Sveti Jakov beach in Dubrovnik

7 most memorable Dubrovnik beaches

Croatia is very well known as the homeland of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, if not in the world. Many times these magnificent beaches have been the subject of many famous magazines, thanks to the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, pebble and sand, secluded and unusual places along the coast and islands.

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Today's blog topic will be about the most interesting beaches in the Dubrovnik area that you should not miss when spending your vacation in one of our villas in Dubrovnik.

1. Banje Beach

We are sure that you have come across the photos of this beach each time you have googled ''Dubrovnik'', right? Banje Beach is located on the edge of Dubrovnik’s Old Town alongside the 17th century Lazareti and in front of the eastern entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town (Ploče Gate). Repeatedly listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world, it offers a fantastic view of the city port and the island of Lokrum.

The most famous Dubrovnik beach, Banje beach; source: Flickr, author: Dronepicr

The beach is sandy-pebble, with a range of activities and water sports such as kayaking, paragliding, jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing. Do not miss to enchant your taste buds with Dalmatian specialties, while enjoying cold drinks at a lounge bar. Stretch out on comfortable loungers or under a canopy and enjoy the summer breeze until the evening, when Banje Beach turns into an elite place for a good party.

Banje beach view over Lokrum island

Magnificent views from Banje beach over the Lokrum island

2. Sveti Jakov beach

If you are looking for a secluded beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city, do not miss the beach Sveti Jakov, one of the most attractive beaches in Dubrovnik. It is located in a small bay below the church of St. James, and the road to it leads up steep stairs, as many as 160, so it is not suitable for the elderly. It is about half an hour's walk from the Old Town. If you are arriving by car, you can park your car in the free car park at the Belvedere Hotel. For the adventurous, the beach can also be reached by sea – by kayak or jet ski.

Sveti Jakov beach in Dubrovnik

Sveti Jakov beach and view over the Dubrovnik port

Although isolated from the city noise, the beach of Sveti Jakov has everything you need for a full day at the beach. You can rent umbrellas and deck chairs for approx. 50 kuna, take a shower after swimming, play beach volleyball and catch some sun rays. You can also refresh yourself at a nearby café, and if you get hungry, there is a tavern nearby. An additional plus of Sveti Jakov beach is the beautiful view of the nearby island of Lokrum and Dubrovnik Old Town.

3. Lokrum island

The next beach on our list is located on the small island of Lokrum, only 10 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik. What is unusual about this beach is the fact that it is a lake called "The Dead Sea''. Due to the clean and warm water which is shallow enough (the lake is 10 meters deep), it is a great spot for families with children and non-swimmers.

The Dead Sea on Lokrum island''The Dead Sea'' beach on Lokrum island, source: Flickr

If you do not like the option of swimming in the lake on the island, do not worry, other attractions make it worth visiting this wonderful place. The island of Lokrum is a special reserve of forest vegetation under the protection of UNESCO. Maybe along the way, you will come across the colorful inhabitants of Lokrum - peacocks.

Peacocks on Lokrum island

Peacocks are usual inhabitants on Lokrum island

Definitely worth a visit is the botanical garden of the Habsburg Duke Maximilian, with more than 500 species of various exotic plants from all over the world.

You can walk to the highest point on Lokrum where the fortress from 1806 is located, with a beautiful view of Dubrovnik, Cavtat area, and the islands.

Magnificent view from the top of Lokrum islandFantastic view from the top of Lokrum island. Beach Sveti Jakov is just accros.

4. Pasjaca beach

The fascinating Pasjaca beach is located in Konavle, about 30 kilometers south of Dubrovnik and 12 km from Cavtat. It is located in a secluded place and was created in the 50s of the last century, by breaking a tunnel to the sea. Then excavated stones were left on the shore so that the waves could turn it into shores and fine sand in a couple of years, and here it is now – breathtaking and magical in its unique way! The descent to the beach itself is equally enchanting and even a bit adventurous: the rocks and the beach are at 200 m altitude difference, and you go down a steep road and stairs cut into the cliff, and in some places, you go through hollow tunnels.

Pasjača beach in Konavle

On the way down to dreamy Pasjaca beach

Arriving at the beach will certainly take some time if, like most people, you stop and take photos often, because it is impossible to pass without admiring the surroundings.

view from the Pasjača beach over the steps and tunnel

View over the part of the steep way down through tunnels

Make sure to bring some food and drinks, since there are no shops or cafe bars around. Sun umbrellas are advisable as well, as, for most of the day, there is no natural shade.

Crystal clear Adriatic sea on Pasjača beach

Pasjaca Beach is magnificent, isn't it?

Its uniqueness makes it so special that it is no wonder that European Best Destinations chose Pasjača as the best European beach in 2020.

You can also take a look at our old Blog post: Pasjača beach.

5. Trsteno

Our next suggestion is Trsteno, a small village only 19 km from Dubrovnik. The place is special in many ways - untouched nature, small coves, and clean pebble-rocky beaches will give you privacy and a real vacation.

Aerial view over the Trsteno beach and harbour

Trsteno beach and harbor, and view over the crystal clear Adriatic sea

It is also the oldest arboretum in Croatia and one of the oldest in the world, where a summer house from the 15th century is located. The arboretum itself is legally protected as a monument of garden culture.

Arboretum Neptune Fountain

Baroque fountain of the Roman god of sea Neptunein Arboretum Trsteno, source: Wikimedia Commons, author: Stefan Fussan

At the very entrance to the arboretum, there are two huge sycamore (plane) trees. Their trunk diameter is more than 5 meters, and they are more than 600 years old.

Huge sycamore tree in Arboretum Trsteno

Huge sycamore tree, source: Wikimedia Commons, author: Marijana Miljas Đuračić

Trsteno is also known as one of the locations for filming the picturesque King's Landing Gardens in seasons 3 and 4 of the TV series Game of Thrones.

Trsteno is connected to Dubrovnik by a regular bus line that runs several times a day, and the ride takes only about 20 minutes. The Elaphite Islands are also easily accessible from Trsteno.

Enjoy this little wonder under the sun!

6. Betina Cave

is a pebble beach only a kilometer and a half away from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. This unusual secret beach is located directly in the rock and can only be reached by the sea - by boat or kayak. You can also take water taxis in the port of Old Town.

Betina Cave with view over the Dubrovnik Old Tow port

Betina cave, with magnificent views over the Dubrovnik Old town port in the back

Surrounded by rocks and greenery, the beach gives the impression that you are far away on the island and not so close to the world-famous city of Dubrovnik.

Betina Cave in Dubrovnik

Betina cave in Dubrovnik, is named after the scientist Getaldic, named Bete who carried out various research and experiments there

The crystal clear sea, the pebbles, and the high walls of the cave make the bathing experience here really special. If you are an avid adventurer, you can reach the beach by swimming from the nearby Gjivovići beach.

If you plan to spend a good part of the day here, we advise you to bring some food and drinks, because it is not so easy to "jump to the store".

7. Cavtat

Cavtat is a small town 19 km away from Dubrovnik, located by the sea and a short drive from the Dubrovnik airport.

Cavtat promenade

Cavtat promenade and port

The beautiful center, promenade, and the old part of town will delight you with its simplicity and rich offer. From the Cavtat promenade, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets, for which Cavtat is famous, among other things.

Magical Cavtat sunsets

Small rocky and sandy beaches are located everywhere on the Rat peninsula, where you can also walk from the center to the harbor on the other side of the peninsula. You can also enjoy the beaches in front of the hotels, where you have a rich offer of cafes and restaurants.

Dubrovnik is widely known among world travelers for its history, photogenicity, sights, and excellent food. We hope that this blog will help you plan your Dubrovnik vacation and that you will fill your memories with some of the most beautiful and interesting beaches in Croatia. There are many beautiful places around, just waiting to be discovered!

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