The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubrovnik

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubrovnik

If you are looking for the best place to eat out in Dubrovnik, check out our recommendations for top fine-dining establishments in Dubrovnik!

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Photo Credits: Restaurant 360

1. Restaurant 360 – the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Dubrovnik

The very first Michelin-starred restaurant in Dubrovnik,  Restaurant 360  offers an extraordinary dining experience paired with spectacular views, impeccable service,  and a unique location.

Photo Credits: Restaurant 360

Chef Marijo Curic earned the first Michelin star in 2018 and confirmed it in 2019 and 2020. Together with his experienced team, he creates exquisite meals.  

Photo Credits: Restaurant 360

In Restaurant 360  you can choose from two 5-course tasting menus or you can go for an A La Carte menu selection. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available. 

Furthermore, the gourmet experience is enhanced with an extensive wine list with more than 450 labels. The culinary story of Restaurant 360  brings traditional Dalmatian flavors in a modern way, under old French cooking school influence.

Photo Credits: Restaurant 360

Restaurant 360 is definitely the number one upscale restaurant in Dubrovnik. Its exclusivity comes also from the prime location on historic Dubrovnik city walls. They are open only for dinners and the table reservation is a must. 

Photo Credits: Restaurant 360

Address:  Ul. Svetog Dominika bb, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Contacts: +385 20 322 222 |

Reservations:  Book a table directly with Restaurant 360 here or send an email at

Website:  Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik

2. Proto Fish Restaurant - the most iconic Dubrovnik restaurant

Restaurant Proto is an authentic seafood and fish restaurant in Dubrovnik's old town. It sits in the historical core, just a few steps from the main street Stradun. 

Video: Fish Restaurant Proto

Proto is one of the rare restaurants in Dubrovnik offering many seating places. In fact, you can choose alfresco seating in one of the charming side-street tables, or the beautifully decorated indoor salon. Proto also offers a lovely secluded terrace where you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed ambiance.  Despite the large number of tables, Proto is a very visited place, so we suggest making reservations in advance. 

Photo Credit: Proto Restaurant Dubrovnik

Restaurant Proto is one of the most iconic places to eat out in Dubrovnik and its existence dates back to 1886. It is evenly loved among globetrotters and locals. Moreover, worldwide prominent often choose Proto for a fine dinner on their visit to Dubrovnik. Some of them are Magic Johnson, Bono Vox, Eva Longoria, Luka Modric, and many others. 

Photo Credits: Fish Restaurant Proto

The culinary team under the guidance of the head chef Bosko Lonac carefully selects the finest ingredients and transform them into the indulgence for the finest palates. As its names suggest, Proto is a seafood and fish oriented restaurant. Still, meat-eaters will also find traditional meat delicacies on a la carte menu.  Organic vegetables are locally grown in the gardens in Dubrovnik countryside and on the islands near Dubrovnik. The daily menu changes depending on availability. Thus, we suggest always to order the catch of the day.

Photo Credits: Fish Restaurant Proto

Address:  Široka ul. 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Contacts:  +385 20 32 32 34 | +385 20  32 32 34  |

Reservations:  Book your table at Proto directly here   or give them a call at number +385 20 32 32 34

Website:  Fish Restaurant Proto

3. Nautika - the finest Dubrovnik waterfront restaurant 

Nautika is one of the finest Dubrovnik's restaurants outside the city walls. It sits on a seafront cliff just right next to the western entrance to the old town named Pile Gate. It offers amazing views of the sea, city wall, and fortress Lovrijenac. 

Photo Credits: Nautika Restaurant DubrovnikNautika Restaurants stands out for its tradition, quality, and creativity.  

Photo Credit: Nautika Restaurant Dubrovnik

Moreover, Restaurant Nautika was featured by CNN in the list of the best  26 world restaurants with sea view and top quality of service and food.

Photo Credits: Nautika Restaurant Dubrovnik

The day here starts with breakfast and brunch, to lunch, and finishes with dinner and late-night drinks.  In the summer season, it is always recommended to book a table in advance, while in the offseason you can be seated here for a drink. Chef Mario Bunda and the culinary team in Nautika prepare seafood and fish from the Adriatic sea, the finest meat and vegetarian dishes.

Photo Credits: Nautika Restaurant

Address:  Brsalje ul. 3, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Contacts:  +385 20 44 25 26

Reservations:  Book your table at Nautika Restaurant directly here  or call +385 20 44 25 26

Website:  Nautika Restaurant

4. Pjerin - modern waterfront restaurant with scenic views of Dubrovnik Old Town

Pjerin Restaurant is housed in a luxury hotel Villa Dubrovnik and it beats up all stereotypes about the hotel's restaurants.  

Photo Credits: Restaurant Pjerin, Villa Dubrovnik

Pjerin restaurant operates independently and it deservedly takes place in the list of the finest places to dine out in Dubrovnik. This restaurant boasts a prime location by the sea and overlooks Dubrovnik's old town and Lokrum island.  Smart and elegant decor combined with scenic views and pine trees creating the shade over the stone fenced terrace creates a relaxing ambiance.

Photo Credits: Restaurant Pjerin

Restaurant Pjerin is open for breakfast from 7 am to 11 am every day. Lunch is served daily from 1 pm to 4 pm, while dinner serving time starts at 7 pm and the kitchen closes at 11 pm. 

Photo Credits: Restaurant Pjerin DubrovnikAlong with beautiful views and a classy atmosphere, in Pjerin you can treat your taste buds with tasty meals paired with world-class wines. From the first look at the a la carte menu, you can see that chef Robert Racic and his culinary team are oriented to delivering the best Mediterranean flavors with Italian cuisine influence. 

Photo Credits: Restaurant Pjerin

If you follow Michelin guide recommendations, you will be happy to know that the Pjerin is one of the Dubrovnik restaurants with Michelin Plate praise.

Photo Credits: Restaurant Pjerin

Address:   Ul. Vlaha Bukovac 6, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Reservations: +385 20 500 300 |

Website:  Restaurant Pjerin

5. Posat - fine-dining fish restaurant next to Dubrovnik city walls

Posat restaurant is one of the most popular fish restaurants in Dubrovnik, located just outside the Dubrovnik city walls. 

Photo Credits: Posat Restaurant Dubrovnik

Posat has a beautiful indoor salon and an airy terrace with gorgeous views of the Minceta fortress and city walls.

Photo Credits: Posat Restaurant Dubrovnik

Having lunch or dinner in Posat is a great starting or endpoint for sightseeing of the Dubrovnik historic core.

Photo Credits: Restaurant Posat 

The menu is focused on fresh seafood and fish from the Adriatic Sea.  Moreover, they serve perfect lamb chops and some other meat dishes. Furthermore, Posat has very good desserts and a great wine selection.

Photo Credits: Restaurant Posat 

This well-known restaurant is also a great place to host bigger groups or for having celebration dinner for special occasions while in Dubrovnik. 

Photo Credits: Posat Restaurant

Address:  Ul. uz Posat 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Contacts: +385 20 421 194 |

Reservations:  +385 20 421 194

Website:  Restaurant Posat Dubrovnik

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