Klis Fortress Day Trip from Split

Klis Fortress - Day trip from Split

Kliss Fortress is situated just 15 minutes from Split. Thus, it is perfect for a day trip from the Split area. It is interesting because of its history and splendid sea and Split views.

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Furthermore, it is famous as one of the locations where Game of Thrones was filmed. In this popular HBO series, Klis was the city of Mereen where Daenerys ruled on her way to King's Landing (Dubrovnik). If you are interested to find out more, feel free to check our G. o. T. Croatia filming locations blog.

Klis as Mereen

Klis as Mereen (credit to HBO)

General info about the fortress

Klis fortress is built on a cliff between Mosor and Kozjak mountains. Thus, it was a strategic point for watching the roads and protecting the locals from enemies.

Klis Fortress Cannon

One of the cannons protecting the fortress

History of the fortress

Klis first appears in history in the 2nd century before Christ when the Illyric tribe Delmati built a fort on the cliff.

Klis Fortress on a cliff

Fortress on a cliff

Actually, Kleis word comes from Greek and means the „key“ and Klis was the key to ruling the area.

Klis Uskoci

Croatian rulers held it afterward and it was one of the centers of the Croatian state. Klis captains held it for centuries until the Turks killed Petar Kruzic, the captain of Klis Uskoks. Klis Uskoks were a local army that fought against the Turks.

Klis Artefacts from the Croatian Rulers

Klis Artifact from Croatian Rulers

In case you come to Klis in July you will be able to see the reconstruction of the famous victorious battle against the Turks. The battle is organized by the Klis Uskoci historic society and warriors from all over Europe act in it.

Then came the rule of the Turks which lasted for 111 years. After them Venetians held it. Today's appearance was formed during the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Side view Klis

Side view of the Klis fortress

How to arrive?

Klis fortress is easy to find as it dominates the area. Just follow the old road from Solin and turn left after the tunnel. Do not worry there are signs for the fortress along the way and you will see the fortress above almost all the way up.

Directions from Solin to Klis

Google maps snippet of directions from Solin to Klis

However, the road is curvy. Thus, we recommend you drive slowly. Once you reach the center of Klis you will see the free parking just below the fortress.

Entrance to the fortress

The path to the fortress is steep. Thus, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes. On the other hand,there is a viewpoint on the way. You can rest at the viewpoint and take a few photos or selfies.

Split Viewpoint

Viewpoint on the way to the fortress

The main entrance to the fortress is just a few steps up from the viewpoint. The entrance fee is 75kn for adults and 20kn for kids at the moment. Of course, the fee is subject to change.

Main Entrance Klis

Main Entrance to Klis Fortress

Once you get the tickets you will also get a map with all the sights marked with numbers. We suggest you follow the map but that depends on you.

Map of the Klis fortress

Map of the fortress

There are several entrances to the fortress and several towers as well on different sides of the fortress. Towers were equipped with cannons for protection. Today you have a wonderful view from them.

View from the Klis fortress

View from the fortress

The western part of the fortress

Oprah tower is the first from the entrance on the West side of the fortress.

You also have the Croatian flag there and a great view since this is the highest Western part of the fortress.

Bembo Bastion Klis

Oprah Tower with the Croatian flag

Secret entrances

Next, you arrive at one of several secret entrances which were opened and closed for secret entrance and exit from the fortress during the siege.

Klis Fortress Secret Entrance

One of the secret entrances to the fortress

There is also a summer stage there with a wonderful view.


In the middle ages, there was a forgery in the fortress and it was really important due to the weapon's forging role. Today sadly there is not much left on this spot only the picnic spot and a great view.

Picnic Spot Klis Fortress

One of the picnic spots in the fortress

There are actually several viewpoints with picnic tables and chairs where you can rest and maybe grab a bite (in case you bring it with you).

Water storage

Next, you will come to the water holders next to the stairs which lead to the inner entrance of the fortress.

There was no fresh water source inside the fortress. Thus, it had to be kept in storage.

Water Holders Klis fortress

Water holders

Inner Entrance

Third entrance Klis Fortress

Way to Inner Entrance

Next, you climb to the Inner entrance which once served as the house of the Weapons' master. If you arrive with kids they will love the next stop which is the Armory with cannons and swords and other types of weapons.

Klis Fortress Armory

Swords in the Armory

Duke's house

The next important building is the Duke's house. It is a large house on several floors. Upstairs you will enjoy a wonderful view and downstairs there is a museum.

There you will see a video about the fortress, several documents from the Medieval times, and replicas of archeological artifacts found on-site dated from Croatian rulers.

Documents from Medieval times

This building was built on Roman ruins. It was used as an apartment for Croatian rulers, Klis commanders, and later Turkish and Venetian royalties.

Church of St. Vid

Church of St. Vid is situated just opposite the Duke's home.

Church of St. Vid, Klis

Church of St. Vid

First, this was a church of the Croatian rulers then in Turkish times it was turned into a mosque. When the Venetians came it was turned back to church and the minaret of the mosque was destroyed.

Church of St. Vid, Klis

Church of St. Vid today

Eastern part of the fortress

Position Maggiore and Sperun are the most Eastern parts of the fortress. For this reason, these were important positions for monitoring this area and the roads. They were well protected by walls and cannons.

View from the Eastern part of the fortress

View from the Eastern part of the fortress


Extras are the interpretation center downhill from the fortress where you can see the 3D visualization of Klis history and a visit to nearby Stella Croatica Ethno agro park where you can get a feeling of how people from this area lived in the past. You can check other information about the fortress on their official website: Klis Fortress.

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