the Adriatic Sea, Lastovo

Therefore, if you have found your summer vacation spot on the island of Korcula and have enough time to explore more of Croatia's unspoiled beauties, Lastovo is the right place for you to visit.

Struge lighthouse in the Lastovo archipelago

Lastovo island boat excursion includes sailing around Lastovo island and visiting the abandoned sea military tunnels. Optionally, you can stop at Struga Island with its lighthouse and at Saplun Island with a sandy beach. You can also stop for lunch at one of the local taverns that offer fresh fish every day.

Zaklopatica Bay on Lastovo Island

We recommend taking a private one-day trip from Korcula to Lastovo so you can fully enjoy a day at sea tailored to your wishes.

5. Day Trip to Dubrovnik from Korcula by Boat

Old Town of Dubrovnik

If this is your first time in Croatia and you have chosen the island of Korcula as your weekly or fortnightly base, a day trip to Dubrovnik's Old Town would be a logical choice.

Motor boat moored near Dubrovnik old town

Dubrovnik is the most famous Croatian city with a historic core and protective city walls. Although it is not possible to see all of Dubrovnik in one day trip, you will surely be amazed by the city's atmosphere and the charm of its old town.

Since the speedboat ride from Korcula old town to Dubrovnik city is quite long, around 2.5 hours, we always recommend starting early in the morning and making a stop at one of the Elafiti islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago. You can use this stop for breakfast and coffee or for a morning swim.

The beach in the Elaphiti archipelago

You will arrive in Dubrovnik's Old Town in the late morning or around noon. Here we recommend that you start your sightseeing with a local guide. On a 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minute guided walking tour you will see all the main sights, experience the atmosphere of Dubrovnik and learn some interesting historical facts.

After the walking tour, you can visit the city walls on your own or climb Srđ Hill by cable car for stunning panoramic views.

Panoramic view of Dubrovnik Old Town from Srd Hill

When you finish Dubrovnik sightseeing, the boat will pick you up and the return trip to Korcula will begin. On the way back you will also have an additional stop at the islands to swim or stop for a late lunch.

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