Korcula Island in Croatia

How to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik

Korcula is world-recognized thanks to its winemaking tradition and white wines made of authentic grapes Grk and Posip. This charming island has lots to offer, from extraordinary gourmet experiences based on Mediterranean food to pristine nature, and sports activities like diving and snorkeling.

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Furthermore, if you are searching for luxury accommodation on Korcula you will be pleased that there are many luxury villas on Korcula. Thus, each year we have more and more inquiries and bookings of our luxury villas on Korcula. Once bookings are confirmed our VIP concierge department usually receives questions like:

  • How to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik?
  • How long does it take to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik by ferry?
  • Is there a car ferry to Korcula from Dubrovnik?
  • Is there a passenger ferry to Korcula from Dubrovnik?

For this reason, we have decided to write this blog post to help all our future guests with their questions regarding getting to Korcula from Dubrovnik and vice versa.

If you are flying to Dubrovnik, there are several options to get from Dubrovnik Airport to Korcula island.

Getting to Korcula from Dubrovnik Airport by car ferry

The first one is to rent a car at Dubrovnik Airport (our agency can help you with the arrangement) and drive to Orebic port on the Peljesac peninsula. The drive takes approximately 2 and a half hours, for driving route please check the photo below:

Driving route from Dubrovnik to Orebic on Peljesac peninsula

Driving route from Dubrovnik Airport to Orebic on Peljesac peninsula

After you get to Orebic you will need to take the car ferry from Orebic port to port Domince close to Korcula old town. The car ferry operates every half of the full hour from 5 am till 10 pm and the journey lasts only 20 minutes.

Jadrolinija car ferry in Croatia

Jadrolinija car ferry, www.jadrolinija.hr

In high season there is a waiting line in front of the car ferry and you will board on the ferry on the basis first arrived, first in. So, in case you miss one ferry you just stay in the line for the next car ferry. This is especially important for the return trip when you need to be at the Dubrovnik airport at a certain hour for your flight.

How to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik by the private transfer service

The second option and the option we recommend is taking the private transfer service with a luxury minivan with a private driver and making several stops on the Peljesac peninsula. For example, we recommend you to visit Mali Ston (Famous for oysters) and wineries in the heart of the Peljesac.

Peljesac peninsula

Photo of Peljesac, pixabay.com

Our VIP concierge department can help you with the private transfer service rental. Of course, transportation can be done without these stops. Everything depends on your wishes and interests. The total duration of travel without the stops lasts roughly around 3 hours and 30 minutes, but it depends on the traffic and the ferry boarding.

Getting to Korcula by fast ferry

The third option is to take the fast ferry to Korcula. In this case, you first will need to get from Dubrovnik Airport to the Dubrovnik Ferry port.

Getting from Dubrovnik Airport to Dubrovnik Ferry port

We recommend you to take taxi transportation or use services like Uber from the airport to the ferry port. The journey duration in the summer season is roughly 45-60 minutes. The cost for the airport shuttle from Dubrovnik airport to Dubrovnik ferry port in one direction by minivan (up to 8 passengers with luggage) costs approximately 60-70EUR.

If you are traveling without a car you can catch a fast ferry from Dubrovnik port and arrive at Korcula port in approximately 2 hours. Here is the schedule for the fast ferry lines leaving the Dubrovnik ferry port to Korcula Old town (for high season):

How to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik by fast ferry

Fast ferry schedule from Dubrovnik to Korcula island

*Important notice at Korčula port, docking is possible on the eastern or on the western side of the port. Also, the fast ferry Krilo stops on Mljet island before Korcula so make sure you exit on the right island. :-)

As you can see there are two major ferry transportation companies (their websites are: www.jadrolinija.hr and www.krilo.hr) and you can also buy tickets there online.

From the town of Korcula, you can take taxi transportation to your accommodation or we can organize a rent-a-car for you to pick it up in the port once you get off the fast ferry.

Moving around the island of Korcula

For moving around the island, we recommend you to rent a car. Our VIP concierge department can organize a car rental to be delivered to the villa or you can use local taxi services.

Luxury rent a car service in Croatia

Luxury rent a car service by VIP Holiday Booker

Traveling by speedboat from Dubrovnik or Cavtat port to Korcula

Our final option for getting from Dubrovnik or Cavtat port to Korcula island is to travel by speedboat taxi. First, you will take the private taxi from Dubrovnik Airport to Dubrovnik port or to Cavtat port and then take the speedboat taxi to Korcula. Traveling on a deluxe speed boat from Dubrovnik port or the Cavtat port is a great experience if you like the open sea and our VIP concierge department can organize the trip for you.

However, this way of traveling is a bit expensive (roughly 800-1.200 EUR per direction) and you spend a lot of time on the open sea. To be honest, we recommend this only if you choose the morning hours for the trip. In the afternoon it gets bumpy on the sea and only bigger speedboats are enough comfortable for this route.

Speedboat transfers in Croatia

Speedboat transfers in Croatia, by VIP Holiday Booker

How to get from Korcula to Dubrovnik

For getting back from Korcula to Dubrovnik you have similar options, only in returning way.

Regarding advice, we recommend you to arrive about 3 hours in advance to the airport if you are traveling in high season. Then the airport and ferries can be crowded so it is better to have a bit more time. Again you can take a ferry from Korcula to Orebic or a fast ferry from Korcula to Dubrovnik.

Here is the schedule for the fast ferries from Korcula to Dubrovnik in high season:

How to get from Korcula to Dubrovnik by fast ferry

Fast ferry schedule from Korcula to Dubrovnik

From Dubrovnik port, you need approximately 1 hour to get to Dubrovnik Airport.

We hope we managed to help you with your questions about how to get to Korcula from Dubrovnik. In one of our future blog posts, we are bringing you tips on how to get to Korcula from Split and Split airport.

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