Elaphiti Islands - Dubrovnik

Elaphiti Islands - Dubrovnik

There are 8 larger islands in the Elaphiti archipelago, but only three of them are inhabited: Sipan, Kolocep, and Lopud. In this blog, we will write about them and why you should visit them and perhaps even stay on one of them during your luxury vacation as we have villas for rent situated on Sipan and Kolocep.

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Stunning jewels next to the Pearl of the Adriatic

Sipan Island near Dubrovnik

Stunning Elaphiti Islands - Sipan

History of the Elaphiti

The islands are situated northwest of Dubrovnik and they got their name after the animal deer. In the past large number of deer lived there. Thus, the name Elaphiti comes from Elaphos which is a Greek word for deer. This means that these islands were inhabited even in ancient times.

Today they have less than 1000 inhabitants together which means if you choose Elaphiti islands for your vacation you will be far from the crowds and you will be able to totally relax.

Relaxing atmosphere of Elaphiti islands

The relaxing atmosphere of Elaphiti islands by Alex Proimos from commons.wikimedia.org

Benefits of staying at the Elaphiti

As we already said, if you are looking for peace and quiet these islands are perfect for you.

Crystal clear sea and pine trees Elaphiti Islands Dubrovnik

Crystal clear sea and pine trees

Katie Hunt


Besides, here you will find heavenly sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. Hidden caves are especially interesting because you can go inside some of them only by swimming. To find them it would be best to book a private boat tour. If you are interested our VIP Concierge Department can help you with the arrangements.

Blue cave on Kolocep

Blue cave on Kolocep

by Makitdev


Sightseeing the Elaphiti islands

As we already mentioned these islands were inhabited even in ancient times thus you will find ruins of castles and fortifications that were built in the times of the Turks' attacks to protect the locals from piracy.

As far as sightseeing is concerned you will find lots of churches, summer mansions, and chapels on the islands.

Knezev Dvor on Sipan island

Knezev Dvor on Sipan island

by Augustus Dominus


How to get to the Elaphiti islands?

There is a regular ferry line and fast ferry line from Dubrovnik on a daily basis that connects all three islands with Dubrovnik and the mainland, but we can recommend you a private speedboat transfer in the organization of our VIP Concierge department as well.

Did we interest you in visiting the Elaphiti? Now, we continue with the benefits of each island.

Sipan Island

Sipan is the largest island of the Elaphiti and it is the furthest from Dubrovnik.

View on Sipan from Lopud Island

View on Sipan from Lopud Island

by August Dominus


As we already said there is a regular ferry line that operates on a daily basis and the journey takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. With the fast ferry, the journey is faster. It takes about 40 minutes. This is perfect if you do not plan to travel by car.

Actually, this is the only island of the Elaphiti archipelago where cars are allowed and there is a road for cars and buses.

Sipanska Luka

Sipanska Luka by Ivica Vlahovic


There are two settlements on the island: Sipanska Luka and Sudurad. These two settlements are located in two opposite bays and they are divided by a field.

What to see on Sipan island?

As on all of the Elaphiti island here as well you will find silent bays and lovely beaches, Mediterranean scenery with olive oil trees, and vineyards.

Sipan scenery

Sipan scenery by Makitdev


Where to eat on Sipan?

Our recommendation goes to the restaurant BOWA.

Bowa Restaurant on Sipan IslandBowa Restaurant on Sipan Island from bowa-dubrovnik.com

This is a seafront restaurant with cabanas that are made from natural materials found on the island. The owners wish to preserve the Mediterranean lifestyle with food and setting. Thus, on their menu, you will find fresh fish and homegrown vegetables all seasoned with olive oil from the island.

Lovely right? Visit it and tell us how it was on social media by using our #vipholidaybooker hashtag.

Villa for rent on Sipan

Holiday Home Sipano is a typical Dalmatian country house surrounded by a large olive grove and garden.

Holiday Home Sipano

Holiday Home Sipano

It is perfect for a group of 10 guests with 5 bedrooms all with en suite bathrooms. The interior includes an open space living room. Also, there are terraces with sea and greenery views.

The outside swimming pool is with an infinity edge.

Holiday Home Sipano Infinity Pool

Pool with the infinity edge

The summer kitchen with an alfresco dining area and BBQ on woods are also there for your gourmet pleasures.

Outdoor dining Holiday Home Sipano

Outdoor dining

Kolocep Island

Kolocep is the closest to Dubrovnik and the smallest of the Elaphiti Islands. The ferry ride lasts for 35 minutes.

Aerial view of the Kolocep IslandAerial view of Kolocep by Dronepicr from Flickr.com

The island is green due to the pine forest on it and its second name is Kalamota (Calaphodia is its ancient name). It is the most southern inhabited island in Croatia.

There are two settlements on the island Gornje and Donje Čelo. They are situated in the two largest bays connected by a pedestrian path. These paths are perfect for walks to sandy beaches as they go through the pine forest. There are no cars on the island.

Donje Celo settlement on Kolocep Island

Donje Celo settlement on Kolocep Island by Dronepicr from Flickr.com

What to see on Kolocep?

It might be interesting to visit the following churches: Church of St Sergius, St Nicholas, and Church of the Holy Trinity.

Church of St. Nicholas on Kolocep by August Dominus


There are also caves such as the Blue Cave that you can explore by swimming there.

Villa Mediterranean Prestige on Kolocep

This villa is near a secluded beach and includes a sea view.

Villa Mediterranean Prestige Kolocep

Villa Mediterranean Prestige Kolocep

The outdoor dining area is in the garden.

Outdoors Villa Mediterranean Prestige Kolocep

Outdoor dining area

There are 4 bedrooms in the villa. The interior and the whole property is spacious.

As far as the amenities are concerned there is even a gym in the villa.

Gym Villa Mediterranean Prestige Kolocep

Gym of the Villa

Lopud island

This island is situated between Kolocep and Sipan and it takes about 55 minutes to get there by ferry as it stops first on Kolocep and then it continues on to Sipan.

The Greek word for this island is Delaphodia, while the Romans called it Lafota. Actually, the Romans had a settlement here and there are still remains from those times to be found on the island.

This island is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Like on Kolocep there are no cars here.

Lopud settlement and the beach

Lopud settlement and the beach

by Dronepicr from commons.wikimedia.org

Lopud is the only settlement you will find on the island. It is situated on the Northwestern side of the island and it looks at Sipan.

What to see on Lopud?

One of the highlights of this exquisite island is the Sunj bay where you can walk as it is situated at the other side of the island from the settlement and the ferry port.

Sunj bay on Lopud Island

Sunj bay by Dronepicr from Flickr.com

Šunj bay is special because it includes a wonderful beach with white sand. There is also a possibility to rent bikes to explore the island and the kayak hire as well.

Furthermore, do not miss the cultural heritage tour with churches, fortresses, and monasteries with artworks, but also gardens and parks. It is worth seeing:

  • The remains of the Rector’s Palace
  • the ruins of a Fortress
  • Franciscan Monasteryand gardens at the seaside.

Franciscan Monastery on Lopud Island

Franciscan Monastery on Lopud island from pixabay.com

On the other hand, if you plan to stay in a villa in Dubrovnik, we can offer you lots of exclusive villas in Dubrovnik. In that case, we can organize for you a day trip to the Elaphiti Islands. As you can see it is definitively worth it!

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