Advent in Zagreb with kids

Advent in Zagreb with kids

Advent in Zagreb looks a bit different this year because of Covid-19. In the previous years, it was awarded the Best Advent in Europe several years in a row. Nevertheless, it is still beautiful especially if you visit it with kids.

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There are numerous performances and places that will surely be interesting to them. For the whole program of Advent in Zagreb feel free to visit their official website Advent in Zagreb.

Advent in Zagreb by Boška and Krešo

Advent in Zagreb by Boška and Krešo from  

Where to start your tour?

Ban Josip Jelacic Square is always a good starting point. There you will find a huge Christmas tree with toy decorations which are the theme of this year's advent. 

Christmas Tree at Ban Josip Jelacic Square

Christmas Tree at Ban Josip Jelacic Square

Thus, they can be found everywhere: on Xmas trees in squares and in parks and as installations that your children will love to take a photo with!

Christmas Installations

Christmas Installations

Ban Josip Jelacic Square

At Ban Josip Jelacic Square you will find numerous plays, performances, and recitals for kids in the morning and for the adults in the evening.

Ban Jelacic Square

Ban Jelacic Square by J. Duval from  

Furthermore, kids will surely enjoy the chocolate fritters from the Christmas Stands, while parents can warm themselves with a cup of mulled wine.

Chocolate Fritters

Frying fritters at Advent in Zagreb by S. Kastelan from

While we mention chocolate there is another place you simply must visit with your kids and that is the Chocolate Museum.

Chocolate Museum

At the moment part of their display is related to Christmas, but this museum is a good choice the whole year-round.

Chocolate Museum

They have degustation points with different sorts of chocolate that you can taste in unlimited amounts. Do we need to say more? You will probably need to make your kids leave this place.

Chocolate Museum Tastings

Chocolate Museum Entrance Tickets

Zagreb Parks

Once you are all full of chocolate it might be a good idea to take a stroll through several of Zagreb's many parks. They are all decorated and illuminated. Thus, it is best to visit them in the evening when they look magical.

Advent on Zrinjevac

Advent on Zrinjevac Park, by J. Duval from  

Zrinjevac Park

Additionally, at Zrinjevac you will find numerous performances for kids with elves that tell tales, especially during the weekends.

Performances at Park Zrinjevac

Performances at Park Zrinjevac

King Tomislav Square

At King Tomislav Square, you will find toys statues that we already mentioned. Thus, your kids can take a photo with a giant teddy bear, a fox, or a Xmas tree with toys.

King Tomislav Square

King Tomislav Square

By the time you finish with the parks, you will probably freeze. Thus, we recommend you to warm yourselves with coffee or some other refreshment in one of many cafes in Bogoviceva Street that is on your way to your next stop which is Backo Mini Express Mini Train Museum.

Backo Mini Express Mini Train Museum

Backo Mini Express Mini Train Museum by M. Gasparovic from  

Backo Mini Express Mini Train Museum

This museum will delight you all we assure you. At the moment there are 7 displays with trains that buzz in all directions (even inside the floor).

Backo Mini Express Trains

Backo Mini Express Trains

Not only the trains are interesting, but there are numerous miniatures of animals and people in different situations such as a concert, ski slopes, and these miniatures move and ski depending on where they are.

Backo Mini Express Miniatures

In one of the last rooms, you will find a replica of King Tomislav Square during advent in one of the previous years when there was a huge ice-skating park there and our singer Mia Dimsic made a video there. If you closely watch this video from Youtube you will see the Backo Mini Express Museum inside and its personnel.

Finally, your kids will love the last room where they can try driving these miniature trains (as well as try other train effects).

Backo Mini Express Driving Trains

Backo Mini Express Driving Trains

Now you are probably ready for the last big part of the Zagreb advent – the Upper Town.

The Upper Town

There are many interesting places there that we encourage you to visit and the best way to get there is by using the funicular. We have already written about it in one of our previous blogs: Autumn in Zagreb. Feel free to read it if you are interested in it and the Upper town in general.

Zagreb's Funicular

Zagreb's Funicular by I. Nobilo from from  

Once you get to the upper town you will be amazed by the Zagreb panorama especially in the nighttime with all the Christmas lights in the background. Just perfect for a selfie with your loved ones, right?

Advent at Stross

Your next stop can be Advent at Stross where you can taste delicious sausages and hot dogs we are sure your kids will love.

Christmas Stand at Stross

Christmas Stand at Stross

St. Mark's Square

While in the Upper Town take a stroll to the St. Mark's Square (which is also a center of the Croatian parliament). There you will find a Christmas tree with many Nutcrackers. They are also one of the symbols of this year's Advent in Zagreb.

St. Mark's Square

St. Mark's Square with Nutcrackers

Bela IV Park

This year it becomes a moon park with peculiar flower lights and the moon statue where you can make your Zagreb wish.

Bela IV Park

Bela IV Park - Moon Park

Advent at Gradec Plateau 

Finally, visit the Advent at Gradec with hundreds of Xmas trees, music, and lights where you will feel Advent 100%. Do not forget to take a photo with Zagreb Cathedral in the background.

Gradec Plateau with Zagreb Cathedral

Gradec Plateau with Zagreb Cathedral in the background

Tkalciceva street

While walking back down to the Square of Ban Jelacic make sure to stop at Tkalciceva street in one of the many cafes and pubs where you can even taste the cooked gin.

At some nights musicians play Christmas carols from the balconies of these beautiful vintage houses.

Tkalciceva Street

Musicians at a balcony in Tkalciceva Street

Finally, there are many more visiting places while in Zagreb during Advent with kids and the visiting order is up to you. Whatever and whichever place you choose we are sure your kids will love their visit!

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