Autumn on Plitvice Lakes with Kids

Autumn on Plitvice Lakes with kids

We have already written about National Park Plitvice Lakes. Now, we will give you a sequel about autumn on Plitvice Lakes with kids.

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General facts

Before we start with the sequel we will give you several general facts about Plitvice that will be interesting for you and your kids:

  • Plitvice Lakes is the first National Park in Croatia and it is protected by UNESCO.
  • The size of the park is huge (29.630,8ha) and there are 16+ lakes inside as well as numerous waterfalls. Thus, it is wise to spend a whole day there especially if you plan to visit with kids.

Lake and Waterfall PlitviceLake and Waterfall

  • The highest waterfall is the Big Waterfall with an altitude of 78m.
  • You will also find several caves inside. Your kids will love them, although it is kind of difficult to enter them due to steep stairs.

Plitvice Cave


  • The main characteristics of the park though, are the color of the lakes which seem like they are from a fairytale (photo).

Pltivice Turquoise Color of the Lake

Turquoise lake

  • The lakes are separated by the natural tufa barriers and connected with waterfalls.

Plitvice Waterfalls


Main areas in the park

There are two main areas in the park: the Upper and Lower Lakes. We suggest visiting them all. It will take some time probably as we already explained, but it is definitively worth it.

Different paths

Map of Pltivice

Map of Plitvice (inside the park)

There are 8 different circular paths for visit. At Entrance 1 there are four paths marked with green color, while at entrance 2 four paths are marked with orange.

For those who like hiking, there are also 4 mountain paths, but these are not for small children. In this blog, we will follow one of the regular paths from entrance 2. All paths are well marked so you cannot get lost.

Pltivice Paths through nature

Paths through nature

Several notes before you go

  • Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes and layered clothes and to check the weather forecast prior to going.
  • Baby strollers are not recommended due to the wooden paths and stairs. You can always carry your kids. However, it is a long walk. So, think about it if you plan to go to Plitvice with a baby.

For more details about Plitvice, please check our previous blog: Magical places in Croatia: No. Plitvice Lakes.

Autumn on Plitvice with kids

Autumn is the perfect season for visit because of the colors. The lakes are green and blue, and the trees vary from yellow to red. Just check the colors on the photos and you will understand.

Plitvice Autumn Colors

Autumn Colours on Plitvice

Additionally, October is the month of Croatian tourism. Thus, many attractions are more affordable including the entrance to this National Park. Furthermore, there are some gourmet restaurants with special offers. We will mention them later in the section Where to eat on Plitvice.

Weather in Autumn

As we already mentioned check the weather forecast before you go. Warning: even if the forecast is sunny, in the morning it is cold and foggy. Thus, wear jackets or jumpers that you can take off once the sun rises and warms the area.

Plitvice Mist on the Lake

Mist on one of the lakes

Despite the fact that it is Autumn the park can be crowded. For this reason, masks on board the boat and in the bus are necessary (due to COVID-19).

Entrance to the park

Actually, there are three entrances. The two main entrances that we already mentioned can be pretty crowded. There is also one auxiliary called Flora near entrance 2. As we already mentioned there are several routes you may take depending on what you wish to see: lower lakes, upper lakes, or all of them. Today we will follow the H path that is perfect for those who wish to see all of the lakes from entrance number 2.

Path H

Pltivice Picnic SpotPicnic spot

First, you take the tourist train. The train takes you to the picnic spot where you can get coffee (important for parents) and there are toilets there (important for the kids).

The path is well marked and you can get around easily. There are also boards with information about each sight as you approach it. Along the way, you will see lakes, waterfalls, fish, and ducks.

Plitvice Info board

Info board

Regarding the ducks, according to the brochure it is not allowed to feed the ducks, but everybody does it and ducks are used to it. They are friendly and your kids will love them.

Plitvice Ducks

Ducks on one of the lakes

Bridges are made of wood and safe. They are inspected and changed often. Renewing the paths is a constant process. Today wooden paths are one of Plitvice's signature marks.

Plitvice Wooden paths

Wooden paths

Also, you can rest on the benches along the way on the wooden benches which is also great for the children.

Viewpoints are perfect for Social Media photos and videos.

Boat ride

After some time, you will get to the boat where you can take a ride to the other part of the lake. The boat is free included in the price of the national park. You actually have to show the ticket at the entrance. So it is probably a good idea to have them ready. Face masks are also necessary due to Coronavirus.

Plitvice Boat ride

Boat ride

The ferry takes you to the Lower lakes. There you will find another picnic site with snacks, burgers, and coffee. It is a good idea to take some food or coffee with you in general as it is long between resting places with food and beverages.

Picnic Site Plitvice

Picnic site

You will also find a souvenir shop there which allows up to 4 people at once due to the pandemic.

After you rest for a while, it is time to continue your walk to the Big waterfall. Which is quite a walk as well. It takes approximately one hour with kids.

Plitvice Big Waterfall

Big Waterfall

Once you take a photo next to the biggest one it is time for the final climb. Your kids will probably give up and you will have to carry them but the view is worth it.

Plitvice from above

Plitvice from above

At the top panoramic train takes you to the exit.

Where to eat on Plitvice?

Exhausted but full of impressions, the only thing that remains is to find a good restaurant.

There are several ones that participate in the October offer which means that they have menus for approximately 100kn per person. Menus are based on seasonal food and include creamy soups, meat stews, and local Lika desserts you simply must try. The restaurants that participate in the offer this year are Poljana, Licka Kuca, Jezero, and Vucnica.

Plitvice Gourmet Offer

Part of the Gourmet Offer fromNational Park Plitvice Lakes

However, restaurants in the park work short, and the others like Licka Kuca are pretty popular. Thus, it is wise to make a reservation before you go.

Plitvice Reflection

Reflection on the lake

This was our travel blog about Plitvice in Autumn with kids. We hope we inspired you to take the trip yourself and make your own memories of this natural phenomenon.

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