Top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik

Top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik

Planning to visit Dubrovnik? Check our latest post to find out all about the best restaurants, beaches, historic sights, nightclubs and villas in Dubrovnik!

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If you are planning to spend holidays in one of the luxury Dubrovnik villas this summer, you will certainly wish to explore the surroundings. Be sure to read some of our tips that will make your vacation in the villa more enjoyable and useful. Regarding the already said we chose the top 5 things that you need to know before you decide to visit this Croatian pearl. So, the following directions will take you in the right direction if you don't know the old city of Dubrovnik and everything that this historic capital can offer you. Let's start with the list:

Restaurant in the alley in the old town of DubrovnikRestaurant in the alley - Dubrovnik

Top 8 Dubrovnik Restaurants

  • Pantarul, Chef Angelo Van Damme Mijović will spice up your holiday with wonderful snacks and even better wines from this popular Dubrovnik restaurant.
  • Nautika, a restaurant often visited by Hollywood stars; we believe this information speaks for itself.
  • Proto, a restaurant where you can taste traditional Dubrovnik dishes and Dalmatian wines
  • Porat Bar & Grill, since 1920, the gathering place of Dubrovnik gentlemen has become a premium choice and definitely deserves a place on this list.
  • Sesame, a combination of local Mediterranean cuisine and French gastronomy. Certainly, you will need a rest in the villa after the Dionysus games that this kitchen is organizing.
  • Orsan, homemade products, wines, and homemade pasta for a light dinner by the sea. Can it be better?
  • Kopun, old Croatian recipes mixed with the top world gastronomy. Cheers!
  • Restaurant 360º, the best restaurant in Croatia in 2023 voted by Gault Millau, chef Marijo Curic prepares perversely good dishes that are an imaginative creation of modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Good Food Festival Dubrovnik Good Food Festival Dubrovnik

The most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik

So, besides the pool water of your Dubrovnik villa, you want to feel the sand or pebbles between your toes? If you are not staying in a beachfront villa, let us suggest the best beaches in Dubrovnik:


Definitely, one of the most popular Croatian beaches. On most of Dubrovnik's film footpaths and postcards, you will find the beach that attracts locals and numerous tourists. It's a beach that overlooks the old Dubrovnik walls and luxurious Dubrovnik villas.

Sv. Jakov

This popular beach offers unbeatable views of the island of Lokrum and the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It is about a kilometer and a half away from the Old Town and the strict center of Dubrovnik, so if you decide to leave the villa where you have been staying, prepare for a long trip through the narrow alley that makes it very difficult to mimic the cars. Our advice is to go on a bike or moped for this time. This beautiful beach is located under the church of St. Jacob from where you have to climb down 160 steps to reach it. For this reason, we don't advise this marathon for those who aren't used to intense fitness activity.

Beach Banje Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a world-known historical destination, and once you arrive at this rich historical town you will have the opportunity to see countless historical monuments. So, arm yourself with the patience, light clothing, and let's go on a tour of the greatest sights under UNESCO-s protection.

Top historical sights in Dubrovnik you must see

1. Church St. Spas, Dubrovnik

Located between the Franciscan Monastery of the Little Brothers and the Doors of Pila, a truly small but historically very interesting sacral building.

2. Church St. Vlaho

The most famous Dubrovnik church, dedicated to the city's patron - St. Vlaho which is celebrated on the third of February every year in Dubrovnik.

3. Church of St. Ignacio and Jesuit College

Comparing with all the sacred objects of the Dubrovnik Republic, the church of St. Ignacio stands out with its beauty and splendor.

4. Dominican monastery

The Dominican monastery is a famous Dubrovnik church complex.

5. Dubrovnik City Walls

The city of Dubrovnik is surrounded by famous Dubrovnik walls that are definitely one of the most famous sights in Dubrovnik that you have to visit.

6. Knez Palace

The main administrative headquarters of the Dubrovnik Republic, which has been restored, gives insight into the form of the former Dubrovnik republic.

7. Little Onofrio's Fountain

The Little Onofrio fountain is a memorial to the opening of the Dubrovnik Waterworks in the 15th century.

8. Orland Column

The Orland Pillar represents Dubrovnik's independence and freedom and is one of the most impressive city monuments.

9. Sponza Palace

Built-in Gothic-Renaissance style, this palace delights visitors with its magnificence and beauty.

10. Stradun

If you visited Dubrovnik and didn't walk through Stradun's old street, you missed the most prominent Croatian street.

11. Fortress Revelin

The fortress once used to defend, today becomes a favorite tourist destination and a gathering place for celebs at the popular nightclub located there.

12. Door from Pila

In the western part of the old town, you will find these doors that serve as the main entrance to the old core.

13. Cableway Srđ

During 2010, the Dubrovnik renewed the old cableway that serves as a connection between the nearby "Srđ" hill, where you will have an unparalleled view of the Dubrovnik Archipelago.

Church of our Lady – DubrovnikChurch of our Lady –


Best Nightclubs in Dubrovnik

During the summer months, Dubrovnik becomes a city of famous Hollywood stars and tourists who seek and find entertainment at every step of this Mediterranean pearl. Big Dubrovnik villas even have organized live music in nearby smaller nightclubs.

Those who came to taste the real fun and nightlife of Dubrovnik will certainly be happy with the nightclubs in the old city center. We recommend the Platanus and SkyBarnightclubs that are located at Pile while the most famous Dubrovnik club Revelin is located in the fortress in the old town that has the same name as the club (see map).

In most Dubrovnik clubs you will find the most popular electronic music names such as Fedde La Grande and Fatboy Slim.

One part of the nightclubs are located on famous beaches like East West, which is located on the popular beach of Banje.

Night Club Revelin –


The best villas in Dubrovnikfor a perfect vacation

So let's end today's overview of 5 things you need to know about Dubrovnik before embarking on this adventure by viewing some of the most beautiful Dubrovnik villas. A luxurious vacation in a villa with a private swimming pool will be just a break from the tense history of this beautiful city. The Dubrovnik villas we present will delight you with a beautiful location, close distance to the sea, and luxurious amenities.

Luxury Villa Dubrovnik Sun


Luxury Residence Queen of Dubrovnik

The luxurious Queen of Dubrovnik residence is located just 800 meters from the Old Town. This residence is surrounded by pines and beautiful nature and is considered one of the most beautiful villas in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Summer Residence

Located just 800 meters from the beach, this villa in Dubrovnik is far from the city rush and overcrowded places and yet so close to everything. The Dubrovnik Summer Residence with pool, extends over 20,000 m2 of land, providing full privacy and guaranteed peace.

Villa Bourgeois Grand Palace

newly renovated Dubrovnik villa, located 5 meters from the sea, located in the small town only 10 km from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. This luxurious villa was built in the 15th century as an aristocratic summer cottage.

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