The 5 Best Restaurants in Split City in Croatia

The 5 Best Restaurants in Split City in Croatia

Looking for a nice place to eat out in Split? Check our list of the best restaurants in Split and get an idea of where to go for dinner on your next visit to Split!

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Fine dining in Split Restaurants

Alfresco dining terrace in Kinoteka Restaurant inside Diocletians Palace in Split city, CroatiaAlfresco dining terrace in Kinoteka Restaurant inside Diocletian's Palace in Split city, Croatia - Photo Source:

The city of Split represents the center of the gastronomical scene in Dalmatia. Since there are many eateries and restaurants all over the town, and there are many confusing reviews online, our guests often rely on personal recommendations from their personal travel agents, hosts, or friends. Thus, having in mind the quality of the food and the service, here we share our list of the best restaurants in Split.

1. Konoba Nikola - the best fish restaurant in Split, Dalmatia

Konoba Nikola - best fish restaurant in Split, CroatiaKonoba Nikola, Split, Croatia - Photo Source:FB Konoba Nikola

The best place to eat first-class fish and seafood in Split is restaurant Konoba Nikola.

This is a small intimate tavern-style restaurant located away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Split. It is located in the residential area of Stobrec and run by the same family for almost 20 years. Although it is a bit off the beaten path and out of the city center, it is easy to reach by personal car or by taxi. The parking lot is always secured for the guests of this restaurant.

Konoba Nikola is one of those special places real foodies and gourmets are looking for everywhere they travel. Fresh, top-quality ingredients are put together and prepared in a most simple, but most incredible and tasteful way.

Interior details in Konoba Nikola, Split, Croatia, Photo Source: FB Konoba Nikola

The setting of the restaurant is warm and cozy. The interior is decorated with antique navy details. There are about thirty seating places, and there is no outdoor terrace, which suggests exclusivity. Thus, table reservation in advance is a must.

Konoba Nikola continuously delivers high-quality meals in a pleasurable ambiance, making happy the bellies and the minds of its guests all year round.

Seafood served in Restaurant Konoba NikolaSeafood served in Restaurant Konoba Nikola, Photo Source: FB Konoba Nikola

They start with serving lunch and finish with dinner. Although you can choose from fish and meat dishes, we suggest you go for fish.

The catch-of-the-day fish here will be displayed to you and you can choose what you want to have. Professional and attentive waiters will help you with suggestions and you can create your own personalized tasting menu. The wine list is extensive, representing the best Croatian and international wines. Wine pairing will add an extra note to indulgence in fish delicacies.

Cacth of the day fish and sea food on display in Konoba NIkola, Split, Croatia, Stobrec

Catch-of-the-day fish and seafood on display in Konoba Nikola

The reputation of the best fish restaurant in Split and Split-Dalmatia county, they cherish and preserve by daily delivering mouthwatering dishes, prepared of fresh and high-quality ingredients.

First-class seafood served in Konoba Nikola

Seafood served in Restaurant Konoba Nikola

If you choose Konoba Nikola for dinner out in Split prepare yourself to get amazed by the unbelievable gourmet experience. You will most likely want to return to dine here the very next day.

Address:Ivankova ul. 42, 21311, Stobrec, Croatia

Reservations: +385 21 326 235

Website: Facebook Page Konoba Nikola & Instagram Konoba Nikola

2. Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar - the best place to dine&wine in the Split old town

Restaurant Bokeria Kitchen and Wine Bar in Split city Croatia

Restaurant Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar in Split City Croatia, Photo FB Bokeria kitchen & wine

One of our favorite restaurants in the old town of Split is the restaurant Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar.

This charming place resides in the restored historical house within the vibrant streets of the old town. It is just a couple of minutes on foot from Diocletian’s Palace and waterfront promenade Riva.

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar - interior shot from the second floor, Photo FB Bokeria kitchen & wine

Bokeria outstands in the Split gastronomic scene with its unique style. Its appearance is inspired by the famous market in Barcelona. The restaurant stretches over 2 indoor floors and outside you will find a row of sidestreet tables. Food presentation in Bokeria Restaurant in Split

Food presentation in Bokeria Restaurant in Split, Photo: FB Bokeria kitchen & wine

Bokeria is the most popular restaurant to dine and wine in Split. Here you can indulge in delicious meals from breakfast to lunch, and finish with late-night drinks. Breakfast served at alfresco table in Bokeria restaurant in Split city centerBreakfast served at the alfresco table in Bokeria restaurant in the Split city center, Photo: FB Bokeria kitchen & wine

The cuisine is focused to bring to the plate the very best of the local ingredients in a creative way. The menu list includes a mix of meat and fish meals, with vegan and vegetarian options. The menu is changing depending on the season. It is a good option for families, couples and for bigger groups.

Dine and Wine in Bokeria Restaurant in Split

Dine and Wine in Bokeria Restaurant in Split, Photo Source: FB Bokeria kitchen & wine

Bokeria is often taking place in the list of the best restaurants in Split, offering both excellent food and atmosphere. Also, celebrities visiting Split, often choose Bokeria for a dinner in Split. Some of them are Julia Roberts and Magic Johnson.

Although they have a larger number of seating places, all the tables get easily booked. If you choose this very special restaurant for lunch or dinner in Split, make sure to book in advance.

Address: Domaldova ul. 8, 21000, Split, Croatia

Reservations:+385 (21) 355 577

Website: FB Page Bokeria Kitchen & Wine & Instagram Bokeria Croatia

3. Makarun - the best seafood restaurant in the Split city center

Makarun Restaurant in Split city center

Makarun Restaurant in Split City Center, Photo Source: Makarun

Well-hidden within the streets of the old town of Split, restaurant Makarun is offering a fine dining experience to its guests all year round. They nurture a high reputation as one of the best places to have seafood and homemade pasta in the center of Split.

Makarun restaurant food presentaton

Makarun Restaurant in Split City Center, Photo Source: Makarun

An elegant sign with the name of the Makarun restaurant shines invitingly at the front of one of the old stone passages. Just a few steps away from the vibrant street lays the patio with the main terrace. From the first step in, you get overwhelmed by the relaxed Mediterranean ambiance. The decorations are intentionally simple and elegant, allowing the plethora of tastes to play the main role.

Homemade pasta MakaruniHomemade pasta, Photo: Makarun

Makarun is named by the "makaruni", which is a name for homemade pasta prepared following traditional recipe from the island of Korcula. Of course, they serve makaruni homemade pasta with seafood. and it is one of the chef's specials.

Makaruni Meal presentation, Restaurant Makarun in Split city Center, Photo: Makarun

Makarun is both very well-established for meat and seafood. Also here you will find a great selection of Croatian wines and the staff is very knowledgeable and ready to help in pairing food and wine.

Restaurant Makakrun is very popular among the local gourmets who will without exception always name it among the best restaurants in the Split center. This place abounds with a positive atmosphere and radiates joyfulness and happiness of enjoyment in delicious food and top-quality wines.

Lobster , restaurant MakarunSeafood presentation, Photo: Makarun

Makarun is also a good choice for special occasions, such as birthday celebrations, reunions. It can be closed for a private event such as a wedding reception, but this should arrange months upfront.

Address: Marulićeva ul. 3, 21000, Split, Croatia

Reservations: +38521725058

Website: Makarun

4. Kinoteka Food & Bar – the best place for Asian fusion in Split

Terrace of the restaurant Kinoteka in Split City, Photo: KinotekaTerrace of the restaurant Kinoteka in Split City, Photo: Kinoteka

Located in the very nucleus of the city of Split, restaurant Kinoteka is well established as a rising star with the aim to differentiate from other restaurants in the Split city center.

Asian-Mediterranean Fusion in Kinoteka RestaurantAsian-Mediterranean Fusion in Kinoteka Restaurant, Photo: Kinoteka

Kinoteka brings a unique fusion of Asian and Mediterranean food and delivers tempting and seductive meals that will please even the most demanding palates.

Kinoteka Asian Mediterranean Fusion Food in SplitKinoteka Asian Mediterranean Fusion Food in Split, Photo: Kinoteka

Kinoteka restaurant is a very special fine dining place inside the Diocletian’s Palace. Although it will take some effort to navigate through the labyrinth of streets to find it, it is well worth the visit.

Alfresco dining terrace inside the gothic palace, Kinoteka Restaurant in SplitAlfresco dining terrace inside the gothic palace, Kinoteka Restaurant in Split, Photo: Kinoteka

The setting of the restaurant is taking place in a gothic palace with a beautiful terrace. You can choose from indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant's interior is inspired by the unique theme of the old cinema and movies.

Interior of the restaurant Kinoteka in Split City center, inspired by cinema themeInterior of the restaurant Kinoteka in Split City center, inspired by cinema theme, Photo: Kinoteka

In Kinoteka, they invest a lot in creating a relaxing ambiance, so often they have live acoustic music. Here you will also find their bar with an interesting list of amazing signature cocktails and a very good wine list.

Signature Cocktails Kinoteka SplitSignature Cocktails Kinoteka Split, Photo: Kinoteka

After you indulge your palates to enjoy amazingly tasteful meals, wash your mouth with one of Kinoteka's signature cocktails and enjoy the magical ambiance.

Kinoteka Food & Bar Restaurant in Split city center creates amazing signature cocktailsKinoteka Food & Bar Restaurant in Split city center creates amazing signature cocktails, Photo: Kinoteka

If you like quirky places and Asian food accompanied by world-class service, eating in Kinoteka restaurant is a must-do on your visit to Split.

Address: Ul. Majstora Jurja 8, 21000, Split

Reservations:+385 91 530 4260


5. Zoi – the best restaurant with a romantic setting and sea view in Split

Beautiful dining terrace with sea views, restaurant Zoi in SplitBeautiful dining terrace with sea views, restaurant Zoi in Split, Photo: Zoi

Zoi is our top recommendation if you are in search of a restaurant in Split with a romantic setting and sea view.

cArt of food delivered by Zoi restaurant in Split, Photo: Zoi

This restaurant is located in the southern wall of Diocletian's Palace, overlooking Riva and islands in front. In addition to the perfect setting, the culinary team in Zoi will deliver the art of the food to your plate.

A phenomenal combination of fresh ingredients, superb wines, and a unique setting with stunning sea views will make your lunch or dinner pleasant to the maximum.

Indoor dining salon in restaurant Zoi, Split, CroatiaIndoor dining salon in restaurant Zoi, Split, Croatia, Photo: Zoi

Zoi bursts with positive vibes and Mediterranean ambiance. While you enjoy top-class delicacies and enjoy the relaxing ambiance, you can observe from above the everyday life that is happening on the waterfront promenade Riva.

Indoor and outdoor seating places are limited, so it is advisable to make a table reservation upfront.

Zoi_food presentationMediterranean cuisine in Zoi's way, Photo: Zoi

The culinary team at Zoi focuses on Mediterranean cuisine with adding to it a touch of historical heritage. Enrich delightful and eye-catching dishes with one from their very rich list of top-class international and Croatian wines. Also, at Zoi, you can choose from more than twenty different craft beers. Outdoor seating in Zoi, SplitOutdoor dining table by the southern wall of the Diocleatian's Palace in Split, Photo: Zoi

Food Art, Zoi, SplitArt food, Mediterranean cuisine, Zoi Restaurant in Split, Photo: Zoi

Choose Zoi for a romantic dinner in Split and impress your loved one!

Address: Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 23, 21000, Split, Croatia

Reservations:+385 21 637 491


If you are staying in Split for more than just a few days, you should definitely visit Trogir and its old town. Read The 5 Best Restaurants in Trogir for ideas where to eat out in Trogir!

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