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The Best 11 Restaurants on Korcula Island

Welcome to our new Blog - The best 11 Restaurants on Korcula Island. Here we will let you know what the best restaurants are to visit while staying on Korcula Island, from our experience.

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The list is based on the recommendations from guests who stayed in our villas on Korcula. For these places, we always get great feedback.

Korcula is one of the favorite islands and destinations in Croatia. You have a lot of options on what to do and see. People enjoy the food, music, and landscape, as well as the islands. You can do amazing day trips from Korcula, read more about it in our Blog - The 5 Best Boat Trips from Korcula. On the other hand, if you are interested in more information and facts about Korcula you can read our blog Luxury Vacation on Korcula.

1. LD Restaurant

Photo Credits: Courtesy of LD Restaurant, Korcula

Meal presentation at LD Restaurant, Photo Credits: LD Restaurant, Korcula 

Located in Lešić Dimitri Palace on Korcula Island, LD Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Croatia. In fact, it's one of 10 restaurants that hold the Michelin Star. You can try exquisite meals prepared from the Mediterranean gardens, above and below sea level.

We also have a previous blog about the head Chef-Meet Marko Gajski - Head Chef at the Michelin Starred LD Restaurant in Korcula, Croatia. You can learn about his inspiration for the LD restaurant, its gastronomy story, and its signature dishes.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of LD Restaurant, Korcula

Meal presentation at LD Restaurant, Photo Credits: LD Restaurant, Korcula 

2. Filippi Restaurant

Filippi restaurant on Korcula Island

Filippi Restaurant on Korcula, Photo Credits: Filippi Restaurant

Restaurant Filippi is located in the Port of Korcula, on Petar Kanavelić Promenade. It is also a Michelin-recommended restaurant in Croatia. It offers you delicious modern Dalmatian cuisine based on local artisan pasta and fresh herbs, used creatively in a contemporary style. They promote local ingredients and source them as close to home as possible.

You can also enjoy a beautiful sea view of the Pelješac channel and the islands of the Korčula archipelago.

Sea view of the Filippi restaurant

Filippi Restaurant on Korcula, Photo Credits: Filippi Restaurant

3. De Canavellis Restaurant

DeCanavelis restaurant with sea view

De Canavellis Restaurant on Korcula, Photo Credits: De Canavellis Restaurant

Also located in the center of Korcula Town, the restaurant De Canavellis is a great recommendation for our guests.  It is THE place for fine dining. This place is perfect if you love Dalmatian classics with a modern twist. The beautiful terrace in the heart of the old town Korcula with a great sea view and next to the medieval walls is a great spot to visit and enjoy a rich meal.

delicious meal from DeCanavelis restaurant

Meal presentation at De Canavellis Restaurant, Photo Credits: De Canavellis Restaurant

4. Pensatore Kitchen & Wine 

Sea view from the terrace of Pensatore Restaurant

Pensatore Kitchen & Wine on Korcula, Photo Credits: Pensatore Kitchen & Wine 

Here is another restaurant set in the Korcula Old Town, the Pensatore Kitchen & Wine. It's an amazing choice to stop at if you are looking for a relaxing place with a sea view to enjoy a delicious meal with your family or friends. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly, they also have vegan and gluten-free options on the menu. Guests are always amazed by the friendly atmosphere and great staff that work in the restaurant.

Pensatore Restaurant, food for the soul

Meal presentation on Pensatore Kitchen & Wine, Photo Credits: Pensatore Kitchen & Wine on Korcula

5. Aterina Tavern (Konoba Aterina)

Tavern Aterina in Korcula tasty meal

Meal presentation at Aterina Tavern, Photo Credits: Aterina Tavern

Konoba (Tavern) Aterina is a must-stop in the Korcula Old Town. The delicious food from the Menu is made from local, fresh ingredients. Vegetables and fish are the base of the menu, along with traditional pasta. They offer amazing desserts, great wine, and are Vegetarian-friendly.  The restaurant also offers you a great atmosphere and friendly and professional staff that work there.

Rich meal from Aterina Restaurant

Meal presentation at Aterina Tavern, Photo Credits: Aterina Tavern

6. Mate Tavern (Konoba Mate)

Homemade pasta from Tavern Mate

Meal presentation at Tavern Mate, Photo Credits: Tavern Mate

Located in the Village Pupnat on Korcula Island, this gem is a great choice to visit. It's another one of the Michelin-recommended restaurants. This is a family-run tavern where authentic cuisine full of flavor has been served to guests for over two decades. Most of the food is homemade, including bread, pasta served with various sauces, goats' cheese, olive oil, home-grown vegetables, and traditional personalized desserts.

Homemade cake from Tavern Mate

Meal presentation at Tavern Mate, Photo Credits: Tavern Mate

7. Maha Tavern (Konoba Maha)

Beautiful Tavern Maha on Korcula

Tavern Maha on Korcula, Photo Credits: Tavern Maha

Located in Zrnovo, this Konoba (Tavern) Maha is run by two brothers (Ivan and Jaksa) who took it over from their parents. Year by year the brothers have been weaving part of themselves in the place and it became one of the best restaurants in the region. It offers a unique dining experience in the middle of nature. It opened in 2003. The Restaurant prepares traditional meals in a modern way and pairs them with local wines and handmade cocktails based on domestic plants.

Amazing meals from Tavern Maha

Meal presentation at Tavern Maha, Photo Credits: Tavern Maha

8. Bata Tavern (Konoba Bata)

Bata Tavern on Korcula

Meal presentation at Bata Tavern, Photo Credits: Bata Tavern

Tavern Bata is located in Vela Luka. It is famous for Seafood, and Mediterranean, European, and Croatian cuisine. They offer vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options and a rich selection of wine, beer, and other beverages. It is a perfect dining experience with very friendly and professional staff in a welcoming environment.

9. Vrnik Arts Club

Vrnik Arts Club in Korcula Archipelo

Vrnik Arts Club on Korcula, Photo Credits: Vrnik Arts Club 

Right on the small Island of Vrnik in the Korcula Archipelago, you can find this beautiful restaurant. The restaurant Vrnik Arts Club is where heritage, culture, nature, and gastronomy meet. 

Delicious meal from Vrnik Arts Club

Meal presentation at Vrnik Arts Club, Photo Credits: Vrnik Arts Club

They offer you art for all tastes and modern takes on classic Mediterranean dishes. There is also a beach in front of the restaurant so you can enjoy your time there, a relaxing hideaway for your holiday.

 Beyonce and Jay-Z with Vrnik Arts Club team Beyonce and Jay-Z with Vrnik Arts Club team, Photo Credits: Vrnik Arts Club

Even the famous musical couple Beyonce and Jay-Z had lunch there and loved it so much they took a picture with the lovely staff as you can see here.

10. Adio Mare Tavern (Konoba Adio Mare)

Tavern Adio Mare in Korcula Town

Tavern Adio Mare, Photo Credits: Tavern Adio Mare

Welcome to the family Konoba (Tavern) Adio Mare located in Korcula. The dishes are made with love, experience, and effort. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked on the BBQ so it may take a little more time to prepare the dishes than in other restaurants. However, it is worth the wait. You can enjoy delicious meals next to the oldest church in Korčula St.Peters Church, the St. Mark Cathedral, or the birth house of Marco Polo.

Art on the plate from Adio Mare

Meal presentation at Tavern Adio Mare, Photo Credits: Tavern Adio Mare 

11. Skafetin Tavern (Konoba Škafetin)

Tavern Skafetin on Korcula Island

Tavern Skafetin, Korcula, Photo Credits: Tavern Skafetin

The restaurant Konoba (Tavern) Skafetin is located in Lumbarda. You can taste delicious Mediterranean dishes here. The intimate atmosphere in the restaurant and the staff allow you to relax after a day of working or exploring the island. From sea bass, and tuna steaks to lovely desserts, chocolate cakes, and house wine there is something for everyone here to offer.

We hope you will find this blog helpful. In case you visit the restaurants that are recommended here please give us feedback about your experience, it will surely be amazing. Also, feel free to check out all your Croatian villas for rent!

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