Day trips from Split

The most popular day trips from Split

For decades, Split, the capital of Dalmatia and a town more than 1700 years old attracts visitors during the whole year. Split is a great travel destination, in the summer season is especially lively, and full of people. For a long period of time, the most familiar product was the sun and the sea. In the past ten years, things have changed; with the increased number of tourists, the tourist offer needed to become more „complex“. As a consequence, now we have a wide range of specialized tourist agencies who offer all kinds of services and among them, various day trips from Split to different parts of the Split–Dalmatian county.

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The list increases with each season. Although the beauty of Split cannot be overshadowed, we recommend to move from the crowd of the cities and go to enchanting surrounding areas. In the following list, you can read more about our most booked day trips from the town of Split, in no particular order of rank.

Stunning view of Hvar and Fortica Fortress

Stunning view of Hvar and Fortica Fortress, by VIP Holiday Booker

I National Parks

Croatia has 8 national parks (Brijuni, Krka waterfalls, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Kornati, Mljet, Risnjak, and Northern Velebit) and 12 nature parks (Biokovo, Dinara, Kopacki Rit, Lonja Field, Medvednica, Papuk, Telascica, Velebit, Vrana Lake, Ucka, Zumberak – Samobor's surrounding hills and Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park). All of them attract a large number of visitors each year. National Parks are special places of great interest during the year, especially during the summer. About the Croatian national parks, you can read more on our blogs here.

1. Krka waterfalls National Park

Krka waterfalls is definitely the best selling tour from the town of Split. Thousands of tourists flock to this desirable tourist destination. It is simply a must if you are staying in Dalmatia. The prices are various, but since the competition is fierce prices are more affordable. There are 2 entrances to this beauty: Lozovac and Skradin. Lozovac is a faster way to explore this natural landmark of the highest category due to endemic species. There is a big parking, so you can leave your vehicle. Skradin is one of the most attractive parts of this national park.

If you decide on this option you need to take a boat to reach the central part of the park, where the Skradinski Buk is situated. Special places of interest in Krka National Park are Skradinski Buk, Roški slap, and Visovac island. Skradinski Buk is easily reachable from both entrances, Lozovac and the town of Skradin entrance. Roški slap is the sixth waterfall of Krka, located more north, near the Miljevci village. The easiest way to reach it is to take an excursion boat or by road.

Our recommendations for a day trip from Split to Krka waterfalls National Park

We recommend booking a private day trip with a van and a tour guide. It is always better to go privately and enjoy your day freely, with a tour guide you can always ask you to want. The tour is fully flexible and tailored to your time and wishes. We can arrange transportation and the best tour guide who will propose the best restaurants according to your wishes. If you have a whole day at disposal, we suggest you visit some of our wine tasting tours; in Sladić winery or Bibich winery. The family-owned wineries are located in the small village of Plastovo, in the secluded Dalmatian hinterland, on a hill above Skradin town.

Krka waterfalls

Krka waterfalls, by VIP Holiday Booker

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park

The second most visited day trip to national parks is Plitvice National Park, one of the oldest and largest national parks in Croatia. This karst beauty consists of 16 lakes arranged in cascades and interconnected mutually. Plitvice Lakes is one of the most photogenic and the most photographed parts of Croatia. Its perfect blending colors simply amaze the visitors.

Our recommendations for a day trip from Split to Plitvice Lakes

We recommend taking a privately tailored tour. For you, we can arrange a perfect excursion so you can get to know this central part of Croatia. We always advise going early, since from Split it takes 3 hours to reach this national park. The driver will accompany you to Plitvice Park, where the tour guide will be expecting you. After the tour around the Lakes, you can dine in a restaurant inside the park or choose some of the local restaurants. You can ask the tour guide for recommendations, or we can book a table for you, according to your preferences.

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes, by VIP Holiday Booker

II Sea tours

If you find yourself in Dalmatia, we warmly advise going on a one-day getaway to one of the famous central Dalmatian islands. No matter if you are searching for peace and relaxation or crazy parties on your vacation, we can create a perfect holiday for you and your group.

3. Blue Cave and Hvar

Blue Cave and Hvar tour is definitely one of the most desirable on the list. After the Krka tour, this is one of the best sellers. The tour usually starts at 8 - 8:30 am in the morning, so you can reach Bisevo island between 10 am – 2 pm. In that period, the sun rays are the strongest and therefore illuminate the cave interior the most intensively.

After visiting the Blue Cave, the tour usually continues to the Vis island, to see the top beach in Europe for 2016, according to the Brussels-based organization European Best Destinations, after interviewing more than 10000 holidaymakers. We continue to Hvar island where you will have a guided tour. After the tour in the Hvar center, you will have free time to relax in this mesmerizing island destination and unwind in one of the beaches just a short stroll from the center.

Our recommendations for a day trip from Split to Blue Cave and Hvar

We recommend taking a private tour by speedboat and a tour guide. The speedboat ride is often interesting and on the way from Split to Vis, you can encounter dolphins. In coordination with us, you can tailor your desired tour, and instead of Vis go to Hvar directly. Or you could head to Palmižana Bay, have lunch in one of the restaurants and then head to Hvar on a tailored tour with a guide. We suggest stopping for swimming breaks. Don't forget the hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, long sleeves and a bottle of water!

Inside the Blue Cave on Biševo island

Inside the Blue Cave on

Bisevo island, source:, author: Dronepicr

III Excursions to famous towns

Famous towns have always been places of special interest. A blend of unique architecture, rich history, scenic nature, and hospitable people attracts tourists the most. The same is with Dubrovnik, Mostar, and Medjugorje – the most attractive tours with Split as a starting point.

4. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik town, the pearl of Adriatic, a town on the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia is famous in the whole world. Its Old Town, encircled with stone walls adorns the magazines around the globe. The Republic of Ragusa was an aristocratic maritime republic centered in the city of Dubrovnik. It reached its peak in the 15th and the 16th century and later was conquered by famous Napoleon Bonaparte. Nowadays, the town attracts tourists with stunning medieval architecture, limestone streets, and distinctive terracotta rooftops.

The main street Stradun, Orlando's pillar, the Sponza Palace in the Gothic-Renaissance style from the 16th century, the Rector's Palace, the Cathedral of St. Blaise, Church of St. Francis and Revelin, Lovrijenac (St. Lawrence), Minceta, Bokar, and St. Ivan (John) forts are the most attractive landmarks of Dubrovnik.

Our recommendations for a day trip from Split to Dubrovnik

We recommend taking a private tour by van. After the 3–hour drive from Split to Dubrovnik, you will have an arranged tour with a local specialist guide lasting approximately 1,5 hours or 4 hours. It is up to you what tour to choose. We suggest to see the town center accompanied by a tour guide and after that explore the medieval town walls by yourselves. Later, you can go on a cable car ride, ideal for those with no fear of heights. On the way back you can stop in Ston to admire the town walls.

View of Dubrovnik from Mount Srđ

View of Dubrovnik from Mount Srdj, by VIP Holiday Booker

IV Religious tourism

Religious tourism attracts millions of people each year. Journey to sacred places last is something pilgrims do for thousand of years. One of the most visited in this part of the world is the town of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

5. Medjugorje

Medjugorje is the most famous Roman-Catholic pilgrimage spot in this part of Europe and of the most visited in the world. Since the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1981, Medjugorje became known to pilgrims throughout the world. The St. James church is the central church in Medjugorje, where masses in different languages are held every day.

Pilgrims usually climb to the two hills above Medjugorje; Krizevac Hill, and the Apparition Hill where in June 1981 the Virgin Mary appeared to the group of children. Krizevac Hill, a mount above Medjugorje is much bigger. In 1934, the parishioners built a concrete cross 8.56 m high to commemorate the 1900 years since the death of Jesus Christ. On the way to the peak, you can see 12 Stations of the Cross. Climbing the hill is especially demanding.

Our recommendations for a day trip from Split to Medjugorje

We recommend taking a private tour by car or a van, depending on the number of persons. The drive from Split to Medjugorje lasts around 3 hours. We suggest going to a mass in St. James church and climbing at least to the smaller Apparition Hill. If you have more time and you are in a good shape, we definitely recommend climbing Krizevac Hill. In return, you can visit Kravice waterfalls and ethno village Herceg. Please bring your passports!

Church of Saint James the Greater Apostle in Medjugorje

Church of Saint James the Greater Apostle in Medjugorje, source: Pixabay

V Adventure tours

In the summer season in Dalmatia, adventure tours along with sea tours are the most attractive ones. Besides „sun and sea“, Dalmatian product is for sure an adrenaline-packed offer. The region of Dalmatia is perfect for all kinds of physical activities. The offer is diverse and includes all kinds of demanding activities. One of the best selling adventure day trips from Split is definitely rafting.

6. Rafting

For adrenaline lovers and for those who seek an action-packed holiday, we would definitely recommend rafting on the Cetina river. Picturesque Cetina river in southern Croatia is the most water-rich river in the Dalmatia region. It abounds in greenery and flows through rocky and karst terrain. It is an ideal river for rafting and canyoning. You can read more about it on our blog Active Holidays in Omis Riviera in Croatia.

Our recommendations for day trips from Split to Cetina river

We recommend going privately. The van or other some type of vehicle you choose would pick you up, take you to the Cetina river where the tour guide will be expecting you, give you the equipment you need, and show you all the details regarding the boat ride and boat safety. No previous experience is required, but you need to know how to swim. The activity level is moderate.

Rafting on Cetina River

Rafting on Cetina River, Omis Tourist Board

VI Wine tasting tour

In Dalmatia, wine tasting tours are among the most recognizable ones and have recently grown beyond recognition. Inhabitants of the towns of Primosten and Kastela, Peljesac peninsula, and Korcula island have always been great winemakers and olive oil makers. Through the centuries of survival, viticulture was always a part of Croatian cultural identity, and that remained until the present day.

7. Wine tasting tour in Kastela town near Split

Kastela is a town near Split and one of the filming locations of the famous serial Game of Thrones. It is known to be the home of Zinfandel wine. Crljenak is an old autochthonous Croatian grape variety, nowadays on the verge of extinction. It has been proven that Italian Primitivo, American Zinfandel, and Plavac Mali originate from it. The American Zinfandel is genetically identical to Crljenak, and Plavac Mali was created from Crljenak and Dobricic.

Our recommendations for day trips from Split to wine tasting tour in Kastela

We recommend visiting wine cellar Kovac in Kaštel Sucurac and trying Zinfandel Crljenak Kastelanski wine. You will see the vineyard, wine cellar, and the wine production area. After you can try the famous Dalmatian prosciutto and various types of cheese. In Putalj winery you can try excellent rosé Putalj wine. While listening about the vineyard history and the technique of wine growing, admiring the stunning view of Split and the Adriatic.

Dalmatian vineyard

Dalmatian vineyard, by VIP Holiday Booker

VII Walking tours

Walking tours are the fastest way to get the insight information about the destination you are staying in. History lovers will definitely learn something new in Croatia since it is a country with a really rich history.

8. Split walking tour

When visiting Split and its impressive Palace for the first time, you will certainly be intrigued by its turbulent past and rich culture. An insight into what Split used to be and what is today, can only be told by the experts wandering through the 1700-years-old Diocletian's Palace. You will hear legends of Diocletian - the famous emperor, stories of St. Doimus - the protector of Split, local customs, the Venetians, the French, the Austro-Hungarian, and how they left traces in Split. The story of Salona will certainly be interwoven through the story of Split.

Our recommendations for a Split walking tour

We recommend taking a privately guided tour. On the sightseeing tour, you can enjoy a personalized experience. On our list, there are some excellent tour guides of Split and the surrounding area. A great tour guide can really make a difference! After the tour, you can taste delicious Dalmatian food in one of the numerous restaurants in Split. The list of the best restaurants you can see on our blog The 5 Best Restaurants in Split City in Croatia.

Diocletian's Palace in Split

Diocletian's Palace in Split, by VIP Holiday Booker

9. Salona and Klis fortress

Salona is an ancient city and a capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The first mentions date from the 7th century BC. Nowadays, we can see remarkable ruins, just outside Solin, a small town some 5 km from the Split center. Salona extensive ruins tell an amazing story about the era of emperors, Christian martyrs, persecutions, and gladiators.

Klis fortress is a medieval fortress above the village of Klis. It served as a defense point in Dalmatia against the Ottomans. From here you can enjoy the stunning view of Split and the area. The fortress served as a filming location for the famous Game of Thrones: Klis was portrayed as a fictional city-state of mighty Meereen. The streets of Meereen were shot on the Klis fortress and in the Diocletian's Palace. If you visit this medieval legacy, don't forget to take the photos with the most impressive background!

Ancient Salona remains

Ancient Salona remains, author: Lidija Lolic

Our recommendations for day trips from Split to Salona and Klis

We recommend going privately at any time of the day. After Salona visit to Tusculum Museum and Manastirine, graves, and sarcophagi, the driver will take you to Klis fortress. After, you can visit Stella Croatica estate, buy some authentic Croatian products, and stop by for a lunch in Klis to try famous roast lamb with green onions – delicious!

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress, author: Lidija Lolic

VIII Day trips to children fun parks

In order to give your children memories of a lifetime, we suggest to take a look and learn more about children fun parks in Dalmatia. The best in Dalmatia are Fun Park Mirnovec, Buffalo Bill City, Jetski Center Bibinje, and the nearest and the most visited from Split - Aquapark Dalmatia.

10. Aquapark Dalmatia near Sibenik

Aquapark Dalmatia (ex Solaris) is a part of Amadria Park Sibenik, some 90 km or 1-hour drive from Split town, and some 15 minutes' bus drive from Sibenik town. There is a direct bus line from the market in Sibenik. It is the first themed water park in Croatia and is located next to Kids Hotel Andrija and Family Hotel Jakov. Abounds with waterfalls, sprinklers, slides, nozzles, etc. An extremely popular attraction is the „lazy river“. Children's zone extends to over 8000 m2. Numerous water effects, pools, and other facilities are something children and parents can both enjoy.

Our recommendations for a day trip from Split to Aquapark Dalmatia

We recommend going on a hot summer day with your children, and a private chauffeur. Our concierge service will provide you with all the details and suggest some great restaurants after a busy day. Adults will have fun, too! On your way back you can stop at the picturesque town of Primosten or in Trogir town. In Primosten, you can visit some of the wine tasting tours.

If you decide to visit Trogir, we warmly suggest visiting St. Lawrence Cathedral, one of the finest architectural achievements in Croatia with the majestic portal of Radovan. Do not forget Kamerlengo Fortress- once the Venetian's governor's palace and the Cipiko Palace, in front of the Cathedral.

Aquapark Dalmatia by Amadria Park near Sibenik

Aquapark Dalmatia by Amadria Park near Sibenik

One thing is for sure, whatever day trip you pick, you will have a memorable day in Croatia. Enjoy diverse offers and day trips tailored to your needs!

For more detailed information get in touch with the VIP Concierge Specialist

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