Pasjaca beach Dubrovnik Croatia

Pasjaca beach - the most instagramable beach in Croatia

Dubrovnik is known as the Pearl of Adriatic and definitely owns the title! Whether you are on a day trip, family vacation, or leisure holiday in Dubrovnik, do not miss the chance to visit one of its hidden gems - the Pasjaca beach which became the most popular beach in Croatia on Instagram.

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We will start this blog post with info about Pasjaca Beach. Then we will give you tips on villas in Dubrovnik for rent and we will finish with things to do and where to eat while on a luxury vacation in Dubrovnik. So, let's start!

Location of the beach

Hidden, and even a bit hard to reach, Pasjaca beach will amaze you with its beauty and charm. It is located in a small settlement named Konavle, which is only a short ride from Dubrovnik Old Town.Google maps directions from Dubrovnik Old Town to Pasjaca beach

Google maps directions from Dubrovnik Old Town to Pasjaca beach

Position of the beach

The beauty of this pebble beach is its position. The contrast of the 250 meters high cliffs and serene blue Adriatic awakes the desire to capture the moment and snap a photo right away.

Pasjaca beach cliffs, Dubrovnik area

Pasjaca beach Dubrovnik area, author Luka Krstulovic from

How to reach the beach?

Pasjaca beach is reachable by very steep, but photogenic stairs. Reaching the beach will surely be worth the steep descent. You can enjoy nature, serenity, and stunning horizon.

The way back can be a bit tricky, so be prepared for some hiking.

Stairs to the beach, by croq, from

Where to stay in Dubrovnik?

While visiting the Pasjaca beach and holidaying in Dubrovnik you will need a place to stay. Thus, we wish to suggest the following villas:

1. Villa Sunshine

Our first choice for villas in Dubrovnik Area is this modern villa with an infinity pool.

The best feature of this villa is the splendid view of the sea and the bay where the villa is situated. Just check the photo and you will see what we mean!

Villa Sunshine Dubrovnik The View

The view from the villa Sunshine Dubrovnik

This villa includes a shaded outdoor area with a barbecue in an enclosed garden that is perfect for outdoor dining and socializing with the view.

Outdoor dining with a view

Outdoor dining with a view

Other amenities of this gorgeous villa are the fitness room and outdoor Jacuzzi.

Villa Dubrovnik Sunshine Jacuzzi

Villa Dubrovnik Sunshine Jacuzzi

2. Villa Primavera

Villa Primavera Dubrovnik

Villa Primavera Dubrovnik

This is a large villa for 12 guests. It accepts different kinds of parties if you are looking for a villa in the Dubrovnik area for events. Furthermore, it is a family-friendly villa with an infinity pool and various equipment for sports activities such as SUPs and a badminton field.

Sports equipment in Villa Primavera Dubrovnik

Sports equipment in family-friendly villa Primavera

Actually, we have already written about this beautiful, modern villa near Dubrovnik. If you are interested in it feel free to check one of our previous blogs named Villas in Croatia for families.

3. Villa Inner Peace

Villa Inner Peace Dubrovnik

Villa Inner Peace Dubrovnik

This is a modern villa for 8 guests with 4 bedrooms. It includes a sea view from the pool area and the terraces. There is also a great outdoor area for dining with a barbecue. Thus, you can dine with a view.

Dining with the view

Outdoor dining with the view

The interior is spacious and the glass walls ensure the view even from the inside. Furthermore, there is also a great view from the bedrooms and the terraces.

Villa Inner Peace Dubrovnik Bedroom View

Bedroom View from Villa Inner Peace

4. Luxury Villa Elysian

As you can see from the photo this is a villa with exquisite views of the sea. It includes a pool with a massage system. The pool can be heated.

The view from Luxury Villa Elysian

The view from Luxury Villa Elysian

The interior of this villa is luxurious and spacious.

Interior of the Villa Elysian Dubrovnik

Interior of the Villa Elysian

It includes 4 bedrooms and it is suitable for 8 guests.

Luxurious bedroom in Villa Elysian

One of the luxurious bedrooms in Villa Elysian

Additional benefits of renting this villa are barbecue, fitness room, billiard, and table tennis room.

5. Villa White Jade

This is a traditional 5 bedroom villa for bigger groups. Its pool can be heated and there is a covered lounge area near the pool that will help you relax on your vacation.

Villa White Jade Dubrovnik

Villa White Jade Dubrovnik

There is also an outdoor dining area with a barbecue for romantic evenings.

Outdoor dining Villa White Jade

Romantic dinner in Villa White Jade

The interior is also romantic and rustic full of interesting details. Just check the photo and you will see what we mean.

Interior of the Villa White Jade Dubrovnik

Romantic interior of the villa

Finally, this villa has a large terrace with a sea view even from the bedrooms!

While vacationing in the Dubrovnik area make sure not to miss seeing some of the best things Dubrovnik can offer. And we assure you it can offer a lot!

What to do while on a luxury vacation in Dubrovnik?

We have already written about what to do in Dubrovnik many times. Here are the links to some of our most interesting blogs about Dubrovnik:

1. Top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik

View of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik view from the above

In this blog, you will find a thorough travel guide for Dubrovnik from what to see, do, and where to eat, and also our recommendations for villas in Dubrovnik (which you can add to the list we provided you in this blog).

2. Sightseeing in Dubrovnik

In this blog, you will find out Dubrovnik's top sights. Shortly, visiting City Walls should be on your bucket list for Dubrovnik. The Old town as well with the most famous promenade called Stradun. Finally, the cable ride to the Srd hill is definitively a must when it comes to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik City Walls

Dubrovnik City Walls

3. G.o.T. filming locations in Dubrovnik

Finally, G.o.T. fans probably know that the series was partially filmed in Croatia and that Dubrovnik was one of the locations. Actually, Dubrovnik doubled as King's Landing the capital of the Seven kingdoms. Thus, you will love the list of filming locations in Dubrovnik. You can find them all in the above-mentioned blog.

Dubrovnik harbor scene

Dubrovnik harbor scene (credit to HBO)

Where to eat in Dubrovnik?

Lastly here are some restaurant recommendations where you can find local delicates and top prepared food in Dubrovnik. You will find them all in our blog related to Fine dining restaurants in Dubrovnik.

We hope you liked our suggestion to pick Dubrovnik and Pasjaca beach for your next luxury vacation. If you visit it and take a photo there, we would appreciate it if you tag us @vipholiday_booker on Instagram or use a #vipholidaybooker hashtag on Facebook. We wish you a great vacation in Croatia!

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