Luxury Vacation on Korcula

Luxury vacation on Korcula island

Korcula is an island with wonderful nature, rich history and great food. Check this blog and discover interesting facts about Korcula, what to see, do, where to eat and stay and everything else essential for your luxury vacation on Korcula island.

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Korcula, an island brimming with natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, is home to medieval towns, stunning beaches, exceptional wine culture and so much more.

Interesting facts about Korcula

Korcula is one of the most interesting islands in Croatia. It is situated in South Dalmatia and even its name is interesting. It comes from the Greek word Korkyra Melaina which means Black Corfu due to the dark contours of the island.

Korcula Dark contours of the island

Korcula island with stunning nature

One of the legends says that the island was founded by the Greek hero Antenor who fled Troy. The other says Poseidon was jealous of the nymph Korkyra and he transformed her into an island paradise and this island is Korcula. Which one of these legends do you believe? In any case do not miss this beautiful island with extraordinary nature, delicious food, wine, and rich history.

What to see on Korcula?

Moreska Dance

When in the town of Korcula, you should go and see the performance of Moreska.

Moreska Dance on Korcula


It is a traditional dance performed with swords and it symbolizes the historic battles of Christians and Muslims. In „normal“ summers you can see it twice a week in the town of Korcula. However, in the times of the pandemic, the schedule might be different. Thus, for this summer's schedule please check the official website of the Tourist board of Korcula.

Old Town of Korcula

Furthermore, you should not miss the Old Town of Korcula. It is protected by UNESCO and it is called the „Little Dubrovnik“ due to its lovely architecture with fortified walls and red rooftops.

Another interesting fact is that it is shaped like a fishbone. It was built this way to protect the town from the winds.

Korcula Old Town like a fishbone

Old Town of Korcula shaped like a fishbone

In the Old town, you will also find a house of Marco Polo which was turned into a museum. Thus, you can visit it. Another interesting fact is that Korcula is believed to be the birthplace of this famous World adventurer.

Museum of Marco Polo Korcula

Marco Polo House,source

What we recommend concerning the Korcula Old Town is to take a guided tour. Our VIP Concierge Team can help you with the arrangement.

Furthermore, we recommend you take a car tour to see the rest of the island. You can make some stops to visit the local agrotourism places and wineries and taste locally grown authentic food and premium Korcula wines.

What food and wines you should try on Korcula Island

The local traditional meal is called Makaruni (it is a homemade pasta). You should also try seafood with top-quality olive oil from Korcula.

The island of Korcula is also famous for its top wines. If you enjoy wines, we recommend you to visit Bire Winery in Lumbarda, and taste their white wine Grk. The best red wine is Plavac. On Korcula, you will also find Posip and Rukatac which are also premium white wines.

Plavac Wine Korcula

Plavac wine from winery Blato 1902, Korcula Cro-Cop,

Where to eat on Korcula Island

After writing about food and wine on Korcula, it is only fair that we give you recommendations where you can taste them. Thus, here are our recommendations for restaurants in or near the town of Korcula:

Here are some other restaurants worth visiting around the island:

Active vacation on Korcula island

The southern side of the island is perfect for snorkeling, and the side facing Peljesac for windsurfing – if you are interested in an active vacation on Korcula. Again our VIP Concierge Team will be happy to assist you with the arrangements.

Windsurfing Peljesac

Windsurfing near Peljesac

Many practice cycling as well. There are no marked cycling paths but you can ride on the roads. Nevertheless, be careful when entering roads with traffic.

Korcula Cycling

Cycling on Korcula

Sailing the island archipelago

Korcula island includes an island archipelago that is locally called Skoji (meaning the islands). Some of the islands are Badija, Planjak and Vrnik. Many of them include beautiful beaches and some even restaurants with quality food. Thus, it might be interesting for you to sail the Korcula archipelago and explore them.

Best beaches on Korcula island

Almost everywhere on Korcula, you will find beautiful beaches and hidden bays with crystal-clear seawater.

Korcula Beaches

One of many small beaches on Korcula

Still, the most popular beaches on Korcula are:

  • Vela Pržina in Lumbarda – this is a large, sandy beach with a shallow area perfect for kids. Sandy beaches like this are rare on the island.
  • Beach Pupnatska Luka, located in the middle of the south part of the island has restaurants and cafes. It is a pebble beach with the turquoise color of the sea.

Pupnatska Luka Beach Korcula

Pupnatska Luka Beach on Korcula by Francesca,

  • You can also find nice beaches on small islands and islets of the archipelago in front of Korcula Old Town (like on Badija island for example).

Other beaches worth discovering on Korcula: Vaja beach in Racisce near Korcula town and Proizd beach near Vela Luka.

Day tours from Korcula to other islands or the mainland

For day trips to other islands, we suggest hiring a private boat with a skipper. Our VIP Concierge Team can help you with that. Here is a list of the most popular day trips from Korcula:

  • Hvar Island and The Pakleni Islands Archipelago can be done as a day tour.

Town of Hvar

Town of Hvar and Fortica Fortress

  • Another popular day tour is to Mljet Island, Mljet National Park, and Odysseus Cave.

Odysseus Cave Mljet

Odysseus Cave on Mljet island

  • The island of Lastovo is also interesting due to its large archipelago of 42 islands and islets. At night it has the darkest sky full of stars that must be experienced.
  • Peljesac peninsula is near Korcula on the mainland. It is easily reachable by car ferry. We have already written about Peljesac. If you are interested feel free to check the blog: Luxury Vacation on Peljesac.

Peljesac peninsula

Peljesac peninsula

  • Dubrovnik is also an interesting tour although a bit further away (3 hours by car and a car ferry to Peljesac – our VIP Concierge Department can organize the private transfer for you). In Dubrovnik, we suggest you take a guided tour of the Old town and visit the famous city walls. We have written about Dubrovnik many times on our blog. If you are interested check our blogs about Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik view

View of Dubrovnik from Srd mountain

How to get to Korcula

We have previously written about how to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik. If you are interested, please check our blog – How to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik.

On the other hand, if you plan to arrive at Split airport then you can reach Korcula in several ways:

  • By car ferry to Vela Luka and
  • By fast ferry to the town of Korcula.

Where to stay on Korcula

We have many exquisite villas on Korcula island and we have written about them many times. If you are interested feel free to check several of our previous blogs: Villa Korcula Diamond, Luxury Villa Emotha, Top 10 Villas in Croatia on the islands Volume 1 and Volume 2, and Influencers in Croatia.

Luxury Villa Grain of Salt

In this blog, we would like to feature one of our latest additions, a new villa: Luxury Villa Grain of Salt.

This is a brand new, modern villa with a beachfront location and a sea view.

Villa Grain of Salt Korcula

View from the villa Grain of Salt on Korcula

Luxury Villa Grain of Salt is a villa that can accommodate 8 guests. The swimming pool is next to the outdoor dining area and it can be heated.

Villa Grain of Salt Korcula Outdoor dining sea view pool

Outdoor dining area and pool

The interior is modern and it consists of luxurious furniture and large glass walls. Thus, you can see the sea from the inside of the villa as well. Just check the photos below and you will know what we mean.

Villa Grain of Salt Korcula Indoors

View from the living room

Villa Grain of Salt Korcula BedroomBedroom view

Imagine waking up with this view on your vacation! There are 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in the villa. As far as the amenities are concerned, the villa includes a home cinema, a game room with PlayStation and a fitness room.

We hope you enjoyed our blog and that you will enjoy your perfect luxury vacation on Korcula island even more!

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